Torrance Shipman Quotes in Bring It On (2000)


Torrance Shipman Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Big Red: I'm sexy, I'm cute, / I'm popular to boot.

    Big RedWhitneyCourtneyDarcyCarverKaseyTorrance Shipman: I'm bitchin', great hair, / The boys all love to stare, / I'm wanted, I'm hot, / I'm everything you're not, / I'm pretty, I'm cool, / I dominate this school, / Who am I? Just guess, / Guys wanna touch my chest, / I'm rockin', I smile, / And many think I'm vile, / I'm flyin', I jump, / You can look but don't you hump, / Whoo / I'm major, I roar, / I swear I'm not a whore, / We cheer and we lead, / We act like we're on speed, / Hate us 'cause we're beautiful, / Well we don't like you either, / We're cheerleaders, / We are cheerleaders. /Roll call...

    Big Red: Call me Big Red.

    Whitney: I'm W-W-Whitney.

    Courtney: C-C-C-C-Courtney.

    [Courtney makes cat snarl]

    Darcy: Dude, it's Darcy.

    Carver: I'm big bad Carver. Yeah!

    Kasey: Just call me Kasey!

    Big Red: I'm... still Big Red, / I sizzle, I scorch, / But now I pass the torch, / The ballots are in, / And one girl has to win, / She's perky, she's fun, / And now she's number one, / K-K-Kick it Torrance, / T-T-T-Torrance!

    Torrance Shipman: I'm strong and I'm loud, / I'm gonna make you proud, / I'm T-T-T-Torrance, / Your captain Torrance.

    WhitneyCourtneyDarcyCarverKaseyTorrance ShipmanJanLes: Let's go Toros. /We are the Toros, / The Mighty Mighty Toros, / We're so terrific, / We must be Toros.

  • Courtney: Can she yell?

    Torrance Shipman: We'll try an oldie.

    [Torrance tests a standard cheer on her]

    Torrance Shipman: Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! The Toros sure are number one!

    Missy: [cheering] I transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort!

    [back to normal tone]

    Missy: OK, so I've never cheered before. So what? How about something that actually requires neurons?

  • [last lines]

    Cliff: So, second place... how does it feel?

    Torrance Shipman: It feels like first.

    [they kiss]

  • Jan: They don't go, we win; once again, we're the best.

    Torrance Shipman: I define being the best as competing against the best there is out there and beating them. They have to go.

  • Missy: See, I'm a hardcore gymnast. No way jumping up and down yelling "Go Team Go!" is gonna satisfy me.

    Torrance Shipman: We're gymnasts too, except no beams, no bars, no vault.

  • Isis: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals... bring it. Don't slack off because you feel sorry for us. That way, when we beat you, we'll know it's because we're better.

    Torrance Shipman: Oh, I'll bring it. Don't worry.

    Isis: I never do.

  • Torrance Shipman: [Torrance is stressed after knowing they had stolen Clovers' routine] Do you know what this means? My entire cheerleading career has been a lie.

    Missy: Well, look on the bright side - It's only cheerleading!

    Torrance Shipman: I *am* only cheerleading.

  • Kasey: Except, it's gonna cost us $2,000.

    Darcy: Do I have the letters 'A-T-M' tatooed on my forehead?

    Torrance Shipman: I was thinking more D-A-D-D-Y.

  • Torrance Shipman: If we're gonna be the best, we have to have the best. Missy's the poo,


    Torrance Shipman: so take a big whiff!

  • Missy: You ripped off those cheers!

    Torrance Shipman: Excuse me, Missy, our cheers are 100% original. Count the trophies!

    Missy: Well, your trophies are bullshit, and you're a sadass liar.

    Torrance Shipman: All right, that's it! Get out of the car, I'm gonna kick your ass!

  • Torrance Shipman: [about Cliff] He's your brother, you don't see him the way I do.

    Missy: And that's a good thing because that would be a crime.

  • Cliff: [after Missy leaves] I begged my mom for a brother.

