Valuable Time quotes:

  • The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done... you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do. -- Lil Wayne
  • I feel if some kid has sat down and felt I'm important enough to write two pages of words to and take up a lot of his valuable time, then he deserves a few words back, or even a phone call as I have done on a few occasions. -- Jim Dale
  • In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die ? -- Steven Morrissey
  • The very valuable time of the humanity often passes with the incredible stupidities and with the local matters not worth a penny! -- Mehmet Murat ildan
  • Remember that the reader's attention is yours for only a single instant. They will not use up their valuable time trying to figure out what you mean. -- John Caples
  • Do not discuss the religious matters with people; do not waste your valuable time to discuss the untruth! Your time is short; spend it for the science and the art! -- Mehmet Murat ildan
  • You need to associate with people who inspire you, people that challenge you to raise higher, people that make you better. Don't waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important. -- Joel Osteen
  • Every recording session and tour is a very valuable time to me in terms of getting to spend time with the musicians - whether they're friends and family or people I've just met - because I don't have a job where I get to interact with people everyday. -- Will Oldham
  • You should diligently play scales and fingerpractices. There are many, however, who believe they'll achieve all, by practicing daily on technique for hours on end, up till high age. It's like practicing every day to enumerate the alfabet faster and faster. One would think one could make better use of their valuable time. -- Robert Schumann
  • It seems absolutely wrong that people should be able to profit in this cynical way from an event that is designed to highlight the need for action on poverty in Africa, and for which so many artists and others are donating their valuable time for nothing [on people selling Live8 concert tickets on eBay] -- James Purnell
  • Politicians generally form alliances and not friendships. Individuals and institutions achieve their ends through continual barter. But deals are not bonds. Indeed, intense emotional involvement with anything - with issues, ideology, a woman, even a family - can be a handicap, not only consuming valuable time, but more importantly, reducing flexibility and the capacity for detached calculation needed to take maximum advantage of continually changing circumstances. -- Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • If you realize too acutely how valuable time is, you are too paralyzed to do anything. -- Katharine Butler Hathaway
  • I like company lunches because I think going out wastes valuable time; plus, a lot of good ideas come up over lunch. -- Anne Wojcicki
  • All the charges you enumerate have been made with one purpose in mind-to place our office on the defensive and make us waste valuable time answering allegations that have no basis in fact. -- Jim Garrison
  • Time is a valuable wealth. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
  • Time is the most valuable resources. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
  • Time is valuable; people are busy. -- Nancy Gibbs
  • Time is one of my most valuable assets. -- Bill Anderson
  • Nothing in business is so valuable as time. -- John Henry Patterson
  • Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time. -- Abraham Lincoln
  • Your time as a manager is finite and valuable. -- Matthew Yglesias
  • Time is the most valuable asset you don't own. -- Mark Cuban
  • The most valuable and least replacable resource is time. -- Russell L. Ackoff
  • Everything valuable takes time, there are no overnight successes. -- Jack Canfield
  • Save the time of the reader, for it is valuable -- S.R. Ranganathan
  • Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. -- Theophrastus
  • The time you spend loving is the most valuable time. -- Debasish Mridha
  • Time is more valuable than money, because time is irreplaceable. -- John C. Maxwell
  • Time and love are the most valuable possessions you can share. -- Suze Orman
  • Don't waste your time, it is too short, Valuable and irreplaceable. -- Mike Murdock
  • Time and energy. Those are the most valuable sacrifices leaders can make. -- Simon Sinek
  • Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself. -- Richard Branson
  • A rose on time is more valuable than a $1,000 gift that's too late. -- Jim Rohn
  • The more time you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes. -- Amy Grant
  • Your energy and the ability to energize others is more valuable than your time. -- Bill Hybels
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  • O! what a prodigal have I been of that most valuable of all possessions Time! -- Theresa Villiers
  • time is the most valuable thing that we have, because it is the most irrevocable. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions. -- John Randolph
  • one doesn't measure friendship by length of time only; depth of time is just as valuable. -- Helen Clark MacInnes
  • Time is our most finite commodity, therefore our most valuable, and I respect other peoples' time. -- Nancy Pelosi
  • To have time for what is valuable, you have to stop giving time to what isn't. -- Robert Holden
  • There's No Such Thing as a Bad Meditation. Any Time you Spend in Silence is Valuable -- Wayne Dyer
  • The ability to share whole scenes form our lives will be a valuable thing over time. -- Mark Zuckerberg
  • I always have said that the most valuable thing I have isn't money; it's my time. -- Chris Paul
  • Do yourself a favor; don't wear yourself out trying to please everybody. Your time is too valuable. -- Joel Osteen
  • Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. -- Jim Rohn
  • The most valuable live thing for me is when people look like they're having a good time. -- Grimes
  • Do your best every time because by doing a thing well you build something valuable into yourself -- Henry Ford
  • A leader's most valuable asset is not their time but their energy and ability to energize others. -- Bill Hybels
