Obese quotes:

  • Obese kids watch no more television than kids who aren't obese. All the thin kids watch massive amounts of television, too. There is no statistical correlation between obesity and media use, period. -- Po Bronson
  • Paradoxically Americans are becoming both more obese and more nutrient deficient at the same time. Obese children eating processed foods are nutrient depleted and increasingly get scurvy and rickets, diseases we thought were left behind in the 19th and 20th centuries. -- Mark Hyman
  • There are so many factors to lead to a child becoming obese. -- Lisa Ling
  • Judgment is judgment, whether you're obese, or too skinny, or not athletic enough. -- Anna Kournikova
  • Our morbidly obese federal government needs not just behavior modification but bariatric surgery. -- Mitch Daniels
  • We should not have our children going to school to learn how to become obese. -- Jeanne Kohl-Welles
  • The interesting thing about overeating or being obese is there's this physical manifestation of it. -- Jami Attenberg
  • It is not OK for anyone to be obese. There needs to be a cultural shift. -- Mick Cornett
  • If you walk down the street, within five minutes you will see someone who is morbidly obese or obese. -- Carnie Wilson
  • I've never seen an obese person who has said, 'I am well in my mind.' Happiness stops food being a compensation. -- Pierre Dukan
  • I was completely unhealthy, obese, so I committed to running three miles every morning for six months and following a strict diet, and 100 pounds came off. -- Josh Young
  • I was a chubby boy. My pants used to wear out in the middle, and it was because my legs used to rub together. I wasn't obese, just chunky. -- Paul Stanley
  • Our children are obese, either have or being threatened by diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and not socially adjusting properly to others because of a lack of fitness. -- Richard Simmons
  • Kids who don't play are not just at greater risk of falling behind academically, but also of becoming overweight or obese, failing to integrate socially, and even engaging in criminal activity. -- Darell Hammond
  • In the Everybody-Give-Me-A-Hug victim culture in which we live, the obese want a spot at the table along with those who face discrimination based on the way that God or Nature or our Intelligent Designer created us. -- John Ridley
  • I was never obese, but I felt 'less than' because I wasn't as thin as other actresses. I totally fell for that low-fat craze. My goal was to be X jeans size or a specific number on the scale. -- Alison Sweeney
  • Being overweight and obesity are major risk factors for many chronic diseases for South Dakotans of all ages. When people are overweight or obese, they have more health problems and more serious health problems, in addition to higher health care costs. -- Mike Rounds
  • I have lost and put on big batches of weight in my life many, many times. But what concerns me is the idea of being an obese old woman, because I don't like the idea of being physically incapable in someone else's hands. -- Alison Moyet
  • The abundance of cheap food with low nutritional value in the Western diet has wreaked havoc on our health; in America, one third of children and two thirds of adults are overweight or obese and are more likely to develop diabetes and cardiovascular disease. -- Ellen Gustafson
  • In 2004, I was on the West End stage in The Woman In White, and for every show I had to climb into a fat suit to play the obese Count Fosco. It was hard work, and unbearably hot, but I sailed through because I'd always kept myself fit. -- Michael Crawford
  • Can you believe approximately 17 percent of American children ages 2 to 19 years are obese? How about this fact: approximately 60 percent of overweight children ages 5 to 10 already have at least one risk factor for heart disease? We are all to blame for this - parents, schools, kids - all of us. -- Alison Sweeney
  • We must not constantly talk about tackling obesity and warning people about the negative consequences of obesity. Instead we must be positive - positive about the fun and benefits to be had from healthy living, trying to get rid of people's excuses for being obese by tackling the issue in a positive way. -- Andrew Lansley
  • I started riding the whole 'fluffy' train, and it's a cute word and socially a lot more acceptable than someone saying is fat or obese. If you call a girl 'fat,' yo, she'll raise hell, but if you say, 'Aw girl, look at you, you're fluffy,' there's almost a sexy appeal to it. -- Gabriel Iglesias
  • For the vast majority of those who are obese - those with a Body Mass Index over 30 - their size is their choice. They choose to take in more calories than they burn. They choose to take in high fat calories over low-fat ones. They choose to fad diet, if they choose to diet at all. -- John Ridley