    Torrance Shipman: He'd look a little ridiculous in that bikini, wouldn't he?

  • Torrance Shipman: Courtney, this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy. I'm sorry, but I'm overruling you.

    Courtney: You are being a cheer-tator Torrance and a pain in my ass!

  • Torrance Shipman: You know, mothers have killed to get their daughters on squads.

    Christine Shipman: That mother didn't kill anybody. She hired a hit man.

  • Torrance Shipman: Ever been to a cheerleading competition?

    Missy: Oh, you mean like a football game?

    Torrance Shipman: No, not a game, those are like practices for us. I'm talking about a tournament. ESPN cameras all around. Hundreds of people cheering.

    Cliff: Wait a minute, people cheering... cheerleaders?

    Torrance Shipman: That's right. Lots of people. Here's the deal, Missy. We're the shit, the best. We work hard, have fun, and win national championships. I'm offering you a chance to be a part of that.

  • CourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: [Cheering at the game] Aaaaaaalllll right! We're sweet! We got the whip, we can't be beat. We're the best, our team's too cool. We got the class to rock this school. Aww...

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafredCourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: [Clovers join in, humiliating the Toros] Yeah! We bad, we got the team, we can't be had. We're the best, so score them points. You win the game, we'll rock this joint!

    CourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: Go Toros! Go Toros! Go, go, go Toros!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafred: Go Clovers! Go Clovers! Go, go, go Clovers!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafredCourtneyWhitneyDarcyKaseyMissyTorrance Shipman: Our game is fierce and we are hip, so get on back, you can't touch this! Our game is bad, we're without peer, so get that weakness outta here!

    IsisLavaJenelopeLafred: Tried to steal our bit, but you look like shit! But we're the ones who are down with it!

  • Torrance Shipman: We should get Big Red a gift. Or at least someone should say something.

    Courtney: Pass!

    Whitney: Good riddance. I don't believe in osmosis.

    Torrance Shipman: I'm not brown-nosing! She's the departing captain; she did a lot for this squad.

    [Courtney and Whitney both give her looks]

    Torrance Shipman: Oh, come on, both of you sucked before she whipped you into shape.

    Courtney: Oh, whipped? Is that what that was?

    Whitney: No one will miss Big Red, Torr. She puts the 'itch' in bitch.

    Courtney: She puts the 'whore' in horrifying.

    Torrance Shipman: You know, it's her last practice; how would you feel?

    Courtney: Big Red has no feelings!

    Whitney: Just testicles.

  • Torrance Shipman: You're a great cheerleader, Aaron, and you're cute as hell, but maybe you're just not "boyfriend" material.

  • Torrance Shipman: So, is that your band or something?

    Cliff: The Clash? Uh... no. It's a British punk band, circa 1977 to 1983-ish, original lineup anyway.

    Torrance Shipman: How vintage!

  • Les: You know, everyone's saying that your ambition broke Carver's leg.

    Torrance Shipman: When really it was the angle in which she slammed into the ground.

    Les: Kasey did a massive e-mail last night, misspelled "leg".

    Torrance Shipman: Shut up!

    Les: Two G's.

  • Isis: Know what? She's right. See, then we'd be doing them a favor. Then they could feel good about sending raggedy Ann up here to jack us for our cheers.

    Torrance Shipman: 'Raggedy Ann'?

    Isis: Ugly redhead with a video camera permanently attached to her hand. Y'all been coming up here for years trying to steal our routines.

    Lafred: And we just love seeing them on ESPN.

    Torrance Shipman: What are you talking about?

    Isis: 'Brr, it's cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere'? I know you don't think a white girl made that shit up. Our free cheer service is over as of this moment.

    Jenelope: Over!

    Lafred: Finito!

    Isis: Every time we get some, here y'all come trying to steal it, putting some blonde hair on it and calling it something different. We've had the best squad around for years, but no one's been able to see what we can do. But you better believe, all that's gonna change this year. I'm captain, and I guarantee you we'll make it to Nationals. So just hand over the tape you made tonight, we'll call it even for now.

