Trece Quotes in Secuestro express (2005)


Trece Quotes:

  • Trece: What's your father's do?

    Carla: He is a doctor.

    Budu: Doctor? The truth. Tell the truth!

    Carla: He works at Clinica Caracas.

    Trece: His name?

    Carla: Sergio.

    Niga Sibilino: Sergio what?

    Budu: ...and yours?

    Carla: Gutiérrez. Carla Gutiérrez.

    Trece: It's true, it's true, OK, OK. Where do you live?

    Carla: La Castellana.

    Budu: Tell the truth!

    Carla: In La Castellana, near the Country Club.

    Budu: And you, fag?

    Martin: Valle Arriba.

    Budu: You live with your old man, or with your mom?

    Carla: Father.

    Trece: You have brothers?

    Carla: Two.

    Trece: Older?

    Carla: One Older, one younger.

    Trece: What does the older do?

    Carla: He's got a textile shop.

    Trece: Money!

    Carla: But cheap textibles...

  • Trece: OK, stop right here and get it in the back.

    Niga Sibilino: What's your PIN number?

    Carla: 1991.

    Niga Sibilino: Hey, if it's wrong, you're dead.

    Trece: What happened in '91?

    Carla: My mother died.

  • Carla: Listen. I work in a clinic without resources for the poor everyday... doing what I can to help poor children. And you treat me this way.

    Trece: Fuck, who told you to drive around in a brand new car? You think I can guess who you are?

    Carla: Why is having money a sin? My father's worked hard all his life.

    Trece: That's not the point. I have money too.

    Carla: What is it, then?

    Trece: Don't look at me like that, OK? Don't look at me like that, or I'll lose it. Point is...

    Carla: Yes?

    Trece: When half city is knee-deep in shit, and you're rolling in a expensive car. Shit, how you expect them not to hate you? Huh? Why shouldn't they hate you? Look at your outfit, look at this...

    [points at her clothing and jewerling]

    Trece: . Do you know how many families that shit could feed? Huh? One thing is that we're different. Great, I get that. But rubbing your money in people's face is another.

    Carla: But everyone gets robbed here.

    Trece: But not all with the same hatred.

  • Carla: Things were fucked up before I born. It's not my fault, what am I supposed to do?

    Trece: It's never anyone's fault, is it? Nobody's to blame...

  • Trece: ... Where does he live?

    Carla: Caurimare.

    Trece: What's the number?

    Carla: Who?

    Trece: Your father's, pendeja! Don't look at me!... Give me the number or I'll blow your fucking tits off!!!

    Budu: Give him the number, damn it!

    Trece: Let's her drive!

    Budu: FUCK! Enough! I'll kill her.

    Trece: No, no, no, no!

    Budu: The fucking number!

    Carla: 0416...

    Trece: Let her drive!

    Carla: 7363820.

    Carla: 04167 363820

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