Racism In America quotes:

  • I have nothing to do with racism in America; it was here when I got here. -- Paul Mooney
  • I found there's a fairly blatant racism in America that's already there, and I don't think I noticed it when I lived here as a kid. But when I went back to South Africa, and then it's sort of thrust in your face, and then came back here - I just see it everywhere. -- Dave Matthews
  • All of you are aware of the tragic history of racism in America, but for a very long time, African-Americans and their white allies came together and they struggled and they stood up for justice and they stood up to lynching and they stood up to segregation and the stood up to a nation where African-Americans couldn't even vote in America. -- Bernie Sanders
  • I believe we should work to end all racism in American society and staunchly defend the inherent rights of every person. -- Rand Paul
  • The history of African-American repression in this country rose from government-sanctioned racism. Jim Crow laws were a product of bigoted state and local governments. -- Rand Paul
  • In the time when my mother began standing up against prejudice and racism, the vast majority of white Americans rarely thought about civil rights. -- Ezekiel Emanuel
  • By the 1960s, many of us believed that the Civil Rights Movement could eliminate racism in America during our lifetime. But despite significant progress, racism remains. -- Bill Cosby
  • People have been killing because of racial differences since the time of Adam and Eve, but in this country racism has been primarily aimed at African Americans. -- Bob Cousy
  • In America there is institutional racism that we all inherit and participate in, like breathing the air in this room - and we have to become sensitive to it. -- Henry Louis Gates
  • Most people divorce because one in the couple falls in love with someone else: it's a common cause of divorce. I still think that it's tinted - this is my opinion - with a veil of racism and American puritanism. -- Isabella Rossellini
  • Our theme for this year's festivities, Dreams and Challenges of Asian Pacific Americans, speaks to the many generations of Asian Pacific Americans who worked hard to overcome economic hardship, racism and other barriers in their pursuit of the American dream. -- Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • Africans who immigrate to America know how little racism exists there. They suspect it before emigrating from Africa, and they know it after arriving in America. Indeed, America, the Left's depiction of it notwithstanding, is the least racist country in the world. -- Dennis Prager
  • I think that there are some people on the so-called Left who might say we have to circle our wagons around the first African American president, and to me that is racism in reverse because his policies are actually still the racist policies of empire. -- Cindy Sheehan
  • Sure, there's a chunk of African-Americans out there who associate the Republican Party with racism, frankly particularly in the Deep South. It's an unfair perception, but it exists. Over a period time, that perception will die away if Republicans are focusing on issues that happen to impact African-Americans. -- Artur Davis
  • Why don't we hear more about and from Asians when it comes to race in America? Are Asians the new Invisible Man - there but not there? In some ways, yeah. Blacks and whites are always carping about the metrics of racism. And any conversation about immigration reform is immediately flipped into a referendum on Hispanics. -- John Ridley
  • racism is alive and doing too well in America. -- Johnnetta B. Cole
  • In America, racism exists but racists are all gone. -- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Racism is a cancer that America does not want to cure. -- Willie D
  • Racism is America's greatest disease, racism is a disease of the white man. -- Albert Einstein
  • We don't have a refugee crisis in America; we have a racism crisis here. -- Phyllis Bennis
  • As much as racism bleeds America, we need to understand that classism is the real issue. -- Immortal Technique
  • Racism is still America's greatest addiction. I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God. -- Michael Pfleger
  • There is a bunch of racism in America, and sadly, most of it's on the left side of the aisle. -- Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
  • There is a bunch of racism in America, and sadly, most of it's on the left side of the aisle. -- Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
  • Welcome to America, where racism will never end, white don't respect black, where black skin people are treated like criminals. -- Werley Nortreus
  • Telling me that I'm obsessed with talking about racism in America is like telling me I'm obsessed with swimming when I'm drowning. -- Hari Kondabolu
  • America's racism is among their own fellow whites. That's where sincere whites who really mean to accomplish something have got to work. -- Malcolm X
  • The United States of America is a nation where people are not united because of those three glaring frailties: racism, injustices and inequities. -- Yuri Kochiyama
  • This unprecedented racism, bigotry and proto-fascist agenda that Donald Trump is trying to shove down America's throat has unleashed the resistance that will dethrone him. -- Tom Morello
  • Many people who are drawn to work about racism and transphobia may be new to thinking deeply about colonialism and indigenous resistance in their North America. -- Dean Spade
  • For many years, I believed racism in America was dead and that opportunity existed for all. My beliefs were shaken when the Rodney King officers were acquitted. -- John Hope Bryant
  • Racism may be as systemic as it always was. It is the great problem of America. It's the one stumbling block that I don't believe was ever smoothed over. -- Robert Guillaume
  • This is the United States of America and unfortunately, race still matters to a lot of people. The evil head of racism doesn't hide, it sticks its head up. -- Kwame Kilpatrick
  • In America, we have struggled too much, too long as a country trying to overcome racism and sexism and homophobia. We cannot go back to a more discriminatory society. -- Bernie Sanders