Madmen quotes:

  • Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen. -- Emile M. Cioran
  • I am able to play monsters well. I understand monsters. I understand madmen. -- Anthony Hopkins
  • Now this is the point. You fancy me a mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded... -- Edgar Allan Poe
  • To think the world therefore a general Bedlam, or place of madmen, and oneself a physician, is the most necessary point of present wisdom: an important imagination, and the way to happiness. -- Thomas Traherne
  • The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar... Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen. -- Aldous Huxley
  • Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back -- John Maynard Keynes
  • Madmen always think it's the others who are mad. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Madmen and fools see everything through the medium of humor. -- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
  • Anger and jealousy's all that he sells us, he's content when you're under his thumb. Madmen oppose him, but your kindness throws him, to survive it you play deaf and dumb. -- Bob Dylan
  • Only the madman is absolutely sure. -- Robert Anton Wilson
  • Calumny is only the noise of madmen. -- Diogenes
  • The worst of madmen is a saint run mad. -- Alexander Pope
  • The madmen seem to live on forever, don't they? -- Lauren Bacall
  • There is a pleasure in being mad which none but madmen know. -- John Dryden
  • The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad. -- Salvador Dali
  • To be joyous is to be a madman in a world of sad ghosts. -- Henry Miller
  • Every lover is, in his heart, a madman, and, in his head, a minstrel. -- Neil Gaiman
  • It crosses my mind that Cinna's calm and normal demeanor masks a complete madman. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. -- Kenneth E. Boulding
  • There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Salvador Dali
  • Look at you, you madman! Screaming you are thirsty and dying in a desert, when all around you there is nothing but water! -- Kabir
  • True literature can exist only where it is created, not by diligent and trustworthy functionaries, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels, and skeptics. -- Yevgeny Zamyatin
  • What's your road, man? - holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It's an anywhere road for anybody anyhow. Where body how? -- Jack Kerouac
  • At many a moment on many a day, I am convinced that pro football must be a game for madmen, and I must be one of them. -- Vince Lombardi
  • They used to be seen as insane or unthinkable acts of madmen. But if they take place they'll be called 'war' too. And there will still be no conventional war. -- Bruce Sterling
  • When we start deceiving ourselves into thinking not that we want something... but that it is a moral imperative that we have it, that is when we join the fashionable madmen. -- Joan Didion
  • It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future. -- Thomas Sankara
  • I've written about superheroes. I've written about talking ferrets and math geniuses being chased by madmen. I've written about spies and demon-hunting soccer moms. I've created an entire world that centers around a paranormal judicial system. -- Julie Kenner
  • I believe in the power of the imagination to remake the world, to release the truth within us, to hold back the night, to transcend death, to charm motorways, to ingratiate ourselves with birds, to enlist the confidences of madmen. -- J. G. Ballard
  • There are periods of history when the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common-sense interpretation of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven't noticed already. -- Robert Anton Wilson
  • Intellectual despair results in neither weakness nor dreams, but in violence. It is only a matter of knowing how to give vent to one's rage; whether one only wants to wander like madmen around prisons, or whether one wants to overturn them. -- Georges Bataille
  • If a man comes to the door of poetry untouched by the madness of the Muses, believing that technique alone will make him a good poet, he and his sane compositions never reach perfection, but are utterly eclipsed by the performances of the inspired madman. -- Socrates
  • A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said wouldn't be a great moral teacher. He'd be either a lunatic on a level with a man who says he's a poached egg or else he'd be the devil of hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. -- C. S. Lewis
  • Materialists and madmen never have doubts. -- Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • Kings fight for empires, madmen for applause. -- John Dryden
  • God always helps madmen, lovers, and drunkards. -- Marguerite de Navarre
  • I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen. -- W. H. Auden
  • He's right: They have to put madmen with madmen. -- Alexandre Dumas
  • Tis the times' plague, when madmen lead the blind. -- William Shakespeare
  • Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future. -- Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
  • Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future. -- Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
  • We painters use the same license as poets and madmen. -- Paolo Veronese
  • Nations are as equal as so many madmen or drunkards. -- Fritz Leiber
