Keep pushing quotes:

  • Never despair, keep pushing on! -- Thomas Lipton
  • As journalists, we keep pushing and pushing. -- Mary Hart
  • I'm a songwriter-I'm obligated to keep pushing myself. -- Billie Joe Armstrong
  • I learned from my mom to always keep pushing yourself. -- Gabby Douglas
  • Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good. -- Conor McGregor
  • I want to keep pushing the limits for drummers and expressing myself, -- Travis Barker
  • I want to keep pushing the limits for drummers and expressing myself. -- Travis Barker
  • You have to keep pushing toward those dreams no matter what setbacks happen. -- Anthony Hamilton
  • Faith moves mountains, but you have to keep pushing while you are praying. -- Mason Cooley
  • When you fall, get right back up. Just keep going, keep pushing it. -- Lindsey Vonn
  • I think we'll all keep pushing each other, which is a great thing. -- Jay Roach
  • I just want to keep pushing things and growing, and we'll see what happens. -- Nick Jonas
  • I keep pushing buttons and trying to grow as a person and as a filmmaker. -- Famke Janssen
  • Our best years are only ahead of us, so we got to continue to keep pushing. -- Kevin Durant
  • You cannot give up - you have to be persistent and keep pushing, and press on. -- John Lewis
  • Bullies do whatever they can get away with and keep pushing boundaries until they meet resistance, -- Benjamin Carson
  • You're so good at what you do, keep pushing, success is on the table at all times! -- Sereda Aleta Dailey
  • I like people who are able to keep pushing themselves and challenging themselves even after great success. -- John C. Reilly
  • Running alone is the toughest. You get to the point where you have to keep pushing yourself. -- Walter Payton
  • It depends on you, to keep pushing forward until you win or giving in. Always choice the former. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
  • Poets have to keep pushing, pushing, against the darkness, and write their way out of it as well. -- Anne Waldman
  • I'm always ready and willing to just keep pushing and working and going because it's in my spirit. -- Aldis Hodge
  • I don't think that once you get to one level, you can relax. You've got to keep pushing. -- Larry Bird
  • I'm really blessed with the people in my life who keep me on track and keep pushing me forward. -- Patrick J. Adams
  • I like to keep pushing myself and trying things out. I get easily bored, so I need a challenge. -- Felicity Jones
  • I am a positive person. I never think of the glass as half empty. I just keep pushing forward. -- Rosie Perez
  • I always have a goal, even if I keep it to myself. It allows me to keep pushing myself. -- Sarah Dessen
  • If you don't keep pushing the limits, you wake up one day and you're the "center square to block." -- Robin Williams
  • You can't be too comfortable. I have to keep pushing myself to be a better fighter every step of the way. -- Alexander Gustafsson
  • You just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made. But I just kept pushing. -- Rene Descartes
  • I can never stop working hard. Each day I feel that I have to improve. Hardwork...Determination...I gotta keep pushing myself. -- Michael Jordan
  • Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself... Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good. -- Conor McGregor
  • People keep pushing me to be the center of attention... I would prefer to be on the sidelines, because that's where you see more. -- Gong Li
  • As a leader, people push you. They really want to keep pushing you until you get aggressive. Then they say, "Oh, see, it doesn't work." -- Sakyong Mipham
  • I took an oath to protect the people of Arizona, and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep pushing in that direction. -- Jan Brewer
  • In the marathon a crazy athlete can just keep pushing from the beginning, at a championship you don't need a time just to win the race. -- Haile Gebrselassie
  • I want to keep pushing the limits to see what's possible. That's the nice thing about ski racing - no one is stopping you from going faster. -- Lindsey Vonn
  • You just keep pushing yourself harder and harder to achieve more and more - I don't think it's ever quite as glamorous as it appears on the outside. -- Sean Parker
  • The plant is blind but it knows enough to keep pushing upwards towards the light, and it will continue to do this in the face of endless discouragements. -- George Orwell
  • My style of deal-making is quite simple and straightforward. I aim very high, and the I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what I'm after. -- Donald Trump
  • It's fun that I get to live out my dream every single day. It's a blessing. I can't lose sight of that and I've just got to keep pushing. -- Kevin Durant
  • I want to keep pushing myself so I never feel settled. I don't really know if it's going to end up working. I'm stressed out most of the time. -- Selena Gomez
  • He had always beaten me. It feels good to get a little revenge. I knew I just had to keep pushing, and it just feels great to be on top. -- Richard Winger
  • I never feel like I've done good enough. That's why I'm always so excited about working because I gotta keep pushing myself to do better work, to do great work. -- Bryce Wilson