  • It's fun just spending time with everyone. It's something that's so simple, yet so valuable to me -- David Archuleta
  • My time is far too valuable for me to spend any of it trying to improve myself. -- Ashleigh Brilliant
  • Make yourself master of one single subject and the time must come when your knowledge will be valuable. -- Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook
  • Given the reality of limited time and resources, best practices provide a valuable, low risk, default starting point. -- Chad White
  • Your destiny is too great, your assignment too important, your time too valuable. Don't let fear intimidate you. -- Joel Osteen
  • The most valuable thing that anyone will ever give you is their time. Not their money. Remember that. -- Colin Cunningham
  • Time is valuable, and telework is a viable component to help improve quality of life in many ways. -- Rob Wittman
  • It is a surprising and memorable, as well as valuable experience, to be lost in the woods any time. -- Henry David Thoreau
  • It was a favorite expression of Theophrastus that time was the most valuable thing that a man could spend. -- Diogenes
  • Time And well being are two valuable belongings that we do not acknowledge and respect till they've been depleted. -- Denis Waitley
  • Time away from thinking about something is as valuable - perhaps even more so - than directly thinking about it. -- Marc Guggenheim
  • No, I do not want to sacrifice four days for two games. My time is too valuable to do that -- Anatoly Karpov
  • Time is the most valuable thing you have - and I'm not just talking about the minutes for which you're paid. -- Eli Broad
  • Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it and spend it rather than invest it. -- Jim Rohn
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  • Every day is lost in which we do not learn something useful. Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time. -- Thomas Jefferson
  • Wealth of time is actually of more value than natural resources (petroleum, gold, diamond, gas etc.) and more valuable than human resources. -- Sunday Adelaja
  • Do not offer a compliment and ask a favor at the same time. A compliment that is charged for is not valuable. -- Mark Twain
  • Don't waste your energy trying to convince people to understand you. Your time is too valuable to try to prove yourself to people. -- Joel Osteen
  • At no other time has Nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean. -- Alexander von Humboldt
  • The most durable thing in writing is style, and style is the single most valuable investment a writer can make with his time. -- Raymond Chandler
  • Arriving late was a way of saying that your own time was more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you. -- Karen Joy Fowler
  • As nothing truly valuable can be attained without industry, so there can be no persevering industry without a deep sense of the value of time. -- Lydia Sigourney
  • Time is the most valuable commodity we have, worth more than gold, yet wasted more than all else. Efficient use of time begins with prayer. -- Mark Hart
  • Your time is too valuable, your destiny is too great, and your future is too bright to waste a single moment. Be a now person. -- Joel Osteen
  • One of the duties of old-age, is the management of time. The less that remains to us, the more valuable we ought to consider it. -- Anne-Therese de Marguenat de Courcelles
  • Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility. Pretending, or acting, is a very valuable life skill and we do it all the time. -- Meryl Streep
  • Time is valuable, and when it is gone, it is gone. Time is wealth, and unlike money, when it is gone, you cannot replace it -- Napoleon Hill
  • I think every time in your life is valuable, and you need to exist in that moment. Because if you don't - you lose it. -- Andie MacDowell
  • As someone who has been both a full-time mom and full-time in work force, I know we all have valuable experiences that shape who we are. -- Teresa Heinz
  • I know what it takes to be fast and I feel like every year I learn valuable lessons about how to be better the next time. -- Danica Patrick
  • To nourish children and raise them against odds is in any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons. -- Marilyn French
  • Always concentrate on the most valuable use of your time. This is what separates the winners from the losers. Self-esteem is the reputation you have with yourself. -- Brian Tracy
  • Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence neither speed up nor slow down add to nor diminish it is an imponderably valuable gift. -- Maya Angelou
  • Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize and repeat, over and over, is, 'what is the most valuable use of my time right now?' -- Brian Tracy
  • To nourish children and raise them against odds is in any time, any place, is more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons. -- Marilyn French
  • For boredom speaks the language of time, and it is to teach you the most valuable lesson of your life - the lesson of your utter insignificance. -- Joseph Brodsky
  • You could say that I am the Estee Lauder woman. I'm a working mother; time is valuable to me. I want a good product; I want quality. -- Aerin Lauder
  • I noticed every time I spent a lot of time in the bathtub, I would just get fantastic realizations about myself, and they were so valuable and liberating. -- Leonard Orr
  • True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share. -- Suze Orman
  • Time is your most valuable asset. Money you can spend, lose, and get back. Once time is spent, you can never get it back. Spend your time wisely today. -- DeWayne Owens
  • In the same way as the tree bears the same fruit year after year, but each time new fruit, all lastingly valuable ideas in thinking must always be reborn. -- Albert Schweitzer
  • When you are on assignment, film is the least expensive thing in a very practical sense. Your time, the person's time, turns out to be the most valuable thing. -- Annie Leibovitz
  • It takes ten thousand hours to truly master anything. Time spent leads to experience; experience leads to proficiency; and the more proficient you are the more valuable you'll be. -- Malcolm Gladwell