Cable news quotes:

  • I watch sports and cable news. I'm a political junkie, so that's my interest. -- Jerry Springer
  • The five million people who watch cable news are the political nation, the people who really care. -- David Frum
  • I think that what people want from cable news channels is the sense that if there's hard news, it's going to come up immediately. -- Brit Hume
  • Magazines that depend on photography, and design, and long reads, and quality stuff, are going to do just fine despite the Internet and cable news. -- Jann Wenner
  • Flip through the channels, and there is no denying it: The world of cable news - and their network chat-show brethren - is very, very white. -- Rachel Sklar
  • In general, when I watch cable news during the day, it's frustrating because it reminds me of a game show. If I want to watch 'The Price is Right,' I'll watch 'The Price is Right.' -- Don Lemon
  • For a man who purports to have learned of media ethics only this month, Mr. Williams has spent an undue amount of time appearing as a media ethicist on both CNN and the cable news networks of NBC. -- Frank Rich
  • But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happening everywhere in the world, cable news makes life seem like it's just an endless string of disasters - when, for most people in most places today, life is fairly good. -- Gregg Easterbrook
  • For the cable news guest, nothing happens for a while until suddenly everything happens very quickly. After you receive your television face, you stand around for a while, ignored, until you're sat down at a desk and asked to argue with strangers. -- Alex Pareene
  • There's discussion in athletics about how sport - where they say 'SportsCenter' has ruined the fundamentals of basketball because it's - it only applauds dunks and three point shots and blocks, and I think, you know, the cable news has done the same thing for politics. -- Dan Pfeiffer
  • I've become very interested in the spectrum of political discourse as seen on the cable news channels that are conveniently right in a row on my cable provider's dial. I can flip from Fox to CNN to HLN to MSNBC, and I find myself at night flipping it back and forth through them, and it's something of an addiction. -- Chris Carter
  • Great Britain revolutionized parts of their regulatory process by actually bringing the people who were going to be regulated to the table and suddenly found that they could solve the problems at a lot lower cost by, again, going back to the thing that tends to be most uninteresting, particularly in cable news, and looking at the actual process. -- Geoff Davis
  • Not a lot of people watch cable news, they just don't. -- Scott Pelley
  • If you're watching cable news, you are going to get a distorted picture. -- Rush Limbaugh
  • Sometimes I look around cable news and it's like you wonder whether you're looking at anchors or authors. -- Megyn Kelly
  • ... I still have sympathy for some of the people who've fallen from grace in Washington. The feeding frenzy can be so unforgiving, especially in this day of nonstop cable news. -- Andrea Mitchell
  • I don't watch cable news at night. So I can honestly tell you that I am not in a funk, I am not depressed, I'm not suicidal, I'm not thinking it's over. -- Rush Limbaugh
  • Al Gore announced Tuesday that he plans to launch a 24-hour cable news network for young adults. Gore claims he's been wanting to do this since he invented cable TV in the 1990s. -- Tina Fey
  • I worked in cable news for a long time, but I'm not a pundit. I'm just not. I'm grateful to people that are, but I was really miserable trying to do that. I just wanted to be myself. -- Meghan McCain
  • The goal of cable news executives is not to make me an informed citizen of Earth. Their mission is to tickle the dark reptilian depths of my brain and hook me so they can then barter with my soul for advertising revenue. -- Guy P. Harrison
  • It`s the nature of cable news that we [TV hosts] do a lot of clipping and quoting of other broadcasts and outlets, sometimes to make a narrative point, sometimes to make a political one, and sometimes just to make a joke. -- Chris Hayes
  • In a fashion similar to the leftist occupiers on Wall Street, their antics would be the target of rabid moral indignation on the front pages of the New York times and Washington Post and on the lead stories of every cable news show. -- Jamie Glazov
  • The cable news channels have cleverly seized on the creed of objectivity and redefined it in populist terms. They attack news based on verifiable fact for its liberal bias, for, in essence, failing to be objective, and promise a return to genuine objectivity. -- Chris Hedges
  • People don't have to go to cable news or network news. Live sports is the one of many things that's kind of community television. There are a lot of people who still tune in to "Sunday Night Football" or "Thursday Night Football" the way they did before. -- Henry Blodget
  • But I can no longer ready any faith's Napoleonic saber rattling without picturing smoking rubble on cable news. I guess if I had to pick a spiritual figurehead to possess the deed to the entirety of Earth, I'd go with Buddha, but only because he wouldn't want it. -- Sarah Vowell
  • Whether you are liberal or conservative, people seem to know the talking points for whatever the issue of the day is. Very rarely does it seem like these are opinions that people are coming up with themselves; it's like they watched the right cable news channel, and now they know what they are supposed to think, and they repeat that. -- Shane Carruth
  • I think a lot of people in television news look at the cable networks with great envy. -- Chris Wallace
  • Times change. Cable news and the Internet alone have transformed the way outreach to the American people can be accomplished. -- Elliott Abrams
  • The Fox News cable channel is doing very well because there is a market for what Fox News has to offer. -- Paul Weyrich
  • Cable news is more titillating to talk about who's up and who's down and all that nonsense as opposed to what's actually done. -- Kal Penn
  • We've got to lift our game tremendously. We'll sell our business news and information in print, we'll sell it to anyone who's got a cable system, and we'll sell it on the Web. -- Rupert Murdoch
  • Fox lies' has become a favorite mantra of the Left, yet there is a reason Fox News blows away the other cable networks in ratings and is more trusted as a news source than any other television network. -- Ronald Kessler
  • We now assume that when people turn on the evening news, they basically already know what the news is. They've heard it on the radio. They've seen it on the Internet. They've seen it on one of the cable companies. So that makes our job a bit different. -- Bob Schieffer
  • Terribly sad news about Stuart Cable, such a lovely, warm, funny, talented man. -- Rob Brydon