  • Playing with decks, for me, has always been about trying new things. I make it a point to keep trying different things, keep pushing it a little bit at a time. -- Kid Koala
  • Playing with decks, for me, has always been about trying new things. I make it a point to keep trying different things, keep pushing it a little bit at a time. -- Kid Koala
  • What Simone Weil said politics has meant all along, which means that you fight for 11 percent, 12 percent, 13 percent, that you avoid golden-age thinking and romantic melancholy and you just keep pushing. -- Robert Hass
  • If you keep pushing paint when you're tired of it, you lose sensitivity. I can only focus on painting for a few hours, so I'll stop and work on something quite different. -- Gary Panter
  • You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come. So don't be afraid to fail! -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Like writing, running is so much about mind over matter. There are times when you have to override the discomfort and keep pushing. That capacity to endure and then prevail is just amazing. -- Susan Orlean
  • That does almost nothing to address voters' concerns, which remain a potent factor in the campaign. The bottom line is, there's a reason Republicans keep pushing so hard against Obamacare: So far, it's working. -- Byron York
  • There will come a time when the public will tire of me and let me know it. That's when I retire. But so far, I've continued to grow. I keep pushing myself to improve. -- Barbara Mandrell
  • There have been so many people that have come up and embraced me as an example of what it's like to face something tough and just get up the next day and keep pushing. -- Ann Romney
  • I'm the type of person that likes to give people a hard time, and I enjoy doing little pranks. If I see someone getting a little aroused I have to keep pushing that button. -- The Miz
  • If you think that your life is amazing, wait till you see what God has lined up for you in the future. But remember, you have to keep pushing forward with bigger goals and ideas. -- Edmond Mbiaka
  • When things don't come so naturally to you, you want to persevere, you want to keep pushing yourself to overcome obstacles that prevent you from having the kind of life that you want to have. -- Daniel Tammet
  • I want to keep pushing my boundaries. One of the biggest things I learned from 'Unbroken' is that you can go a lot further than you think you can. We often underestimate our actual capabilities. -- Finn Wittrock
  • You win what you can win when you can win it, and keep pushing - all the time. And that's how this game is played. And I'll play it till I can't play it anymore. -- Edward Zigler
  • Never give up and always keep fighting, because though times may be tough, the sacrifices do pay off, so just keep pushing towards your dream and just love it at the same time and enjoy it. -- Gabby Douglas
  • Everything I do has the tinge of the finite, of my own demise. At some point you either accept death or you just keep pushing it back as you get older and older. I've accepted it. -- Robert Smith
  • I'm never satisfied with my performance. I want to keep pushing myself. The great thing about being an actor is you're always learning. That's what excites me about the job and what continues to drive me. -- Drew Fuller
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  • Sports always works for us more allegorically or metaphorically and that's what's fantastic about why we love them. You demonstrate the limits to which a human being can go and they keep pushing the boundaries of that. -- Ron Howard
  • Performing is the craziest workout for me, because I feel like, on the first day of tour, I'm going nuts. Halfway through, I'm just so tired but obviously you keep pushing yourself because you have fans watching you. -- Hayley Williams
  • Rage or fear... It oscillates. Rage I need to motivate me to try things that I can't ordinarily do - as I'm a lazy man. Fear - to keep pushing harder so we don't lose what we've accomplished. -- David Chang
  • As for kids who are struggling personally, ignore the bullies! Who cares what they think? A lot of the time, they're not thinking, so you shouldn't take their words to heart. Ignore, ignore, ignore, and keep pushing forward. -- Nolan Gould
  • As the courts keep pushing religion out of sight, the press either ignores it or treats it as some sort of emotional affliction. It is hardly any wonder that religion slowly loses its grip on the popular mind. -- Robert Bork
  • I'm in a position where, theoretically, I could play the same ten concertos and make a very good living bouncing around playing Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky and Barber, but I really think artists should keep pushing limits and trying new things. -- Joshua Bell
  • Most people do not know themselves. The real you is not that person you are when times are great, the real you shows when everything goes wrong. Can you hold on, can you keep pushing or do you quit? -- Ian Warner
  • When your journey to success gets extremely tough, use your past accomplishments as your motivation to keep pushing forward. You did it in the past, and you can also do it again in the present, and in the future. -- Edmond Mbiaka
