Trish Murtaugh Quotes in Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)


Trish Murtaugh Quotes:

  • Trish Murtaugh: [holds up a gold pen] Is this your pen?

    Martin Riggs: Thanks,

    [takes it]

    Martin Riggs: I keep losing it.

    [he goes back to cuting up the vegetables]

    Trish Murtaugh: Something's wrong.

    Martin Riggs: Naw, not really, just another goddamn pen.

    [He ignores her for awhile]

    Trish Murtaugh: You were saying about the pen.

    Martin Riggs: Oh, it just reminds me of something thats all.

    Trish Murtaugh: Reminds you of what?

    Martin Riggs: Ah, reminds me of the night Vicki was killed.

    Trish Murtaugh: [pause] I didn't mean to push.

    Martin Riggs: Hang on that ok, we never talked about this did we.


    Martin Riggs: Well, I supposed to be meeting her for dinner and you know one of those romantic dinners for two. I was up to my eyeballs in work and I forgot about the whole thing.

    [puts the cut up vegetables into a pot]

    Martin Riggs: I guess she waited in the restaurant for an hour before she decided to drive home alone. It was midnight before I got home, I got home to a ringing phone, so naturally I answered it. They told me she was killed in a car crash.


    Martin Riggs: I should have been driving, I guess we would have been all right, huh. Anyway I remember falling down on my knees and I started shaking all over and I remember thinking I'm losing it, I'm losing it. So there I was lying on the living room floor. Lying there and I'm seeing under the couch and I see this gold pen. Gold pen just lying under the couch, I've been looking, haven't seen it in two months, there it is.

    [laughs slightly]

    Martin Riggs: She wasn't much of a housekeeper. And this voice goes off inside my head, kind a like a drill instructor, I really heard it. It said GET UP NOW. I didn't feel like it but I got up, muscles were still working and I drove to the hospital and identified her in the morgue and signed her out with my gold pen.

    Roger Murtaugh: [walks in] Gold pen? Hey, Trish found one in the laundry the other day.

    [Trish and Martin look at each other]

  • Nick Murtaugh: Hey, Hey, what's that your eating dad?

    Roger Murtaugh: My tuna fish sandwich

    Trish MurtaughRianne MurtaughNick MurtaughCarrie Murtaugh: TUNA!

    Carrie Murtaugh: Daddy, you can't eat tuna

    Roger Murtaugh: I can't eat what

    Carrie Murtaugh: Mom, dad killed flipper

    Trish Murtaugh: [as Rianne points to her shirt] We're boycotting tuna honey because they kill the dolphins that get's caught in the nets, ONLY albacore

    Roger Murtaugh: Alba what

    Nick Murtaugh: why don't have a ham sandwich

    Martin Riggs: Hey, eat Miss Piggy instead

    Rianne Murtaugh: [Rianne laughs and accidentally slaps Martin in the face] Oh, I'm sorry

    Martin Riggs: It's only my eye

    Roger Murtaugh: [to Martin] Ha, Ha, Ha

  • Trish Murtaugh: Where's Lorna?

    Martin Riggs: Oh, she's okay. I think she's on her third breakfast now.

    Trish Murtaugh: I remember those days.

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