Racer quotes:

  • From the time I was six years old, I wanted to be a BMX Racer and be the best. -- Donny Robinson
  • Speed Racer is good to cut your teeth on, but if anyone has not seen Akira, go get it. -- James Marsters
  • On 'Into The Wild' I spent months risking my life and on 'Speed Racer' I spent 60 days acting in front of a green screen. No danger to my physical self, but I sure had to use my imagination. -- Emile Hirsch
  • This isn't a picture filled with wonder and a sense of fun; it's so jaded and crass that I almost wonder if it's a highly unscientific experiment designed to gauge how little audiences will settle for these days. Manic and multicolored, Speed Racer is an excess of nothingness. -- Stephanie Zacharek
  • A lot of the stuff in 'Speed Racer' has never been done before, from it having a multi-tone, to it having a retro-cool family movie, to having the photo-realism with the CG-backgrounds and infinite focus the way they worked with these digital cameras, to even the color experimentation. -- Emile Hirsch
  • Well, when I was a kid and I watched 'Speed Racer,' I used to always watch it in the morning with my cereal. And when I ate the cereal, I would pour soda into the cereal because we never really had milk for some reason, I don't know. -- Emile Hirsch
  • There are definitely perks to being a good ski racer. -- Ted Ligety
  • My dream job has always been to be a ski racer. -- Mikaela Shiffrin
  • To be a great motorbike racer, the most important thing is passion for the bike. -- Valentino Rossi
  • Part of the challenge of Most Wanted is trying to become the most notorious street racer on the pavement. -- Josie Maran
  • My goal is to be a racer, and I want to be someone who inspires Americans to watch Formula One. -- Alexander Rossi
  • If I hadn't come East as a kid, I might still be a World Cup racer today, but I wouldn't be the same World Cup racer. -- Mikaela Shiffrin
  • I want to do a movie on sports - like a movie on a racer or a marathon runner - as I feel I'll fit that bill perfectly. -- Bipasha Basu
  • I remember seeing war hero Jimmy Doolittle fly a Gee Bee racer there. He was my childhood hero. Many years later, I was lucky enough to go hunting with him. -- Wally Schirra
  • If I remain healthy, I can win more races, but I don't think so much about setting new records. I'm already proud to have become the leading Austrian World Cup racer. -- Hermann Maier
  • I'm a racer at heart more than anything else, and that will always be my priority: competing. But ultimately, if you can't drive, you can still have the competitive spirit outside of a car. -- Jacques Villeneuve
  • I took Al Unser out on a Hobie the day before he became the first auto racer to go 200 mph around a closed-circuit track. We were only going about 18 mph, and you should have seen him hanging on for dear life. -- Hobart Alter
  • I am a racer. I'm not a race car driver. I am a racer. I race. That's what I do. I don't go on vacations. I don't take my family on vacations because I don't have a family. My family is the racing family. -- Tony Stewart
  • One part puzzle mixed with one part racer with just a dash of art and music just to blend everything together, 'Dyad' takes you on a fast-paced trip down a tunnel filled with lights and a shifting list of rules to keep your neurons nimble. -- Rob Manuel
  • Well, I've been a professional racer for nine years. And if I could get it to pay me as much as acting, I'd give up all the rest in a second. Working in television, however, has made me accustomed to a certain lifestyle that I'd like to maintain. -- Jason Priestley
  • I was so grateful to have made 'Into the Wild' before I made 'Speed Racer' because on 'Speed Racer' I was indoors every single day, every single scene, on a green screen. Some of the time, just to pass the time, I would think back to climbing mountains in Alaska. That really helped me. -- Emile Hirsch
  • I never thought of retiring. I'm a racer. -- Connie Kalitta
  • I am not a driver, I am a racer. -- Stirling Moss
  • Fitness is just a stage you pass through on the way to becoming a racer. -- George A. Sheehan
  • Melody is the essence of music. I compare a good melodist to a fine racer, and counterpoints to hack post-horses. -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Having the last name Kalitta didn't make me a racer, but it definitely makes me want to be a winner. -- Scott Kalitta
  • Janet's a serious racer with some good race-car stuff. She can get the job done. I respect her as a racer. -- Neil Bonnett
  • But I'm a racer, that's what I've always been. I just want someone to put me in a car and leave me there. -- Shawna Robinson
  • To dope the racer is as criminal, as sacrilegious, as trying to imitate God; it is stealing from God the privilege of the spark. -- Roland Barthes
  • I've been happy with my life. Also very lucky. I lead two lives - businessman and racer - and it feels like the best of both worlds. -- Connie Kalitta
  • She was my rain. She was my unpredictable element. She was my fear. But a racer should not be afraid of rain; a racer should embrace the rain. -- Garth Stein
  • In rowing as in life, there are competitors and there are racers. The competitor works hard and rows to his limit. The racer does not think of limits, only the race. -- Jim Dietz
  • Pouter, tumbler, and fantail are from the same source; The racer and hack may be traced to one Horse; So men were developed from monkeys of course, Which nobody can deny. -- Bill Vaughan
  • Moonshiners put more time, energy, thought, and love into their cars than any racer ever will. Lose on the track, and you go home. Lose with a load of whiskey, and you go to jail. -- Junior Johnson