  • There's a time when people say your work is revolutionary, but you have to keep being revolutionary. I can't keep shooting pop stars all my life. You have to keep changing, keep pushing yourself, looking for the new, the unusual. -- Rankin
  • With the great people that you work with, it's that they're never giving up and they're never thinking something's finished until they've really, really run out of time. They keep pushing in case there's a better idea around the corner. -- Steven Price
  • I wasn't trying to be rich or famous; I was trying to figure out what is this thing in me that won't let me sleep that makes me restless and makes me keep pushing. I was trying to discover who I was. -- T. D. Jakes
  • First, we have to lower our costs to levels that are more competitive. This will prevent the lower-cost airlines from pushing us out of the markets we want to serve. We've made great progress on this front, but we need to keep pushing. -- Gerard Arpey
  • If you're not a real chameleon of an actor and if you're not one of those guys who can really shape-change themselves all the time, one of the ways to keep pushing yourself and keep changing is to be in different kinds of movies. -- Ethan Hawke
  • I didn't feel good today- little things here and there- but that's the nature of this game. You just keep pushing, being mentally and physically ready. Some days are better than others, but even if you don't feel so good, you get yourself going. -- Mike Matheny
  • I think its nice to know that people in the industry are paying attention to all of the hard work youve done throughout the years and rewarding you for it. It reminds you to keep doing it, to keep pushing yourself, and to always remain that way. -- Joan Smalls
  • I think it's nice to know that people in the industry are paying attention to all of the hard work you've done throughout the years and rewarding you for it. It reminds you to keep doing it, to keep pushing yourself, and to always remain that way. -- Joan Smalls
  • So I went to the Doctor's yesterday. He said, "What appears to be the problem?" I said, "I keep having this dream, night after night, beautiful girls rushing towards me and I keep pushing them away." He said, "How can I help?" I said: "Break my arms." -- Tommy Cooper
  • No matter how bad things get, never allow your thoughts to convince you to settle for the way things are at the moment. If you keep pushing forward with faith and perseverance, sooner or later things could become a lot better than you desire them to be. -- Edmond Mbiaka
  • I think reconciliation is Obama's goal - but the fight with the Republicans is like a fight with pit bulls, they never let go. Even worse, now the Republicans feel they can keep pushing and he will keep giving. They have not seen a stiff resistance on his part. -- Jesse Jackson
  • Usually I like to have them, but going drum-less pushes everything in a new direction and makes it easier to keep things sounding different. -- J Mascis
  • I keep my old friends, and get older with them, but push young. It's good to be surrounded by kids, because they keep you young. -- Carine Roitfeld
  • I've enjoyed training again, I've enjoyed pushing myself in the pool and I'll keep on swimming until I feel I cannot get any more out of myself. -- Ian Thorpe
  • President Obama could keep a big map with push pins on it to keep track of how many countries hate us, and when we get down to only half, let's have a ball. I'll blow up the balloons myself. -- Paula Poundstone
  • Lets not push it under the rug, or push it to the side because, no matter what, it's going to keep coming up. You know, if you never deal with that dirt up under the carpet, it's going to get larger and larger, and it's going to keep coming up. -- Herschel Walker
  • Keep on pushing the boundaries and reaching for higher heights. -- Puff Daddy
  • Remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing. -- Curtis Mayfield
  • I wake up saying, I'm still alive; a miracle. And so I keep on pushing. -- Jacques Yves Cousteau
  • In case of doubt, push on just a little further and then keep on pushing. -- George S. Patton
  • Don't ever give up on yourself. Keep pushing because the change of guards is what life's all about. -- Nas
  • See your life as a giant adventure. Keep pushing the envelope, and remember that every dream starts off small. -- Robin Sharma
  • Keep pushing with faith, hope and courage, for there is a very valuable prize waiting for you at the end of your struggle. -- Edmond Mbiaka
  • I believe if you don't keep constantly pushing the envelope and outgrowing yourself you're going to get real old sooner than you think. -- Ziad K. Abdelnour
  • Don't turn around. Don't look back. Keep moving forward. Keep pushing. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, not the beginning -- Ziad K. Abdelnour
  • Don't turn around. Don't look back. Keep moving forward. Keep pushing. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, not the beginning. -- Ziad K. Abdelnour
  • When you find yourself pushing through and using caffeine or sugar to keep going, this is the time to listen to your innate ultradian rhythm and take a rest. -- Candess M. Campbell