Yahoo quotes:

  • Hack Days were initially started for Yahoo employees. -- David Filo
  • I am incredibly proud to return to the Yahoo board. -- David Filo
  • I think Yahoo is a great company, with great assets. -- Jack Ma
  • Yahoo today is not a portal. Yahoo today is a search engine. -- Jack Ma
  • A Microsoft-Yahoo merger is a deal only an investment banker could love. -- Kara Swisher
  • Delivering compelling premium experiences across screens is core to our mission at Yahoo. -- Ross Levinsohn
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  • The time has come for me to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo. -- Jerry Yang
  • I've just been fired over the phone by Yahoo's chairman of the board -- Carol Bartz
  • The Internet and Yahoo are firmly established as 'must buys' for brand advertising. -- Terry Semel
  • Yahoo! is dedicated to promoting community awareness through outreach, education and information access. -- David Filo
  • Things are bad in 2001 at Yahoo. There's been layoffs, restructuring, lots of people left. -- Dave Goldberg
  • Most people know that there is this partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft on search. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • Yahoo! is the only company with both scale and leadership in branded and search advertising. -- Terry Semel
  • Yahoo is all about content. Deep reservoirs of important content in many, many strong areas. -- Terry Semel
  • I am extremely passionate about digital media and as a longtime user and fan of Yahoo! -- Ross Levinsohn
  • I truly believe that Yahoo! is one of the most compelling and dominant companies in the world. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • Yahoo! is committed to building the richest set of premium and personalized content experiences for our users. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • Not only does Yahoo! have a unique franchise, it increasingly has industry-leading tools, technology and, most importantly, people. -- Jerry Yang
  • Of all the big Internet companies, Yahoo is the most highly valued on a price-earnings and price-sales basis. -- Alex Berenson
  • Yahoo is free, it's fast and it's Web-centric. AOL is slow, it costs money and requires proprietary software. -- Fred Wilson
  • The Internet is a powerful way to make lots of money... But we are not going to buy Yahoo! -- Sumner Redstone
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  • Back when 'social' had a broad definition, you could almost say that Yahoo Finance chat was the first social product. -- Carol Bartz
  • Microsoft, Yahoo and others are helping to institutionalize and legitimize the integration of censorship into the global IT business model. -- Rebecca MacKinnon
  • Jon Miller would be amazing for Yahoo because he is extremely good at building display advertising businesses and buying young startups. -- Jason Calacanis
  • You're going to have Yahoo! and places that don't have rights being much more aggressive in how sports news is covered. -- Drew Magary
  • People sometimes forget how early Flickr came. Facebook didn't add photo sharing till a year after Flickr was acquired by Yahoo. -- Stewart Butterfield
  • Our deep collaboration with ABC News further strengthens Yahoo! as the No. 1 online news source, greatly enhancing our already robust news content. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • My time at Yahoo, from its founding to the present, has encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. -- Jerry Yang
  • Yahoo is positioned for accelerated financial growth. We have a powerful consumer brand, a huge global audience, and a highly profitable operating model. -- Jerry Yang
  • Combining the premium content and reach of Yahoo! as the world's leading digital media company with Facebook provides branded advertisers with unmatched opportunity. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • Mahalo's business model is advertising. Yahoo, Google, Ask, AOL and MSN are all advertising-based. So I don't see anything wrong with advertising-based search. -- Jason Calacanis
  • By turning every Yahoo search box into a Bing box, Microsoft may have bought itself the exposure it needs to be the next Google. -- Douglas Rushkoff
  • We started Yahoo in about April 1994. It started out as a way for us to keep track of things that we were interested in. -- David Filo
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  • People regard Yahoo as a platform for essential services, and it's had a profound impact on the way people obtain information, communicate, and their entertainment. -- Jerry Yang
  • Online advertising works, although it lands especially on search engines like Google and Yahoo. They achieve much higher revenues online than the websites of publishing companies. -- Hubert Burda
