Take A Deep Breath quotes:

  • I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. You become used to it. You have to just relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work rather than complain about how they're wrong. -- Tom Welling
  • Take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work. -- Tom Welling
  • If I feel frustrated in a situation, I take a deep breath and walk away. -- Iman Abdulmajid
  • Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. -- Frank Sinatra
  • Don't spin your wheels and stress. Take a deep breath, center yourself and make a plan. -- Douglas Adams
  • Take a deep breath and think of the three things you are grateful for, right in this moment. -- M. J. Ryan
  • Go for broke. Always try and do too much. Dispense with safety nets. Take a deep breath before you begin... -- Salman Rushdie
  • Next time you're about to call your daughter bossy, take a deep breath and say, 'My daughter has executive leadership skills.' -- Sheryl Sandberg
  • I wouldn't give myself any advice, because advice is kinda bullshit. Take a deep breath and don't take any of it too seriously. -- Cher
  • If you should encounter angry or unkind actions today, take a deep breath, reach deep within and greet the lack of love with love. -- Iyanla Vanzant
  • Every moment allows your the opportunity to take a deep breath in and be grateful for the fact that you can take in a breath. -- John Assaraf
  • I take a deep breath and sidestep my fear and begin speaking from the place where beauty and bravery meet--within the chambers of a quivering heart. -- Terry Tempest Williams
  • There really is a kind of insane beauty around us all the time. It's just a question of learning to slow down, take a deep breath and meet the moment. -- Graham Nash
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Mentally picture all tiredness, tension, and fatigue leaving you. Visualize that a wave of golden light is entering you at the top of your head and passing throughout your entire body. -- Frederick Lenz
  • The next time you get the urge to shut somebody up because they don't see the world exactly the same way you do, take a deep breath, get out your Bill of Rights, and count to the ten amendments. -- Dennis Miller
  • Right where you are is where you need to be. Don't fight it! Don't run away from it! Stand firm! Take a deep breath. And another. And another. Now, ask yourself: Why is this in my world? What do I need to see? -- Iyanla Vanzant
  • Look at your own life. Has it become overly complex? Have you found yourself burdened by too many possessions or responsibilities? Take a deep breath and ask yourself: "What steps can I take to reduce the clutter so that I may live simply and joyously?" -- Douglas Bloch
  • I've never been obsessed with celebrity or star-struck or anything. I met Penelope Cruz when we were in Toronto, who I think is a goddess and an unbelievable actress, and she introduced herself. As she walked away from the table I had to take a deep breath, which was strange because I've never had that with anyone. -- Carey Mulligan
  • In life you are going to make mistakes, you're going to fall down, but it's the getting up that counts. Just like in baseball: you'll get a few hits, but most likely, you'll strike out more than you'll get on base. But don't quit. Find your focus, relax, take a deep breath and give it a good swing -- Dave Pelzer
  • I get upset over a bad shot just like anyone else. But it's silly to let the game get to you. When I miss a shot I just think what a beautiful day it is. And what pure fresh air I'm breathing. Then I take a deep breath. I have to do that. That's what gives me the strength to break the club. -- Bob Hope
  • I grew up bar-singing and saw all kinds of ways people tried to outrun their emotional pain. It doesn't work. You end up with the original pain, as well as new pain added on top of it from the tactics you used trying to avoid it in the first place. It's best to take a deep breath, bolster yourself, and walk through it. -- Jewel
  • Sometimes when I hear criticism of my husband, I want to come out of my seat and clock somebody. But you learn to take a deep breath. -- Ann Romney
  • I just want people to take a step back, take a deep breath and actually look at something with a different perspective. But most people will never do that. -- Brian McKnight
  • My mother had no end of tragedy in her life. She would make herself get up and take a deep breath and go out and do laundry. Hang up sheets. -- Patti Smith
  • We all need to take a deep breath and think about being a Bush daughter and having that cross to bear. I'd go out and have a couple of drinks too. -- Julia Roberts
  • Leaving a great organization and a lucrative contract is not easy, but it allows me to take a deep breath and work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person. -- Kurt Busch
