Keep going back quotes:

  • For a film, when you condense, you don't want to keep going back to the same setting over and over. -- Catherine Hardwicke
  • Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again. -- Andre Gide
  • The important thing for me as an artist is to keep going back to the page and doing what I do. -- Matthew Quick
  • Being one of my sources is exhausting. It's not one interview and you're done. I keep going back until I feel like I understand everything. -- Thomas Friedman
  • In my early career I was like a goldfish. Rejection didn't affect me; I'd just forget how bad it was and keep going back for more. -- Emily Watson
  • I'd always keep going back to the acting. Once the rent was paid, and the phone bill, the next money you had was for acting classes. -- Dennis Christopher
  • I keep going back to love when I write songs because I can't figure it out. -- Taylor Swift
  • If time were like a passage of music, you could keep going back to it until you got it right. -- Joyce Johnson
  • When I record music I like to be in one place and kind of have a base to keep going back to. -- Rita Ora
  • It's the nature of the beast within us to keep going back to the familiar rather than to strap on faith and face the future. -- Charles R. Swindoll
  • The things I keep going back to, rereading, maybe they say more about me as a reader than about the books. Love in the Time of Cholera, Pale Fire. -- Michael Chabon
  • I do think we think repetitively. It's so hard to get certain thoughts out of your head. If you're angry at a friend, you're going to keep going back to that conversation. -- Lynne Tillman
  • I keep going backas if Im looking for something I have lostback to the motherland, sisterland, fatherlandback to the beacon, the breastthe smell and taste of the breeze,and the singing of the rain. -- Heather Nova
  • I think most writers can't really think about their work without a kind of revulsion. And I think that's probably why we keep going back and trying again, trying to do better each time. -- Paul Auster
  • When jarred, unavoidably, by circumstance revert at once to yourself and don't lose the rhythm more than you can help. You'll have a better grasp of harmony if you keep going back to it. -- Marcus Aurelius
  • I'm a country boy. I hate New York. But that's where things happen, so I use it as a base for stories, I know enough about it. But I have to keep going back there. -- Mickey Spillane
  • A depressed person is often a person who will push others away. If you are pushed away and pushed away and pushed away, you have to have an enormous amount of inner resources to keep going back. -- Miriam Toews
  • I keep going back as if I'm looking for something I have lost. Back to the motherland, sisterland, fatherland. Back to the beacon, the breast, the smell and taste of the breeze, and the singing of the rain. -- Heather Nova
  • My favourite writer is Beckett and I keep going back to wallow in his work like a deep pool of dark humour or like an oxygen tank when you can't breath in a world consumed by piety, hypocrisy and self-satisfaction. -- Simon Critchley
  • I think cycling is a sport where you cannot be discouraged easily you have to keep going back at it. The first few times you race or try to get into the sport there is a good chance you might find yourself off the back. -- Robin Farina
  • When I'm doing more than one movie because it makes one not the end of the world. It makes me feel like, "Okay, I won. I had a victory on this one, today. And I lost on this one, today." I can keep going back-and-forth. -- Jon M. Chu
  • Just keep going like crazy and look back when it's over. Otherwise you just get confused. -- Cliff Burton
  • I keep saying I'm going to cut back on styling, but it's hard to give up. -- Rachel Zoe
  • I always think plot is what you fall back on if you can't write, to keep things going. -- Meg Rosoff
  • I don't want to look back. I want to keep going forward, I still have something to say to people. -- Joe Strummer
  • I keep coming back because I have no place else to go. What else would I do? I love to sing. -- Cher
  • I'm going to design again, but I come back when it's the right project, so I keep my passion for it intact. -- Hedi Slimane
  • Many of the technologies we've invented are necessary to keep 6.5 billion people alive. We can't go back from that, so we need to decarbonize really rapidly. -- Kim Stanley Robinson
  • I never wanted to go back and relive the glory days; I just want to keep moving forward. That's what I took from punk. Keep going. Don't look back. -- Paul Simonon
  • Once you get yourselves into things that are working on a deeper level, you just have to keep going. When you reach that deeper level, you can't go back. -- Matt Stone
  • Working towards something you're excited about - as opposed to something that makes you feel badly about yourself - is what will keep you going back to the gym. -- Alison Sweeney
  • I love the streets, and the streets love me back. And when things ain't going the way they should go, they let you know... and when they happy, you gotta keep 'em happy. -- Young Jeezy
  • Bitcoins are not a real investment; they are bets inside a casino. If the price goes back up, don't be fooled. In the parlance of popping investment bubbles, it's something called a 'dead-cat bounce.' People who are desperate to keep the game going rush back in, hoping to bring the price back up, but it never lasts. -- Kurt Eichenwald
  • When you're in a rehearsal room, it's like getting into a car and going on a long journey with everyone's stuff in the back. If you keep stopping the car and going, 'Are you sure we want to go?' and think, 'This is really daunting,' you will get frightened, so you just have to keep ploughing through it. -- Kate Fleetwood
  • A couple years ago I was going to back off and actually thought about retiring, but it keeps calling me back, and I'm going to keep going back as long as it calls me. I really think it has something to do with the good vibes that I feel I've spread through my performance and through the time that I've spent with fans. -- Jason Newsted
  • You're not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep going. -- Alice Sebold
  • When you fall, get right back up. Just keep going, keep pushing it. -- Lindsey Vonn
  • Keep going' she told herself, 'Don't look back.' But she looked anyways. -- Holly Black
  • Its a wonderful feeling to be able to inspire back, to keep that flow going. -- Andrea Suarez Paz
  • I promised to keep on going but maybe keep on going means coming back first. -- Patrick Ness
  • You just have to learn how to fall down and get back up again. You just have to keep going. -- Maggie Siff
  • Turn around? No. Keep going, it's the only way to make sure I don't end up going back and forth. -- Teri Terry
  • Get back up, shake the dust off and keep going. Keep going, because Hollywood is set up to make you fail. -- Gabriel Campisi
  • The world will continue to be hit by natural disasters and hateful mass killings, but communities bounce back stronger, so keep going. -- Azran Osman Rani
  • I keep hoping that as time passes by, we'll regain the ease between us, but part of me knows it's futile. There's no going back. -- Suzanne Collins