  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo - there's a common theme. None of these companies ever sold. By staying independent, they were able to build a great company. -- Jan Koum
  • Google, Microsoft and Yahoo should be developing new technologies to bypass government sensors and barriers to the Internet; but instead, they agreed to guard the gates themselves. -- Tom Lantos
  • Partnering with CNBC will allow Yahoo! Finance to expand its offerings instantly and enhance its position as the most viewed and utilized finance site in the world. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • A boycott would send a clear message to Yahoo shareholders and other companies which cheerfully sacrifice human rights in return for a cut of the Chinese market. -- Simon Davies
  • I competed with Yahoo for 15-1/2 years, and the one thing I tried to do over the years was desperately try to get a deal with them. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • The one thing that's important to know is Hulu's not looking for traffic to be sent to from its relationships with Yahoo and Fancast and MSN. -- Jason Kilar
  • Sally Jenkins of the 'Washington Post' is the best sports columnist in the country. Second best is Gene Wojciechowski of, and third is Dan Wetzel on Yahoo! -- Dan Jenkins
  • I don't think that Yahoo or any other Internet company should try to become a television network. We will be nowhere if we have to create our own content. -- Terry Semel
  • Prior to email, our private correspondence was secured by a government institution called the postal service. Today, we trust AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, or Gmail with our private utterances. -- John Battelle
  • While it is often true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it seems like Yahoo's almost obsessive focus on Google is taking away from its other businesses. -- Kara Swisher
  • I myself am a builder and get totally excited about building Yahoo! as a brand and building it into a bigger and better company. That's what I intend to do. -- Terry Semel
  • If an Internet company steals content, they shut it down. And let me tell you, Apple France, Yahoo France or Google France, none of them have gone out of business. -- Harvey Weinstein
  • Yahoo is still in many ways the definitive brand of the consumer Internet, but I don't think they can or should compete with Google any longer. That game is over. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • I admit it: I'm a freak who sits obsessively in front of my computer typing my name into Yahoo Search over and over again. I'm a closet Amberholic. Please help me! -- Amber Benson
  • Vince Lombardi says, you know, in my life there are three things: God, family, and the Green Bay Packers, in that order. For me, it's God, family, and Yahoo, in that order. -- Marissa Mayer
  • I will continue to focus on global strategy and to do everything I can to help Yahoo! realize its full potential and enhance its leading culture of technology and product excellence and innovation. -- Jerry Yang
  • The idea that Google, Yahoo, and eBay are getting a free ride is absolutely unfair criticism. We have to build out our own infrastructure. And we have to inter-connect to the public Internet. -- Vint Cerf
  • I wanted to be a venture capitalist and join Sequoia Capital. They've financed and helped built some really special and enormously successful companies, including Google, Yahoo, Paypal, YouTube, Cisco, Oracle, Apple, and also Zappos. -- Alfred Lin
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  • One of the blessings I've had, really, for my entire career, is working with founders of companies, whether it was Bill Ziff at Ziff Davis or with Jerry Yang and David Filo at Yahoo. -- Dan Rosensweig
  • In my view, it's irreverence, foolish confidence and naivety combined with persistence, open mindedness and a continual ability to learn that created Facebook, Google, Yahoo, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Juniper, AOL, Sun Microsystems and others. -- Vinod Khosla
  • I love Google. I was there for 13 years, and if you told me I'd be as happy anywhere else, I would've probably doubted it. But I am as happy, if not happier, at Yahoo. -- Marissa Mayer
  • I think we've seen a lot of examples of giving a name its own definition in the dot-com world. Amazon, Google, Yahoo - these are names we never would have dreamed major corporations would choose. -- David Carson
  • The thing that people seem to miss about not just Google, but also our competitors, Yahoo, eBay and so forth, is that there's an awful lot of communities that have never been served by traditional media. -- Eric Schmidt