    Torrance Shipman: We don't have any tape.

    Missy: Really. We just came to see the show.

    Jenelope: What? Come on, Isis! Let me do this!

    Isis: You know what? Let's go.

    Jenelope: Wait a minute. So that's it? We're just gonna let them go?

    Isis: Yeah. Because unlike them, we have class.

    Torrance Shipman: I swear I had no idea.

    Isis: Well, now you do.

    Jenelope: Huh! You been touched by an angel, girl!

  • Cheerleaders: [Cheerleaders from opposing team] Hey, Toros! / That's right / The red black and white / Guess What / Guess What / You really SUCK!

    Torrance Shipman: Hey...

    Torrance ShipmanCourtneyWhitneyKaseyDarcyMissyJanLes: That's all right. That's OK! / You're gonna pump our gas someday! / That's all right. That's OK! / You're gonna pump our gas someday!

  • Big Red: This season should've been gravy, ok? I handpicked the squad, I delivered an idiot-proof routine... Now, Platter... nationals, hello?

    Torrance Shipman: Don't you mean a stolen routine?

    Big Red: Don't be so naive, Torrance. Look, the truth is I was real leader, ok? I did what I had to do to win a nationals. And ever since I handed the reins over to you, you've run my squad straight into the ground! If I made any mistake as a squad leader, it wasn't borrowing cheers. It was announcing you as my successor.

  • Torrance Shipman: Missy is bank!

    Courtney: Uh, bankrupt!

  • Torrance Shipman: Well, I hope you're not too busy to hear this. Kiss my ass, Aaron. It's over.

  • Missy: So is every game that eventful?

    Torrance Shipman: No, thank God. We have a real situation on our hands. I mean, we were humiliated on our own turf.

    Missy: We might have to have a rumble.

    Torrance Shipman: This is a serious problem!

    Missy: Oh, so is your breath.

  • Torrance Shipman: Get out of here!

    Justin Shipman: Hey, this is the living room, it's public domain!

    Justin Shipman: [after Torrance cannot get through to her boyfriend Aaron on the phone] I'll take out famous losers for $200, Alex.

    Torrance Shipman: Shut up, moron!

    Justin Shipman: It's not my fault you're in love with a big gay cheerleader who won't return your phone calls.

    Torrance Shipman: Aaron isn't gay!

    Justin Shipman: Oh, so someone just made him become a cheerleader?

    Torrance Shipman: He's just busy!

    Justin Shipman: Yeah, busy scamming on guys!

    Torrance Shipman: Give me that!

    [rips out Justin's Nintendo game connection]

    Justin Shipman: Bitch!

  • Torrance Shipman: Thank God you're here this season Missy. I couldn't have done it alone.

    Missy: Aww, tear.

    [she points to an invisible tear on her face]

  • Torrance Shipman: Get lost, creep... or I'll tell all your friends that were were at a cheerleading competition!

    Justin Shipman: [suddenly filled with dread] You wouldn't!

    Torrance Shipman: Oh... I would.

  • Justin Shipman: Hey, I have to tell you something!

    Torrance Shipman: I'm on the phone creep!

    Justin Shipman: I realize that, and normally I'd be listening on the other line, but this is important.

    Torrance Shipman: Ok, what?

    Torrance Shipman: [Justin Shipman jumps and farts twice] Ugh! Get Out!

    Justin Shipman: Thank you for listening.

  • Torrance Shipman: You're a great cheerleader, Aaron, it's just that... maybe you're not exactly "boyfriend material". Buh-bye.

  • Torrance Shipman: We need $2,000

    Darcy: Do I have ATM tatooed on my forehead

    Torrance Shipman: I was thinking d-a-d-d-y

  • Torrance Shipman: I'm the captain. I'm pulling rank, and you can fall in line, or not. If we're gonna be the best, we have to have the best.

  • Torrance Shipman: Are you intimidated?

    Cliff: Yeah. A little.

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