Ultimate Love quotes:

  • Your love is the ultimate love that empowers all your efforts, a true love for what is indestructibly and perpetually you. -- Andrew W.K.
  • Two people may have one sensitivity, one action, one reaction and one feeling; it doesn't matter how much time and distance they have between themselves-that is the state of ultimate love. -- Harbhajan Singh Yogi
  • Above all there's a love which is real, the ultimate love. We merge not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, in arc-line, aura and subtle body. We amalgamate with each other. That is real love. -- Harbhajan Singh Yogi
  • My Soul to Keep is the ultimate love story with a black man and a black woman. I call it the ultimate love story. It's about an immortal. We're shooting for this Fall and that's been a six year development right there. -- Blair Underwood
  • Love is the ultimate outlaw. -- Tom Robbins
  • Love is the ultimate creator. -- Molly Friedenfeld
  • Love is the ultimate revelation, the final sanctuary. -- Toyohiko Kagawa
  • It's no secret that I love the Ultimate line. -- Robert Kirkman
  • Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live. -- Tom Wolfe
  • Love is the last relay and ultimate outposts of eternity. -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  • Sometimes letting someone go is the ultimate act of love. -- Cassia Leo
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  • Love becomes the ultimate answer to the ultimate human question. -- Archibald MacLeish
  • Love is the ultimate theme, but it's not just for women. -- Will Smith
  • The ultimate form of love for God and men is forgiveness. -- Marion D. Hanks
  • Love is the ultimate giving, an expression of one's best self. -- Bel Kaufman
  • The ultimate barrier against love is the barrier of the constructed self. -- Vironika Tugaleva
  • The ultimate lesson is learning how to love and be loved unconditionally -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • Love may be the ultimate solution to all man's difficulties, problems and travails. -- Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Being present to yourself in love and with kindness is the ultimate gift. -- Amy Leigh Mercree
  • Love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. -- Viktor E. Frankl
  • My ultimate dream is to become a famous star because I love to sing. -- Lucy Hale
  • Art is a form of love. Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life. -- Robert Genn
  • Falling in love makes smoking pot all day look like the ultimate in restraint. -- Dave Sim
  • Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Love is the ultimate state of human being where compassion prevails and kindness rules. -- Harbhajan Singh Yogi
  • Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe and transcends all boundaries. -- Deepak Chopra
  • Paradise is to be the ultimate instrument, fulfilling God's desperate intent that we love each other. -- Ruby Dee
  • I love the Tea Party. They are the ultimate beer goggles. They make everything look better. -- Bill Maher
  • Love is 100% percent practical, oral performance is an ultimate turn-off, whether you like it or not. -- Michael Bassey Johnson
  • Love is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth. -- Marianne Williamson
  • To be in the association of those aspiring to love God is the ultimate gift of God. -- Radhanath Swami
  • What is man's ultimate direction in life? It is to look for love, truth, virtue, and beauty. -- Shinichi Suzuki
  • Love is a madness produced by an unsatisfiable rational desire to understand the ultimate truth about the world. -- Plato
  • Love is the ultimate coach. Do what you love, let love guide you, and let love inspire you. -- Robert Holden
  • The ultimate fact of the universe is love; and its sway is all-comprehensive, and absolutely certain of final victory. -- Frank C. Lockwood
  • I'd searched everywhere for this thing called love. I went through life seeking something that would be the ultimate. -- Christian Hosoi
  • Motherly love - putting the care of children before every other consideration - is the ultimate intelligence of nature. -- Marianne Williamson
  • ...the deepest secrets about ourselves that we, in the ultimate act of humanity, will spare those we truly love. -- Marisha Pessl
  • I love spring flowers: daffodils and hyacinths are the ultimate flower for me. They are the essence of spring. -- Kirsty Gallacher
  • I do know that love, whether you're giving it or receiving it, or both, it is the ultimate healer. -- Mike Ness
  • I used to love jungle. I still think it's the ultimate genre, really, because the people making it weren't musicians. -- Aphex Twin
