Race Relations quotes:

  • When Thurgood Marshall became a lawyer, race relations in the United States were particularly bad. -- Constance Baker Motley
  • The country has come a long way in race relations, but the pendulum swings so far back. Everyone wants to be so sensitive. -- Clint Eastwood
  • It's a weird scene. You win a few baseball games and all of a sudden you're surrounded by reporters and TV men with cameras asking you about Vietnam and race relations. -- Vida Blue
  • In high school, I discovered myself. I was interested in race relations and the legal profession. I read about Lincoln and that he believed the law to be the most difficult of professions. -- Constance Baker Motley
  • If you care to define the South as a poor, rural region with lousy race relations, that South survives only in geographical shreds and patches and most Southerners don't live there any more. -- John Shelton Reed
  • Hip-hop has done so much for racial relations, and I don't think it's given the proper credit. It has changed America immensely. I'm going to make a very bold statement: Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations. -- Jay-Z
  • The air has finally gotten to the place that we can breathe it together. -- Septima Poinsette Clark
  • The history of race relations in America is very different than something like the Holocaust. -- Jamaica Kincaid
  • Hip hop culture has done more for race relations in American than anything since Martin Luther King. And I really believe that. -- Steve Stoute
  • ... in 1950 a very large slice of the white South stood at the crossroads in its attitude toward its colored citizens and [was] psychologically capable of turning either way. -- Sarah-Patton Boyle
  • I have known no experience more distressing than the discovery that Negroes didn't love me. Unutterable loneliness claimed me. I felt without roots, like a man without a country ... -- Sarah-Patton Boyle
  • I think it's sinful to give the audience material it knows already, whether the material is about race relations or the car culture or the depiction and placement of a candy bar. -- Manny Farber
  • The changes in thinking about same-sex marriage have come slowly at first and then in rapid course. If such change is possible in this area, is it also possible in the vexed and sordid realm of race relations? -- Barack Obama
  • There was never a promise that race relations in America would be entirely resolved during my presidency or anybody's presidency. I mean, this has been a running thread - and - and fault line in American life and American politics since its founding. -- Barack Obama
  • Christopher Columbus introduced two phenomena that revolutionized race relations and transformed the modern world: the taking of land, wealth, and labor from indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere, leading to their near extermination, and the transatlantic slave trade, which created a racial underclass. -- James W. Loewen
  • Here's the thing. When we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it's all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they're not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before. -- Chris Rock
  • Contrary to the claims of the supporters of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the sponsors of H.Res. 676, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not improve race relations or enhance freedom. Instead, the forced integration dictated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 increased racial tensions while diminishing individual liberty. -- Ron Paul
  • When I was trained as a journalist, as a race-relations reporter in Nashville covering the end of the civil-rights movement, we were strictly forbidden to use the first-person pronoun. There was kind of an electric charge around it. To come out from hiding and use the word 'I' carried a lot of fright for me. -- Lawrence Wright
  • A white person listens to my act and he laughs and he thinks, 'Yeah, that's the way I see it too.' Okay. He's white. I'm Negro. And we both see things the same way. That must mean that we are alike..... So I figure I'm doing as much for good race relations as the next guy. -- Bill Cosby
  • I think there's a lot of shame in American race relations. There's a lot of suppressed guilt that lashes itself out still. I see that all the time, and whereas opposed to sort of trying to address the issue in an up-front way, they're attacking and thus perpetuating the problem thinking that they're being sophisticated and post-racial, when, in fact, they're being completely regressive. -- Danny Strong
  • I have compromised down the line. I've disliked it intensely in the old days when you were trying to talk race relations and they would not allow you to talk about the legitimacies of race relations. In the old days, you didn't talk about black, you talked about Eskimo or American Indian, and the American Indian was assumed not to be a problem area. -- Rod Serling
  • Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. In area after area - crime, education, housing, race relations - the situation has gotten worse after the bright new theories were put into operation. The amazing thing is that this history of failure and disaster has neither discouraged the social engineers nor discredited them. -- Thomas Sowell
  • The vast majority of Malaysians are sensible people; they're moderates, they want peace, they want harmonious race relations at home. They look for national unity. -- Najib Razak
  • I majored in Southern history in college, and much of my early work at my first job - as a staff writer at 'Memphis' magazine - focused on race relations. -- Hampton Sides
  • Sabotage did not involve loss of life, and it offered the best hope for future race relations. Bitterness would be kept to a minimum and, if the policy bore fruit, democratic government could become a reality. -- Nelson Mandela
  • Is there nothing the prodigiously talented Ann Patchett can't do? She's channeled the world of opera, Boston politics, magic, unwed motherhood, and race relations, creating scenarios so indelible, you swear they are right outside your door. -- Caroline Leavitt
  • The Windrush era is a very important part of British history as it helps us understand how and why we became the multicultural society we are today, and also helps us understand the history of race relations in this country. -- Naomie Harris
  • We understand 'Roots,' and that experience was mind-boggling, and it changed the way society viewed race relations. It was incredibly important. With 'Roots,' I was just as proud as anybody else that people of color were getting their stories told. -- Esai Morales
  • Yes, 'Black Girl/White Girl' might be described as a 'coming-of-age' novel, at least for the survivor Genna. It is also intended as a comment on race relations in America more generally: we are 'roommates' with one another, but how well do we know one another? -- Joyce Carol Oates
  • When you are honest in your comedy, you have to acknowledge the world that you're in. Through a comedic voice, you're talking about what needs to be talked about, whether it's race relations or politics or anything that's happening on a global or an American scale. -- Trevor Noah
  • The 1950s felt so safe and smug, the '60s so raw and raucous, the revolutions stacked one on top of another, in race relations, gender roles, generational conflict, the clash of church and state - so many values and vanities tossed on the bonfire, and no one had a concordance to explain why it was all happening at once. -- Nancy Gibbs
  • Living here in North America - I have been Americanized. When I go back home now, there are things that I have far less tolerance for in South Africa. We've come such a long way in terms of race relations and the economy as well as people's willingness to move on. There are still a lot of things that are frustrating about being in South Africa. -- Kandyse McClure
  • It's not easy to be a martyr in the field of race relations. -- Jackie Robinson
  • I think that, ultimately, the only thing that affects race relations is fair treatment. -- Ras Baraka
  • People are very comfortable when race relations get looked at retrospectively. Slavery, the civil rights movement, etc. -- Paul Beatty
  • [Race relations in 2015 are] almost as bad as they have ever been in the history of the country. -- Donald Trump
  • I think that the opportunity to improve race relations in the United States has been put off temporarily. -- Stephen Ambrose
  • In many people's many people's minds this is the sole reason Barack Obama was elected. He was elected to fix race relations. -- Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
  • In many people's many people's minds this is the sole reason Barack Obama was elected. He was elected to fix race relations. -- Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
  • A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • I believe in terms of the work that I do, in establishing dialogue about race relations in Latin America, steps on one of the most relevant themes today. -- Bocafloja