Obliges quotes:

  • He that trusts much Obliges much, says the Spaniard. -- George Herbert
  • Trust reposed in noble natures obliges them the more. -- John Dryden
  • Life obliges me to do something, so I paint. -- Rene Magritte
  • I am a Christian. That obliges me to be a Communist. -- George Bernard Shaw
  • An achievement is a bondage. It obliges one to a higher achievement. -- Albert Camus
  • No mans error becomes his own Law; nor obliges him to persist in it. -- Thomas Hobbes
  • No man's error becomes his own Law; nor obliges him to persist in it. -- Thomas Hobbes
  • AIDS obliges people to think of sex as having, possibly, the direst consequences: suicide. Or murder. -- Susan Sontag
  • A woman only obliges a man to secrecy, that she may have the pleasure of telling herself. -- William Congreve
  • Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it. -- Martha Gellhorn
  • Patriotism does not oblige us to acquiesce in the destruction of liberty. Patriotism obliges us to question it, at least. -- Wendy Kaminer
  • My religion enables me, obliges me to imbibe all that is good in all the great religions of the earth. -- Mahatma Gandhi
  • History is the most aristocratic of all literary pursuits, because it obliges the historian to be rich as well as educated. -- Henry Adams
  • There is a natural law, a Divine law, that obliges you and me to relieve the suffering, the distressed and the destitute. -- Conrad Hilton
  • The marketplace obliges men, whether they will or not, in pursuing their own selfish interests, to connect the general good with their own individual success. -- Edmund Burke
  • Action learning particularly obliges subjects to become aware of their own value systems, by demanding that the real problems tackled carry some risk of personal failure. -- Reg Revans
  • He that lays down precepts for the governing of our lives, and moderating our passions, obliges humanity not only in the present, but in all future generations. -- Seneca the Younger
  • Globalization offers us enormous opportunities in the race to leapfrog in development processes. It also obliges us to set in motion processes which would minimize its risks. -- Manmohan Singh
  • As a neighboring funeral terrifies sick misers, and fear obliges them to have some regard for themselves; so, the disgrace of others will often deter tender minds from vice. -- Horace
  • I mention this only to shew that the citations of the most judicious authors frequently deceive us, and consequently that prudence obliges us to examine quotations, by whomsoever alleged. -- Pierre Bayle
  • The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it. -- John Locke
  • Everything new troubles us. Life catches us unawares and obliges us to journey towards the unknown, even when we do not want to, even when we do not need to. -- Paulo Coelho
  • Each human being was given two qualities: power and the gift. Power directs us towards our destiny; the gift obliges us to share with others what is best in us. -- Paulo Coelho
  • Forcing yourself to use restricted means is the sort of restraint that liberates invention. It obliges you to make a kind of progress that you can't even imagine in advance. -- Pablo Picasso
  • Self defense is a primary law of nature, which no subsequent law of society can abolish; the immediate gift of the Creator, obliges everyone to resist the first approaches of tyranny. -- Elbridge Gerry
  • Considering that the blessed life we so long for consists in an intimate and true love of God Our Creator and Lord, which binds and obliges us all to a sincere love. -- Ignatius of Loyola
  • The round of a passionate man's life is in contracting debts in his passion, which his virtue obliges him to pay. He spends his time in outrage and acknowledgment, injury and reparation. -- Samuel Johnson