Trejo Quotes in Heat (1995)


Trejo Quotes:

  • Waingro: [in diner] Anyone want some pie?

    [no response, Chris sees something out the window]

    Trejo: I gotta go use the john.

    [gets up and Cheritto goes to sit where Trejo was at the end of the table]

    Neil McCauley: [enters the diner. Trejo returns, Cheritto gets up, Trejo takes his place as Cheritto sits down next to Chris. Neil sits down next to Waingro, waiting for an explanation]

    Waingro: I had to get it on. He was making a move. *I had to get it on.*

    Neil McCauley: [takes Waingro by the head and smashes his face in the table. A country western trucker like guy with glasses a couple tables over looks over at the commotion]

    Michael Cheritto: [shoots the guy a look and the guy returns to looking at his paper]

    Neil McCauley: [grabs Waingro by the hair but lets go. Waingro groans/sighs in disgust] Split's in the car. Took it out of ours, evenly. To make up for his full end. Because I want to pay off and get rid of this motherfucker right now.

    [Everyone gets up, Waingro angrily grabbing his jacket. Cherrito makes sure Waingro is ahead of him and everyone walks out of the diner]

    Neil McCauley: [after walking past two pillars spins around and punches Waingro in the stomach. He grabs Waingro by the nose and drags him between a lot of cars]

    Trejo: [opens up a car trunk lined with garbage bags]

    Neil McCauley: [forces Waingro to the ground, kicks him, holds him down, and draws his pistol out]

    Michael Cheritto: HOLD IT!

    Neil McCauley: [looks up to see a police car coming down the street. He hides his gun and walks up a bit to see where the cop car is headed. It suddenly turns around and goes back down the highway]

    Neil McCauley: [turns back to see that Waingro is gone]

  • [the armored car is approaching the robbers]

    Trejo: Here we go.

    [McCauley starts to perform a three-point turn with the ambulance, to block the armored car. Shiherlis and Waingro start up their tow truck, and speed towards the stopped car. The driver looks up just as the truck broadsides the car, turning it over. The car skids across the parking lot of a rental car dealer, crushing several cars. As the dust settles, the men put on hockey masks and come out, guns drawn, and Chris starts hammering an explosive charge into the rear doors]

    Armoured Guard: [into his radio] 211! 211! We're being held up!

    [as the men stand guard, Shiherlis listens to the police scanner]

    Police Scanner: 211, armored car...

    [Shiherlis picks up his radio]

    Chris Shiherlis: There's the call. Three minutes.

    [He starts the clock and tosses it to McCauley]

    Chris Shiherlis: Clear!

    [He presses the detonator several times, setting off the explosive charge. The blast blows open the truck's back doors, and shatters a row of windows on all of the cars in the parking lot. He then pulls the guards out of the truck, and Waingro takes them hostage. Shiherlis goes into the truck and locates the sheets of bearer bonds. As they wait, Waingro keeps the guards frozen in place by holding a Star Megastar handgun on them, and McCauley checks the time, while Trejo deploys a spike strip across the street]

    Neil McCauley: 80 seconds left!

    Waingro: [to the guards] Get back. Get back!

    [pistol-whips the first guard. Cheritto gives him a disapproving look]

    Michael Cheritto: Hey slick, see that shit comin' outta their ears? They can't fucking hear you! Cool it!

    [Shiherlis finds the last of the sheets he needs, and exits the armored car]

    Chris Shiherlis: All right guys! Let's go!

    [Waingro continues to train his gun on the guards]

    Waingro: You had to fuck with me.


    Waingro: You wanna fuck with me?

    [shoots the first guard in the head. The second guard starts to reach for his ankle holster, and McCauley empties his gun into the guard's chest. Cheritto trains his gun on the third guard. With a nod from McCauley, Cheritto gives the guard a double tap to the chest. He then steps up and delivers a final shot to the head]

  • Trejo: [Over the phone] There's cops all over me like a cheap suit, I can't dump them

    Neil McCauley: Did they see you spot them?

    Trejo: No their doing parallels I can try dumping them again

    Neil McCauley: How are we going to know you did? If you can't, don't draw them to us, get them out of here!

  • Neil McCauley: [Found Trejo beaten and bloodied in Trejo's home] Who did this?

    Trejo: They made me

    Neil McCauley: Who?

    Trejo: Waingro

    Neil McCauley: Waingro, on his own?

    Trejo: No, with the guy his working for, Van Zant.

    Neil McCauley: Did you say anything about how we're getting out?

    Trejo: I don't think so I don't remember

    Neil McCauley: I'll call a medic

    Trejo: Where's Anna?

    Neil McCauley: She's dead

    Trejo: I'm not going to make it, I don't feel anything my Anna's gone don't leave me like this

    Neil McCauley: [Neil executes Trejo]

  • Waingro: [meeting Waingro for the first time, while driving a tow truck] you guys always work together?

    Michael Cheritto: all the time

    Waingro: real tight crew huh?

    Michael Cheritto: real tight

    Waingro: yeah if this works good I'd consider going again you know?

    Michael Cheritto: stop talking ok, slick?

    Neil McCauley: [over the radio, referring to the armored car] how's he doing?

    Trejo: [over the radio, while following the armored car] a hundred percent, right on schedule, made a right on Venice Boulevard, we're a mile and half from you

    Neil McCauley: ok

    Trejo: just crossed over the number one lane, three hundred yards from you now

    Neil McCauley: get set

    Michael Cheritto: I am

    Trejo: here we go

  • Neil McCauley: [to Trejo, after they all agreed to rob the bank after they know Vincent and his team are following their movements] You too?

    Trejo: Yeah sure.

    Michael Cheritto: [after laughing] fuck 'em, let's do it

    Neil McCauley: Alright let's go, we got a lot of work to do.

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