  • Not all single women want to be married. Not all boys like football. Not all homemakers like to cook. Not all messy people are lazy. And not all the obese are gluttons. There are glands and diabetes and a dozen conditions you never heard of that may account for things. Put your sermon through the counter-stereotype sieve. -- John Piper
  • When I jump into something, I really do it to the fullest extent that my time and energy will allow me. I'm from Texas, and to see so many people that are obese and with disorders that are preventable. They haven't been shown or told. I'm really passionate about making sure my fellow countrymen are healthy. It's a shame. -- Mehcad Brooks
  • I think Michelle Obama is on the right track with her Let's Move campaign to bring down childhood obesity. She and I come from the same state, Illinois, which is number four in the nation for obese children. One out of five Illinois children are considered obese. Not overweight, obese. And two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. -- Aaron Schock
  • What if obese people couldn't get married? -- Judy Gold
  • If sex were food, Rhage would have been morbidly obese. -- J.R. Ward
  • I felt good full figured. Morbidly obese I was unhealthy and dying. -- Star Jones
  • All my life I've been an obese man trapped inside a fat man's body. -- Homer
  • We are the most in-debt, obese, addicted and medicated adult cohort in U.S. history. -- BrenĂ© Brown
  • Plus models have personal trainers and go to college.We're not obese, or lazy, or stupid. -- Whitney Thompson
  • Yes, some people will say you get successful obese businesspeople. But are they happy? Probably not. -- Michelle Mone
  • We need a new definition of malnutrition. Malnutrition means under- and over-nutrition. Malnutrition means emaciated and obese. -- Catherine Bertini
  • It is unacceptable that more than 1 billion people are hungry every day while another billion are obese. -- Paul Polman
  • A recent survey or North American males found 42% were overweight, 34% were critically obese and 8% ate the survey. -- Banksy
  • It's something like 70% of American adults are obese, and the rest of them are women on Ally McBeal. -- Greg Giraldo
  • I love my body because it's what I've been given. Being too thin is just as unhealthy as being obese. -- Ricki-Lee Coulter
  • Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success. -- Rex Reed
  • When women are excited about a date, they go immediately on a diet, because all women know they are hideously obese. -- Cynthia Heimel
  • A new study says that over half of all Californians are obese. In fact, half of Californians are really two-thirds of Californians. -- Jay Leno
  • It's terrible, the way obese children and adults are treated in this country [USA]. And I'm not leaving this Earth until that is changed. -- Richard Simmons
  • The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese. That, in erotic terms, is the Catholic church, in a nutshell. -- Stephen Fry
  • The obese are eating the worst diet in the country if you define worse as ratio of calories to essential micronutrients. They're just eating empty calories. -- Bruce Ames
  • I hired a personal trainer to help me lose 25 pounds and get from obese to fat. My next step will be to get from fat to chubby. -- Adam McKay
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  • The body is like an elaborate metaphor. One may be able to taste and not swallow, like the anorexic, or to swallow and not integrate, like the bulimic or obese. -- Marion Woodman
  • I actually saw the loch ness monster when I was 9. She was big as a house. Want to know who the loch ness monster is? It's your obese mother. Burn mother****er -- Thom Yorke
  • If you are going to live in a house made of candy, don't move next door to a couple of obese kids. A lot of these fairy-tale characters are missing common sense. -- Chris Colfer
  • There are now more obese people in the United States than there are overweight people. I think it's safe to say that after all these years, Diet Coke is a complete failure. -- Jay Leno
  • I have had, like most women, a lifelong preoccupation with my weight. My first published short story was a love story between an elderly man and a very young morbidity obese woman. -- Lori Lansens
  • In the eleventh century obese English king William the Conqueror took to bed and consumed nothing but alcohol to shed pounds, a practice many of his countrymen seem to continue to this day. -- David Sax
  • In 1960, fewer than 13 percent of Americans were obese, and diabetes had been diagnosed in 1 percent. Today, the percentage of obese Americans has almost tripled; the percentage of Americans with diabetes has increased sevenfold. -- Gary Taubes
  • If your friend's friend's friend (whom you may not have even met) is obese, a smoker or a zealot of some kind then it is a lot more likely that you will be too. -- James H. Fowler
  • I'm not alone in having obese people in my circle and in my family. I have loved morbidly obese people, and I don't approach obesity with revulsion or judgment but with empathy and compassion. -- Lori Lansens