  • This is my ultimate fantasy: watching QVC with a credit card while making love and eating at the same time. -- Yasmine Bleeth
  • Love is who we are, and when we deviate from that love we're deviating from our ultimate, essential, eternal reality. -- Marianne Williamson
  • This is my ultimate fantasy: watching QVC with a credit card while making love and eating at the same time -- Yasmine Bleeth
  • I'm the ultimate organizer! My major at Stanford was "Organizational Behavior" so I love to multi-task and stay extra busy. -- Gretchen Carlson
  • Are you willing to take the Big Leap to your ultimate level of success in love, money, and creative contribution? -- Gay Hendricks
  • The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • The Cross is the ultimate evidence that there is no length the love of God will refuse to go in effecting reconciliation. -- R. Kent Hughes
  • Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. -- C. S. Lewis
  • Everyone likes at least one Elvis song....Me, I love them all. He was, is and will remain the ultimate rock star. -- Robbie Williams
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  • I love to compete. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It's always on. There is always someone trying to beat me. -- Mark Cuban
  • To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness. -- Robert Breault
  • Love and compassion ... are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being. -- Dalai Lama
  • I love indoor cycling - it has made a really big difference. I feel a lot skinnier. It's kind of the ultimate cardio. -- Kate Bosworth
  • Marriage is love put to it's ultimate test - the grindstone of life. Where the idealism of love meets the everydayness of marriage. -- Carew Papritz
  • I love photography, I love food, and I love traveling, and to put those three things together would just be the ultimate dream. -- Jamie Chung
  • Love is ultimate, the highest health, because love makes one whole. When you love a master by and by you completely forgot about love. -- Rajneesh
  • Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. -- Rabindranath Tagore
  • Remember that your ultimate goal is for your children to grow up secure in your love, strong in their faith, and with sound character. -- Gary Chapman
  • The ultimate relationship is within thyself, knowing that all other relationships are a projection or a reflection of our ability or inability to love. -- Erin Fall Haskell
  • Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation." -- Rabindranath Tagore
  • Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they'll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back. -- John Green
  • Metagapism is the belief that love is the ultimate reality, literally god and the one shared soul, and the source, nature and destiny of all. -- John K. Brown
  • Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice. -- Tom Robbins
  • Love is the ultimate, the end. You love for love's own sake. It is not a means to anything else, it is its own end. -- Rajneesh
  • I like my ladies lady-ish, feminine so to speak. I love jeans and hoodies, but the idea of being an ultimate tomboy does slightly confuse me. -- Tom Felton
  • Yes, this is the only good thing in life: love! To hold a woman you love in your arms! That is the ultimate in human happiness. -- Guy de Maupassant
  • Thus, the ultimate choice for a man, inasmuch as he is driven to transcend himself, is to create or to destroy, to love or to hate. -- Erich Fromm
  • Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation. -- Michael Jackson
  • To believe in love, to be ready to give up anything for it, to be willing to risk your life for it, is the ultimate tragedy. -- Leonardo DiCaprio
  • In metropolitan cases, the love of the most single-eyed lover, almost invariably, is nothing more than the ultimate settling of innumerable wandering glances upon some one specific object. -- Herman Melville
  • If the ultimate, the hardest, cannot be asked of me; if my fellows hesitate to ask it and turn to someone else, then I know nothing of Calvary love. -- Amy Carmichael
  • I love to create, and to me, the ultimate freedom of expression is a blank canvas or a block of clay to capture whatever emotions your imagination gives it. -- Daniel Boulud
  • My beautiful soul,"he murmured and caressed my cheek."When you have the ultimate selfless sacrifice it paid my wrong.You proved to be worthy of my devotion.Of Death's...love. -- Abbi Glines
  • Don and I are infamous for our split, but we're closer than most brothers. Harmony singing requires that you enlarge yourself, not use any kind of suppression. Harmony is the ultimate love. -- Phil Everly
  • The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it. -- Jennifer Love Hewitt