Vaccination quotes:

  • Vaccination is the medical sacrament corresponding to baptism. Whether it is or is not more efficacious I do not know. -- Samuel Butler
  • You no more have the right to risk others by failing to vaccinate than you do by sending your child to school with a hunting knife. Vaccination isn't a private choice but a civic obligation. -- Nicholas Kristof
  • Vaccination programs were instituted in the late 1930s, and the first handful of autistic babies were noted in the early 1940s. When vaccination programs were expanded after the war, the number of autistic children increased greatly. -- Harris L Coulter
  • Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction. -- Mahatma Gandhi
  • Vaccination is one of the easiest things on the way to development. It's much easier than roads and a great education system. It's very basic. It's one of the first things you want to get right. -- Bill Gates
  • Vaccination is pretty special because you can do a vaccination campaign anywhere in the world. All you are doing is gathering women from the villages, getting them the vaccines and asking them to go around and find the children. -- Bill Gates
  • Vaccination is a public health issue because influenza is a highly contagious disease. If you don't vaccinate your child, his or her schoolmates are much more likely to become ill. That is why some places (New York, for example) are making the vaccine mandatory for school children. -- Michael Specter
  • Universal vaccination may well be the greatest success story in medical history. -- Michael Specter
  • Some very poor countries run great vaccination systems, and some richer ones run terrible programs. -- Bill Gates
  • First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time. -- Honore de Balzac
  • Futurism is almost like a vaccination. You inject a little bit of a denatured pathogen to prepare your body in case you encounter it for real. -- Jamais Cascio
  • The rich man's dog gets more in the way of vaccination, medicine and medical care than do the workers upon whom the rich man's wealth is built. -- Samora Machel
  • In the case of Pakistan, the CIA actually used a fake vaccination campaign to try to locate Osama bin Laden, so now vaccination is associated with espionage. -- Eula Biss
  • I experienced how foreign aid for large-scale vaccination projects helps to save the life of children and thus give a real input to growth and to escaping poverty. -- Jonas Gahr Store
  • I was less successful in my attempts to effect preventive vaccination against typhus by using the virus and in trying to produce large quantities of serum using large animals. -- Charles Jules Henry Nicole
  • Vaccines are the most cost-effective health care interventions there are. A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare. -- Ezekiel Emanuel
  • I think that people's resistance to vaccination isn't going to disappear until we address some of the nonmedical reasons for that resistance and people's discomfort and distrust of the government. That's bigger than what most medical professionals can handle. -- Eula Biss
  • As for mercury, a child will almost certainly get more mercury exposure from her immediate environment than from vaccination. This is true, too, of the aluminum that is often used as an adjuvant in vaccines to intensify the immune response. -- Eula Biss
  • On the pro-vaccine side - and not everyone does this, but I saw it enough for it to make me really uncomfortable - is a tendency to accuse people who are wary of vaccination of being stupid and not understanding science. -- Eula Biss
  • With the absence of a flu vaccination last year, I did not take a flu shot; but there is still some immunity that carries over from year to year; but about every 30 years, there is a major change in the genetics of the flu virus. -- Michael C. Burgess
  • We've been using vaccination in some form for hundreds of years now. We have almost nothing in our modern medicine that we've been using that long, and it's been consistently productive even though, you know, the older vaccines were much more dangerous than vaccines we're using now. -- Eula Biss
  • Whooping cough is not a mild disease. Whooping cough, before the vaccination, could make you very, very sick. First of all, there was a chance you could die from it - small chance, not a big chance. You would be coughing and coughing. It wouldn't last for a few days, like a cold. -- Anthony Fauci
  • I know children regress after vaccination because it happened to my own son. Why aren't there any tests out there on the safety of how vaccines are administered in the real world, six at a time? Why have only two of the 36 shots our kids receive been looked at for their relationship to autism? -- Jenny McCarthy
  • ..discussing vaccination with a doctor is like discussing vegetarianism with a butcher... -- George Bernard Shaw
  • Knowledge is the vaccination that keeps you away from the flu of misery -- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • As well consult a butcher on the value of vegetarianism as a doctor on the worth of vaccination. -- George Bernard Shaw
  • Compulsory vaccination is an outrage and a gross interference with the liberty of the people in a land of freedom. -- Daniel D. Palmer
  • It's like scarlet fever: one has to get it over.Then one should invent a way of inoculating love, like vaccination. -- Leo Tolstoy
  • It's like scarlet fever: one has to get it over." "Then one should invent a way of inoculating love, like vaccination. -- Leo Tolstoy
  • In the USA in 1978, they mandated vaccination and it resulted in a three fold increase in the reported incidence of whooping cough. -- Viera Scheibner
  • The way young people are joining communities online, and agreeing and separating themselves and creating their own facts about things like vaccination, is worrying. --
  • The truth can finally be told: Donald Trump's autism was caused by a vaccination that went terribly wrong; this explains why he can't relate to other people. -- Michael R. Burch
  • I once believed in Jenner; I once believed in Pasteur. I believed in vaccination. I believed in vivisection. But I changed my views as the result of hard thinking. -- Walter Hadwen
  • I was less successful in my attempts to effect preventive vaccination against typhus by using the virus and in trying to produce large quantities of serum using large animals -- Jules Henry
  • I am, and have been for years, a confirmed anti-vaccinationist...I have not the least doubt in my mind that vaccination is a filthy process that is harmful in the end. -- Mahatma Gandhi