Race Problem quotes:

  • There shall be no solution to this race problem until you, yourselves, strike the blow for liberty. -- Marcus Garvey
  • But for the national welfare, it is urgent to realize that the minorities do think, and think about something other than the race problem. -- Zora Neale Hurston
  • The race problem in the United States is the type of unpleasant problem which we would rather do without but which refuses to be buried. -- Charles Hamilton Houston
  • A calling is you feel - you look out and see the need - maybe it's the need for the poor, to help poor people. Maybe it's the need to get involved in the race problem, as Martin Luther King was - felt called. -- Billy Graham
  • When I see the hatred exacted at Mr. Obama - you know, he lowered your taxes, killed your number one bad guy and got your guys out of Iraq - I don't understand why he seems to inflame people so much. You know, unless, unless there's a race problem. -- Henry Rollins
  • America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, even eaten with people who in America would have been considered 'white,' but the 'white' attitude had been removed from their minds by the religion of Islam. -- Malcolm X
  • if we pursue the arms race no other problem will be solved. -- Helen Gahagan Douglas
  • If the Emancipation Proclamation was authentic, you wouldn't have a race problem. -- Malcolm X
  • The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win -- Seth Godin
  • Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental. -- David Foreman
  • The problem with human race is not that it errs, but that it does so repetitively. -- Raheel Farooq
  • The ultimate solution to the race problem lies in the willingness of men to obey the unenforceable. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • If we just keep sleeping together we'll just be one race and it won't be a problem. -- Mike Binder
  • America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. -- Malcolm X
  • Race in America is not a problem you can go over, or around or under. You've got to go through it. -- Mitch Landrieu
  • Solve the race problem here, and once you solve the race problem here, you don't have to send these billions of dollars abroad. -- Malcolm X
  • The problem is Twitter is designing the metaphorical equivalent of a Toyota Prius. A car for the masses. While I want a Formula One race car. -- Robert Scoble
  • And but two ways are offered to our will, Toil with rare triumph, ease with safe disgrace, The problem still for us and all of human race. -- James Russell Lowell
  • The Indian is but a sketch in red crayon of a rudimental manhood. To the problem of his relation to the white race, there is one solution: extermination. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • I firmly believe that the Gandhian philosophy of nonviolent resistance is the only logical and moral approach to the solution of the race problem in the United States. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • You've gotta respect everybody. If they race hard against you, you've got to race hard against them. It's very simple; if there's respect both ways, there's no problem. -- Juan Pablo Montoya
  • Overall my race hasn't been a problem. I'm a Black artist with White skin. At the end of the day you have to sing what's in your own soul. -- Teena Marie
  • Overall my race hasn't been a problem. I'm a black artist with white skin. At the end of the day you have to sing what's in your own soul, -- Teena Marie
  • You have a race problem that must be solved, or else you will alienate every non-white person on this earth within the next few years, or within the next few months. -- Malcolm X
  • Until the white man in America sits down and talks with The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he won't even know what the race problem - what makes the race problem what it is. -- Malcolm X
  • Whereas the only real solution to the race problem in this country is a solution that involves individual self improvement and collective self improvement in, whereas our own, wherein our own people are concerned. -- Malcolm X
  • The only way not to worry about the race problem is to be doing something about it yourself. When you are, natural human vanity makes you feel that now the thing is in good hands. -- Margaret Halsey