Tabloid quotes:

  • Tabloid stuff just offends. -- William Shatner
  • Tabloid news is tabloid news. -- Elizabeth Edwards
  • Tabloid discussion of bad children always blames baby-boomer liberals, careerist mothers and fashion-crazed Nathan Barley types who think it's all enormously funny. But the centre-leftish psycho-thinker Oliver James says it's all down to the Thatcher-and-after culture of turbo-capitalism, making people acquisitive and unsatisfied. -- Peter York
  • I think I'm out of crime fiction now, and I think the dividing line is American Tabloid. -- James Ellroy
  • Tabloid photos capture people at their most self-conscious and disoriented; in real life, Paris Hilton is like an elegant paper crane. -- Diablo Cody
  • It was like everyone suddenly knew what mattered. Money didn't matter. Politics didn't matter. Tabloid news didn't matter. No-compassion mattered. Calm mattered. Respect mattered. Did it really take something of this magnitude to make us realize this? -- David Levithan
  • These tabloid magazines - I think they're hideous and the downfall of society. -- Scarlett Johansson
  • There's a lot of people who feel there's a tabloid journalist who had it coming. -- Ralph Fiennes
  • Well, I mean, the real attack on truth is tabloid journalism in the United States. -- Julian Assange
  • I hate that tabloid idea of anybody who is famous having to forfeit their privacy. -- Caitlin Moran
  • For some people, an event happens and they are thrown into a tabloid feeding ground. -- Clive Owen
  • My career suffered massively because I had a reputation for being a very tabloid person. -- Sienna Miller
  • What stars do in their off-hours is a never-ending source of diddling curiosity to the tabloid sensibility. -- James Wolcott
  • If a stranger is writing something completely fictitious, or insulting me on a blog or a tabloid, I don't take it personally. -- Dasha Zhukova
  • Only the pun remains. The pun, beloved of Shakespeare, children and tabloid headline-writers, is normally eschewed in the modern, sophisticated circles in which I move. -- Arthur Smith
  • First of all, tabloid stories are some of the richest and most important stories that we have. There's nothing wrong, per se, with tabloid stories. -- Errol Morris
  • The world when I was 13 wasn't truly driven by tabloid magazines and social media and reality shows. I was able to have a little more of a private life. -- LeAnn Rimes
  • Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me. It's not nice. -- Michael Jackson
  • I don't think anyone likes to see a picture of themselves in a tabloid, besides a couple people who I'm not going to mention. I'm definitely not one of those people. -- Gisele Bundchen
  • Being in the public eye, I have certainly gone through the tabloid situation where they come out with stories that are not true. I don't read or pay attention to it. -- Cheryl Tiegs
  • As great as it is, 'Vogue' won't change a designer's business. But if an unknown brand is worn by a certain person in a tabloid, it will be the biggest designer within a week. -- Rachel Zoe
  • I've come up in the scripted world, and I have wished there were more time slots for us to tell compelling scripted stories and not fill the airwaves with a lot of fluff and tabloid entertainment. -- Ralph Macchio
  • It was at the beginning of all this tabloid frenzy. Our garbage was being gone through, and we were involved in all these chases getting home, and people camping out on our property to get pictures. -- Lauren Holly
  • A lot of the tabloid stories are written so well, they're very clever and very funny. But you have to focus on what's really important and not read them - don't dive into it and don't get caught up in it. -- Calista Flockhart
  • There are ways of avoiding becoming tabloid fodder and therefore giving people license to pry into your private life. And there's a distinction between being an actor and being a celebrity. You may become a celebrity through acting, but you don't need to do so. -- Damian Lewis
  • A close associate of his gave an interview in which the book was described as quotes 'fiction from being to end'. I suffered trial by tabloid for a couple of weeks, lots of insults in the press, in the columns - this man should be put in the tower and so on. -- Anthony Holden
  • I like the idea of dating, but I'm not dating anyone exclusively, particularly right now. It's hard to be in a relationship unless you're ready to go public with it. So it's a lot easier for me to not be in a relationship. I really don't want that part of my life to be tabloid fodder. -- Cory Monteith