  • A country without a memory is a country of madmen. -- George Santayana
  • This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen. -- William Shakespeare
  • Artists are meant to be madmen, to disturb and shock us. -- Anne Rice
  • There is a pleasure in being mad, which none but madmen know. -- John Dryden
  • Much of what we call History is the success stories of madmen. -- John Holt
  • He was endowed with the extraordinary powers of endurance characteristic of madmen and simpletons. -- Vasily Grossman
  • The sane would do no good if they made themselves mad to help madmen. -- C. S. Lewis
  • The numbers are a catalyst that can help turn raving madmen into polite humans. -- Philip J. Davis
  • When you live entirely among madmen, it is difficult to know how sane you are. -- Robert Aickman
  • I'd rather stay here with all the madmen than perish with the sadmen roaming free. -- David Bowie
  • Except for fools and madmen, everyone knows that nuclear war would he an unprecedented human catastrophe. -- Carl Sagan
  • Lovers and madmen have such seething brainsSuch shaping fantasies, that apprehendMore than cool reason ever comprehends. -- William Shakespeare
  • I love men. I've always been drawn to poets, artists, and madmen. Sometimes all three in one -- Jessica Lange
  • This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses. -- George W. Bush
  • I have to lie, if I don't want to take madmen seriously and become a madman myself -- Milan Kundera
  • The genius of art finds sanctuary among children and madmen to survive.That is who we are. -- Marilyn Manson
  • On the pavement of my trampled soul the steps of madmen weave the prints of rude crude words. -- Vladimir Mayakovsky
  • Only madmen and fools are pleased with themselves; no wise man is good enough for his own satisfaction. -- Benjamin Whichcote
  • The world is so full of simpletons and madmen, that one need not seek them in a madhouse. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • There is less harm to be suffered in being mad among madmen than in being sane all by oneself. -- Denis Diderot
  • The usefulness of madmen is famous: they demonstrate society's logic flagrantly carried out down to its last scrimshaw scrap. -- Cynthia Ozick
  • We are really so prejudiced by our educations, that, as the ancients deified their heroes, we deify their madmen. -- Lord Chesterfield
  • We believed ourselves indestructable... watching only the madmen outside our frontiers, and we remained defenseless against our own madmen. -- Jacobo Timerman
  • Chess players are madmen of a certain quality, the way the artist is supposed to be, and isn't, in general. -- Marcel Duchamp
  • Little prigs and three-quarter madmen may have the conceit that the laws of nature are constantly broken for their sakes. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
  • All of the promises of politicians, generals, madmen, and crusaders that war can create peace have yet to be borne out. -- Barbara Kingsolver
  • Julian spoke with the clear, unequivocal lucidity of madmen who have escaped the hypocrisy of having to abide by a reality that makes no sense. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Let's sum up: an unknown number of enemies with unknown capabilities, supported by a gang of madmen, packs of attack animals, and superhumanly intelligent pocket change. -- Jim Butcher
  • Let's sum up: an unknown number of enemies with unknown capabilities, supported by a gang of madmen, packs of attack animals, and superhumanly intelligent pocket change." -- Jim Butcher
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  • Humanity can be divided into madmen and cowards. My personal tragedy is in being born into a world where sanity is held to be a character flaw. -- Mark Lawrence
  • Over there, in Europe, all was shame and anger. Here it was exile or solitude, among these languid and agitated madmen who danced in order to die. -- Albert Camus
  • When the world is destroyed, it will be destroyed not by its madmen but by the sanity of its experts and the superior ignorance of its bureaucrats. -- John le Carre
  • I have been known as a crank, faddist, madman. Evidently the reputation is well deserved. For wherever I go, I draw to myself cranks, faddists, and madmen. -- Mahatma Gandhi
  • The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and ... people whose aim is to disrupt society always know how to make good use of them on occasion. -- Denis Diderot
  • Does the madman know he is mad? Or are the madmen those who insist o. Convincing him of his unreason in order to safeguard their own idea of reality? -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • All men are mad in some way or the other, and inasmuch as you deal discreetly with your madmen, so deal with God's madmen too, the rest of the world. -- Bram Stoker
  • Great minds struggle to cure diseases so that people may live longer, but only madmen ask why. One lives longer in order that he may live longer. There is no other purpose. -- Robert M. Pirsig
  • Oh, sons of earth! attempt ye still to rise. By mountains pil'd on mountains to the skies? Heav'n still with laughter the vain toil surveys, And buries madmen in the heaps they raise. -- Alexander Pope
  • Life is short; this being so, who would pursue great things and not bear with what is at hand? These are the ways of madmen and men of evil counsel, at least in my judgment. -- Euripides