Mad to someone quotes:

  • It feels quite cool, in a mad way, to be someone who skulks about in the shadows. -- Peter Baynham
  • When you're mad at someone, it's probably best not to break his arm with a baseball bat. -- Evel Knievel
  • An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad. -- Jean-Marie Le Pen
  • Why the heck do we allow the media to ever tell us someone is gross? It makes me so mad. 99% of the world has flaws. -- Shantel VanSanten
  • I think that it's okay to be mad at someone who hurt you. This isn't about, like, the pageantry of trying to seem like nothing affects you. -- Taylor Swift
  • Someone yelled at me once, 'You never write about yourself.' People used to get so mad at me for that. But my definition of myself is completely up for grabs. I'm everywhere, just like we all are. -- Suzan-Lori Parks
  • I'm not even on Facebook. I've got enough friends I never see. You know how you have a lot of friends you never call? I don't have time for new friends, and I don't want to be friends with someone only online. -- Mads Mikkelsen
  • I really love the idea of the poetically mad - the character that is imbued with the romantic madness. Like River from 'Firefly' or Drusilla from 'Buffy.' Someone dangerously unhinged, where you're really not sure they're going to be reliable minute-to-minute. -- Holly Black
  • Even in the nineties, when it was mad and there were photographers all around the house, it never occurred to me to send someone else out to get cigarettes. It took me five minutes - went for a walk, gave a wave, went back inside. -- Noel Gallagher
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  • In general I was a good kid. It usually took a lot to make me mad. But once I reached the boiling point, I lost all rational control. Totally without thinking, when my anger was aroused, I grabbed the nearest brick, rock, or stick to bash someone. It was as if I had no conscious will in the matter. -- Ben Carson
  • Almost every week, someone's mad at me. -- Jimmy Kimmel
  • Turns out if you never lie, there's always someone mad at you. -- Scott Westerfeld
  • I will always be mad at someone. That will never go away. -- Howard Stern
  • I think you can only be truly mad at someone you really love. -- E. L. James
  • The perfectionist is another name for someone who is getting ready to become mad. -- Rajneesh
  • It's funny how you can be mad at someone one moment and want to hug them the next. -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • I guess maybe someone at 'Dexter' saw the 'Mad Men' stuff and thought, 'He can do this.' -- Colin Hanks
  • If you're mad at someone for being excited and inspired by your art then you're doing it wrong. -- Azealia Banks
  • If you're going to marry someone, maybe you can be mad for a few weeks and it can still work out. -- Mireille Enos
  • And the more you love someone, the safer it is to be mad at them. Love can handle mad, no problem. -- Jerry Spinelli
  • At 18 if someone had said to me, 'I think you should go to rehab,' I would have thought, 'You're #*[email protected] mad'. -- Ozzy Osbourne
  • So you try to think of someone else you're mad at, and the unavoidable answer pops into your little warped brain: everyone. -- Ellen Hopkins
  • Do not be mad because someone is more successful than you are. What have you done lately to (en.hance), enhance your own success? -- Jon Jones
  • Do you know what happens when you slice a golf ball in half? Someone gets mad at you. I found this out the hard way. -- Jack Handey
  • I feel very comfortable in my own skin. When someone makes jokes about me being heavy, it makes me mad. It's not true. I'm right where I should be. -- Amy Schumer
  • How could you get mad at someone who neither needed to attack nor was at all worried about being able to defend? It was like getting mad at Switzerland. -- Karl Marlantes
  • It takes a real man to see the difference between a diamond and a rhinestone.Can't be mad when someone else takes the diamond, that you treated like a rhinestone -- Surgeo Bell