Yearnings quotes:

  • Literature is an inquiry into the deepest yearnings of the human spirit. -- Ernest L. Boyer
  • The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. -- Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • Improvisation is the expression of the accumulated yearnings, dreams, and wisdom of the soul. -- Yehudi Menuhin
  • What is a socialist? One who has yearnings To share equal profits from unequal earnings. -- William Inge
  • Your secret yearnings and tearful pleadings will touch the heart of both the Father and the Son. -- Boyd K. Packer
  • I do feel, in my dreamings and yearnings, so undiscovered by those who are able to help me. -- Mary McLeod Bethune
  • I longed to read everything I possibly could, and the things I read in turn produced new yearnings. -- Patti Smith
  • We must learn to separate need from greed...We must not allow our yearnings to exceed our earnings. -- Thomas S. Monson
  • But never again use another person's body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilling yearnings. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
  • When you're a kid with artistic yearnings brought up in the Bronx, you don't get fed up too easily. -- Daniel Libeskind
  • Gradually as you become curator of your own contentment, you will learn to embrace the gentle yearnings of your heart. -- Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams. -- Jimmy Carter
  • Oh fair, oh sweet and holy as dew at morning tide, I gaze on thee, and yearnings, sad in my bosom hide. -- Heinrich Heine
  • I think, as a general matter, clearly, the United States globally supports the development of democracy and the democratic yearnings of all people. -- Richard Armitage
  • Public scandals are America's favorite parlor sport. Learning about the flaws and misdeeds of the rich and famous seems to satisfy our egalitarian yearnings. -- Robert Dallek
  • In the Negro countenance you will often meet with strong traits of benignity. I have felt yearnings of tenderness towards some of these faces. -- Charles Lamb
  • Religion is not a nice thing. It is potentially a very dangerous thing because it involves a heady complex of emotions, desires, yearnings and fears. -- Karen Armstrong
  • No writer, no matter how gifted, immortalizes himself unless he has crystallized into expressive and original phrase the eternal sentiments and yearnings of the human heart. -- Alfred de Vigny
  • In spite of all the yearnings of men, no one can produce a single fact or reason to support the belief in God and in personal immortality. -- Clarence Darrow
  • I believe excellent fantasy reflects us all, and yes, it can use those myths that underpin societies, our subconscious yearnings and longings, and perhaps our barren spirituality. -- Isobelle Carmody
  • One of the great injustices in fiction is that on the whole people with romantic yearnings have romantic faces. But in real life it's not always like that. -- Julian Fellowes
  • It was the momentary yielding of a nature that had been disappointed from the dawn of its perceptions, but had not quite given up all its hopeful yearnings yet. -- Charles Dickens
  • We look at the one little woman's face we love, as we look at the face of our mother earth, and see all sorts of answers to our own yearnings. -- George Eliot
  • Sundays are terrible because it is clear that there is no one in charge of the world. And this knowledge leave you drifting around, grappling with unfulfilled expectations and vague yearnings. -- Sheila Ballantyne
  • The reveries of youth, in which so much energy is wasted, are the yearnings of a Spirit made for what it has not found but must forever seek as an Ideal. -- William Ellery Channing
  • Once upon a time, they thought I was a sweet, wide-eyed boy that was just trying to figure out how to kiss the girl. Lots of comic relief and adolescent yearnings. -- Ben Mendelsohn
  • The reveries of youth, in which so much energy is wasted, are the yearnings of a Spirit made for what it has not found but must forever seek as an Ideal -- William Ellery Channing
  • What is a Communist? One who hath yearnings For equal division of unequal earnings, Idler or bungler, or both, he is willing, To fork out his copper and pocket your shilling. -- Ebenezer Elliott
  • Ere yet we yearn for what is out of our reach, we are still in the cradle. When wearied out with our yearnings, desire again falls asleep; we are on the death-bed. -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
  • Part of me wants to make this boy bruise, bleed, and sob, and part of me wants to soothe him and care for him. The tipically complex yearnings of the kinkily queer. -- Jeff Mann
  • [Golfers] are a special kind of moral relist who nips the normal romantic and idealstic yearnings in the bud by proving once or twice a week that life is unconquerable but endurable. -- Alistair Cooke
  • Even though the search for meaning is debunked today, the cries of the human heart can be smothered for only so long. In these yearnings, the search for significance and fulfillment continues. -- Ravi Zacharias
  • The Founding Fathers are not just some people that happened to get mad a long time ago and want their freedom. They were special people in addition to what their natural yearnings were. -- Rush Limbaugh
  • Were all yearning for a wedge of sky, aren't we? I suspect God plants these yearnings in us so we'll at least try and change the course of things. We must try, that's all. -- Sue Monk Kidd
  • When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. Our inborn yearnings for family connections are fulfilled when we are linked to our ancestors... -- Russell M. Nelson