  • I definitely have an alter ego that can come out and get me out of situations where I'm having social anxiety. I can take a deep breath and create a bubble so I can perform in some way. -- Lindy Booth
  • It's always nice when you do something and it's well received as opposed to the other way which God knows happens to everybody. When the good times come around, you take a deep breath, appreciate it, but not take it too seriously. -- Laura Linney
  • I don't care who you are, you're going to choke in certain matches. You get to a point where your legs don't move and you can't take a deep breath. You start to hit the ball about a yard wide, instead of inches. -- Arthur Ashe
  • Certainly in the Capitol you do get moments were you sort of take a deep breath and think of all the historic figures who have been in that building, like Abraham Lincoln, who have stood right in those same rooms to make the landmark decisions. -- Kevin Yoder
  • It is a very busy mission: every day has some major goals that we have to get through, but my experience before has been that at least in the evening, you kind of take a deep breath and look around where you are and have some downtime. -- Linda M. Godwin
  • You can talk yourself into a good emotional state. I stop for a second, take a deep breath, and think about something that's beautiful. A beautiful thought for me is cutting the umbilical cord for my child. I can guarantee you that your emotional state will change. -- Montel Williams
  • I'm for the fracking. I think it's an opportunity for Ohio to really get a lot of jobs. But we have to do it right. We have to really take a deep breath, do it right, make sure the public is protected, make sure our land is protected. -- Mike DeWine
  • When I walk down the runway, my main goal is to not think about the people watching. The idea of all eyes on me would make me too uncomfortable. As I step on the runway, I take a deep breath, focus on a point in the distance, and go! -- Gisele Bundchen
  • That's a tumor. It goes across my liver, up through my lungs, all the way around my heart. And when they were done trying to cut it out, nuke it out with radiation and chemotherapy it out, it left so much scar tissue that when I walk outside now in cold weather and take a deep breath, it feels like someone is stabbing me. -- Eric Massa
  • During a panic attack, I remember that today is just today and that is all that it is. I take a deep breath in and I realize that in this moment I am fine and everything is okay. More importantly, I am reminded that my A.P.C. jeans are so perfectly worn in that they are appropriate for any season and I am suddenly at ease. -- Max Greenfield
  • What about the rat race in the first place? Is it worthwhile? Or are you just buying into someone else's definition of success? Only you can decide that, and you'll have to decide it over and over and over. But if you think it's a rat race, before you drop out, take a deep breath. Maybe you picked the wrong job. Try again. And then try again. -- Sheryl Sandberg
  • Take a deep breath. It calms the mind. -- Regina Brett
  • Take a Deep Breath & Focus on What's Really Important. -- Wayne Dyer
  • Take a deep breath and do the difficult thing first. -- Mary Anne Radmacher
  • You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath. -- Lana Parrilla
  • Take a deep breath, relax and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be. -- Brian Tracy
  • Whenever I have a stubborn position on something, I take a deep breath and swallow myself. -- Nick Offerman
  • When I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and eat a piece of chocolate. -- Adrian Grenier
  • Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second. -- Greg McKeown
  • When in haste, rest in the present. Take a deep breath and come back to here and now. -- Dan Millman
  • Now, let us all take a deep breath and forge on into the future; knitting at the ready. -- Elizabeth Zimmermann
  • The night is given to us to take breath, to pray, to drink deep at the fountain of power. -- Florence Nightingale
  • Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent. -- Camila Cabello
  • Okay, take a deep breath, I told myself. Don't go all hormonal. Get the facts straight. Have a mental doughnut. -- Janet Evanovich
  • Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that we're not alone. -- Alan Watts
  • Love sets your heart free. Be not afraid: dig deep, Take a deep breath And reach for the sky In your lover's heart. -- Laura Ramirez
  • When confronted by conflict and confusion, another practice is to take a deep breath, pause and ask: 'Where is the gift in this? -- Diane Dreher
  • I laugh maniacally, then take a deep breath and touch my chest- expecting a heart to be thumping quickly, impatiently, but there's nothing there, not even a beat. -- Bret Easton Ellis
  • Take a deep breath and take this to heart; God has nothing to do with broken promises. When He says, I promise, mark it down it's going to happen. -- James MacDonald