  • Working with Yahoo! allows us to give our fans a chance to listen to our songs, check out the video, purchase our new album, win tickets to our show, and chat with us all in one place. -- Isaac Hanson
  • Yahoo! has clearly established itself as the go-to destination for big events and breaking news, and we are focused on providing the best digital canvas for the world's greatest storytellers to create, develop and showcase their visions. -- Ross Levinsohn
  • You can sell nothing for a mark-up for a while, but only until something starts eating away at it. Now I can go home and click on Yahoo, call my sister and talk over a microphone for free. -- Michael K. Powell
  • Yahoo! had a choice. It chose to provide an e-mail service hosted on servers based inside China, making itself subject to Chinese legal jurisdiction. It didn't have to do that. It could have provided a service hosted offshore only. -- Rebecca MacKinnon
  • Half of Google's revenue comes from selling text-based ads that are placed near search results and are related to the topic of the search. Another half of its revenues come from licensing its search technology to companies like Yahoo. -- Eric Schmidt
  • Let me start with Yahoo. As we meet today, a Chinese citizen who had the courage to speak his mind on the Internet is in prison because Yahoo chose to share his name and address with the Chinese Government. -- Tom Lantos
  • At Yahoo, we were one of the early proponents of the power of content showcased through new media. SnagFilms, with its large library and breadth of digital distribution, can help shape this next phase, bringing great stories to broad new audiences. -- Terry Semel
  • While a lot of what is on Facebook is a better amalgam of what AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, and other Web pioneers introduced long ago, with a nice dash of connection and really identified community, this kind of thing is not a new idea. -- Kara Swisher
  • I've spent more than two decades speaking to women through magazines. What's so exciting about Yahoo is that I can inspire and connect with hundreds of millions more women, and bring them the magic of the fashion world in ways they haven't yet experienced. -- Joe Zee
  • Yahoo has gone too far in wrongfully accusing us of a conspiracy that doesn't exist. If they are having problems retaining engineers, they should be looking at the internal sources of employee dissatisfaction rather than trying to cover that up with this legal action. -- Jonathan Sacks
  • I'm very grateful and proud of the progress Yahoo! has made over the past year. When I took the position as chairman, I told the board that my intention was to serve for one year in order to help Yahoo! during a critical time of transformation. -- Alfred Amoroso
  • I learned so much in the year after Flickr was acquired. People forget, but Flickr launched in February 2004. And a year later, the deal was done with Yahoo, and we closed it in March of 2005. It was really independent for a relatively short period of time. -- Stewart Butterfield
  • The Internet exposes a diversity of opinion, experience, and taste we'd been led to believe didn't exist. If you were unusual in 1950 or 1980 - and everyone is unusual in one way or another - you were an isolated anomaly. Now you're a Web ring, a Yahoo category. -- Virginia Postrel
  • Dependent web' platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo are where people go to discover and share new content. Independent sites are the millions of blogs, community and service sites where passionate individuals 'hang out' with like-minded folks. This is where shared content is often created. -- John Battelle
  • One of my favorite things that Yahoo does on a regular basis is this story: "Wealthiest Rap Artists." That's an example of the internet just perpetuating this myth that we're all just sitting around in these mansions like Steven Tyler, bopping around in our swimming pool. It's bullshit. -- DJ Shadow
  • You can say on one hand the market is crazy but it's not 1999. People have had their medicine from overexuberance. I find it really interesting that those two businesses, Yahoo! and Google, which are just online advertising businesses, are valued at more than the media behemoths in America. -- James Packer
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  • When we first started Glitch, there were four co-founders of the company. We built Flickr and worked together at Yahoo and then started Tiny Speck. We were split in Vancouver, New York, and San Francisco. So we used an old chat technology called IRC. Almost nothing went through email. -- Stewart Butterfield
  • I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then, yahoo!, I'd have all my money back. -- Jack Handey