  • When I started out as a model, I took things for granted. Because I bagged work thanks to my looks, I didn't give my body any importance. I was a couch potato who'd eat anything. Then, in 2005, a tabloid ran a story calling me fat. I thought, 'I'm famous. How can I be fat?' It was a slap. I decided to get fit. -- Bipasha Basu
  • Trying to overcome addiction is one of the hardest things for a person to do. And the fact that I had to do it under the scrutiny of tabloid press at first made it seem even more difficult. But in fact, it oddly ended up being a plus. Because of the tabloid stuff, it wasn't like I could walk into a bar and order a drink. -- Matthew Perry
  • My life isn't tabloid-friendly. -- Mika
  • I refuse to discuss tabloid rumors, -- LeAnn Rimes
  • I refuse to discuss tabloid rumors. -- LeAnn Rimes
  • America wants solutions. America wants a leader. No more tabloid politics. -- Alveda King
  • A lot of the themes of my movies, the actual stories, come from tabloid stories. -- Errol Morris
  • In the garden of tabloid delight, there is always a clean towel and another song. -- Lewis H. Lapham
  • It's that invasive and puerile curiosity to feed a tabloid culture. I don't subscribe to it. -- John Byrne
  • I don't really mind playing tabloid monster. I always liked those characters in the old movies. -- Nick Denton
  • You may have seen have seen me in such places as your local market in a tabloid. -- Tony Romo
  • You are being hit with tabloid-journalism bi-lines of what you are doing because you have suddenly become a star. -- Miranda Otto
  • Everyone with an iPhone is a journalist in their own way now, especially because we live in a tabloid culture. -- Megan Fox
  • Twitter hates tabloids, but Twitter is constantly acting like a tabloid, repeating the mistakes of the things we're hoping to better. -- Jon Ronson
  • We've all seen the media endlessly focus on the personal lives of celebrities. Most of it is gossip and tabloid fodder. -- Alana Stewart
  • No one goes to BrooklynVegan to read about content, they just go for drama. It's a tabloid, the scum of indie. -- Caroline Polachek
  • Thanks to the tabloid campaigns I have many death threats and I was very pleased to get another one the other day. -- Tony Benn
  • The friends of tabloid newspapers often point out that their journalism exists only because millions of people pay money to read it. -- Nick Davies
  • My whole goal was to be able to work in television and film and maintain a normal life, never be in a tabloid. -- Pauley Perrette
  • It's like tabloid news programs that talk about how horrible something is, while at the same time they're glorifying it as their top story. -- Scott Putesky
  • It's like tabloid news programs that talk about how horrible something is, while at the same time they're glorifying it as their top story. -- Scott Putesky
  • It's like tabloid news programs that talk about how horrible something is, while at the same time they're glorifying it as their top story." -- Daisy Berkowitz
  • In the U.K., journalists are a little bit more ruthless than in Denmark. I have a feeling the tabloid press in the U.K. is pretty harsh. -- Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
  • Rob Lowe, who I thought was really good in the movie [ Bad Influence], had his performance overshadowed by this sort of tabloid approach to him and the movie. -- Curtis Hanson
  • I am a person. I am not a soap opera. There is never going to be a next [tabloid] installment about my life because my own stuff is my own stuff. -- Kate Winslet
  • I really liked it. It was awesome - my first tabloid story. If you're going to have a tabloid story written about you, it might as well be with Johnny Depp. -- Christina Ricci
  • I didn't expect to enter into tabloid trivia or anything like that. So I suspect my perspective and a lot of my ideas changed fairly drastically. It was also rather confusing. -- George Michael
  • There was a lot of tabloid journalism about my supposed sex addiction. Bullshit. It's all bullshit. I mean, come on, I never pretended to be a saint. But give me a break. -- Michael Douglas
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  • Never steal another reporter's story; never take the last of another reporter's ammo; never mess with another reporter's computer. Those are the rules, unless you work for a tabloid, where they replace "never" with "always"... -- Mira Grant