Take by surprise quotes:

  • ...there is one thing that all Satan's cunning and all the snares of temptation cannot take by surprise - an undivided will. -- Soren Kierkegaard
  • Being a unique superpower undermines the military intelligence of strategy. To think strategically, one has to imagine oneself in the enemy's place. If one cannot do this, it is impossible to foresee, to take by surprise, to outflank. Misinterpreting an enemy can lead to defeat. This is how empires fall. -- John Berger
  • Art must take reality by surprise. -- Francoise Sagan
  • Machines take me by surprise with great frequency. -- Alan Turing
  • Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go. -- Jean de La Fontaine
  • I guess that's just the life of an inventor: what people do with your ideas takes you totally by surprise. -- Stephanie Kwolek
  • The real universe has a marvellous and unique quality, inasmuch as it and only it can take us completely by surprise. -- John Brunner
  • The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. -- Ashley Montagu
  • You never want your second act or the whole movie to just be this relentless march towards its goal. You want things to take the audience by surprise. -- Michael Arndt
  • I start with an idea that is no more than a paragraph long, and expand it slowly into an outline. But I'm always surprised by the directions things take when I actually start writing. -- Barry Schwartz
  • From time to time, people pat me on the head. It happens on public transport, in the supermarket, in bars. It's a common enough occurrence that it very rarely takes me completely by surprise. -- Stella Young
  • After taking my B.A. degree in 1939 I remained at the University for a further year to take an advanced course in Biochemistry, and surprised myself and my teachers by obtaining a first class examination result. -- Frederick Sanger
  • I find mirrors detestable; I dislike seeing myself. Of course, there's a mirror in the bathroom, but it's a magnifying one for shaving. Photographs are fine, but I don't like mirrors because they take you by surprise. -- Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  • Whatever extra there is in me at any given moment isn't fully formed. I am hardly aware of it; it awaits the next book. It will - with luck - come to me during the actual writing, and it will take me by surprise. -- V. S. Naipaul
  • Faith in God is the gift that takes us beyond our limited self, with all its incessant demands. It opens us to a life that stretches us, enlightens us, and often springs surprises upon us. Such faith, like love, sees that which is invisible and lives by it. -- Vincent Nichols
  • I really told my story as I saw it in 'Cross to Bear,' and I was pleased - and a bit surprised - by how well it was received and how it sold. No. 2 on the 'New York Times' bestseller list? I'll take that any day, my man! -- Gregg Allman
  • The longer I've been doing this, the more I've realized that you have no idea what kinds of roles are possible for you - dream roles can take you by surprise. That being said, I need to play Hamlet one day. I'd also love to be in a play that I have written myself. -- Jake Epstein
  • Don't let your imagination take you by surprise. -- Jimi Hendrix
  • Miracles are experiences that take us by surprise. -- Karan Casey
  • Take by surprise and the world gives up resistance. -- Tennessee Williams
  • Faith in God - life can never take you by surprise again. -- James Dobson
  • My own words take me by surprise and teach me what to think. -- Maurice Merleau-Ponty
  • Disaster can take a nation by surprise, slowly, and then all at once. -- David Remnick
  • I keep my clocks a little fast / so time won't take me by surprise. -- Ruth Whitman
  • It will happen when you're not looking for it. Love likes to take you by surprise. -- Elizabeth Berg
  • If you take a man by surprise, and behave with sufficient arrogance, he will generally do what you ask. -Emerson -- Barbara Mertz
  • My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise at the same time, can make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme -- Eminem
  • She waits for me, my lady Earth, Smiles and waits and sighs; I'll say her nay, and hide away, Then take her by surprise. -- Mary Mapes Dodge
  • Did not you? I did for you. But that is one great difference between us. Compliments always take you by surprise, and me never. -- Jane Austen
  • If you know from history the danger, then part of the danger is over because it may not take you by surprise as it did your ancestors. -- Simon Wiesenthal
  • If you're trying to take a roomful of people by surprise, it's a lot easier to hit your targets if you don't yell going through the door. -- Lois McMaster Bujold
  • He knows bad days. Bad days take him completely by surprise. They make him not trust the good days because it's likely something is lurking twenty-four hours away. -- Melina Marchetta