Machine Guns quotes:

  • You don't throw rocks at a man with a machine gun! -- Roddy Piper
  • I do know how to fire a machine gun, so be warned! I'm trained! -- Claire Danes
  • When shooting in the dark, it is a good idea to use a machine gun. -- Craig Bruce
  • We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun. -- George Orwell
  • How many times did someone have to run in front of a machine gun before it became an act of cowardice? -- Michael Herr
  • Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun. -- Matt Groening
  • Yes, I remember the barbed wire and the guard towers and the machine guns, but they became part of my normal landscape. What would be abnormal in normal times became my normality in camp. -- George Takei
  • Machine guns are taken through grit and determination. -- Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig
  • When shooting in the dark, it is a good idea to use a machine gun. -- Craig Bruce
  • When the term machine gun enters common parlance, the word machine becomes much more sinister. -- Scott Westerfeld
  • The AK-47 is not a device of aggression ... I devised this machine-gun for the security of my country. -- Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • Beautiful woman wrapped in chadors, with huge machine guns in their hands. Brilliant, shocking, amazingly contradictory images. They compelled me to deeply investigate these ideas. -- Shirin Neshat
  • Switzerland is a land where crime is virtually unknown, yet most Swiss males are required by law to keep in their homes what amounts to a portable, personal machine gun. -- Tom Clancy
  • The camera can be a machine gun, a warm kiss, a sketchbook. Shooting a camera is like saying, Yes, yes, yes. There is no maybe. All the maybes should go in the trash. -- Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • In 1975 a Senate committee headed by Frank Church found that the [Central Intelligence] Agency had planned a number of assassination operations, using everything from poison to machine guns and sometimes mob hit men -- Jim Garrison
  • I love breasts. I love the female shape. It's crazy - you can have movie posters with men with machine guns but, oh, God forbid you show the nipples! That never ceases to amaze me. -- Helena Christensen
  • I don't believe that in the name of the holiness of the city you have to put barbed wires, machine gun nests, mine pins and everything of that, in the name of the holiness of Jerusalem. -- Yitzhak Rabin
  • The Chicago mobs... They practiced their own perverted form of "survival of the fittest." Where the strong clawed their way to the top of a criminal empire. And the weak died in a hail of machine gun bullets. -- Walter Winchell
  • I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home. -- Ronald Reagan
  • I have only two men out of my company and 20 out of some other company. We need support, but it is almost suicide to try to get it here as we are swept by machine gun fire and a constant barrage is on us. I have no one on my left and only a few on my right. I will hold. -- Clifton B. Cates
  • Visually I've always liked the 20s 30s for film. I do these because I like the music. I like the clothes. I like the way the women and the guys look. There are soldiers and sailors and gangsters with the machine guns in their violin cases. It's a very colorful era of New York, full of great theater and great nightclubs and great jazz. -- Woody Allen
  • When the term 'machine gun' enters common parlance, the word 'machine' becomes much more sinister. -- Scott Westerfeld
  • I'm not an NRA member, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate shooting blanks out of a machine gun. -- Bryce Dallas Howard
  • A militarized police force facing down innocent protesters with sniper rifles and machine guns is totally unacceptable in America. -- William Lacy Clay, Jr.
  • Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. -- John Leonard
  • A James Bond movie is a stuntman's dream. I was in a helicopter firing a machine gun at Piers Brosnan escaping on a motorbike. -- Steve Truglia
  • Two special agents at the front door pulled me outside. By that time, they had already had the house surrounded with loaded weapons, machine guns, shotguns... about 25 federal agents. -- Sherman Austin
  • My gun trainer on the first 'G.I. Joe' gave me about a week of commando training, so I got to shoot every single machine gun and hand gun there was. -- Ray Park
  • No matter how many people you kill, using a machine gun in battle is not a war crime because it does not cause unnecessary suffering; it simply performs its job horrifyingly well. -- Sebastian Junger
  • If you write any kind of fiction about America, you immediately have to start doing some research about guns, so in some ways, 'Gun Machine' is just the culmination of 20 years of reading about guns. -- Warren Ellis
  • In front of us was not a line but a fortress position, twenty miles deep, entrenched and fortified, defended by masses of machine-gun posts and thousands of guns in a wide arc. No chance for cavalry! -- Philip Gibbs
  • When I was growing up, it was 'Communists'. Now it's 'Terrorists'. So you always have to have somebody to fight and be afraid of, so the war machine can build more bombs, guns, and bullets and everything. -- Cindy Sheehan
  • On the steps is a machine-gun ready for action. The square is empty; only the streets that lead into it are jammed with people. It would be madness to go farther - the machine-gun is covering the square. -- Erich Maria Remarque
  • I was a grunt, walking around in the jungle of Vietnam, trying not to find the enemy. Because I am so big, they were going to give me either a heavy radio or a huge machine gun to carry. I carried a radio. -- Bob Gunton
  • I read stories aloud at every stage. I listen to my writer friends when they kindly offer criticism. I listen to my husband when he tells me something doesn't seem right. I have my mother's boyfriend, Loring Janes, read to make sure I get everything right with the machines and guns. -- Bonnie Jo Campbell
  • As a young man, every bone in my body wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill Germans. And yet I had absolutely no reason to do so. Certainly nobody invited me to do the job. But that's what I felt that I was trained to do. Now no part of my upbringing was militaristic. -- Pete Townshend
  • You can't mine coal without machine guns. -- Richard B. Mellon
  • And then the Necromancers pulled out their sub-atomic machine guns. -- Derek Landy
  • Ninth graders with machine guns: its hard to make that a happy story. -- Michael Grant
  • We cannot change ideas in the minds of men and races with machine guns or battle ships. -- Herbert Hoover
  • It is you who are old fashioned with your machine-guns and your gas and your talk of country. -- Graham Greene
  • Bombardment, barrage, curtain-fire, mines, gas, tanks, machine-guns, hand-grenades - words, words, but they hold the horror of the world. -- Erich Maria Remarque
  • Ah, these diplomats! What chatterboxes! There's only one way to shut them up - cut them down with machine guns. Bulganin, go and get me one! -- Joseph Stalin
  • As a result of the cold, the machine-guns were no longer able to fire...the result of all this was a panic...The battle worthiness of our infantry is at an end -- Heinz Guderian
  • When I was little in Spokane, Washington I drew all the time... and my father would bring paper home... and I mostly drew browning automatic water-cooled sub-machine guns... that was my favorite -- David Lynch
  • On the news that the Tsar had sent the troops icons to boost their morals, General Dragomirov quipped: 'The Japanese are beating us with machine-guns, but never mind: we'll beat them with icons. -- Orlando Figes
  • I noticed the bushes all around where I stood in my fight with the machine guns were all cut down. The bullets went over my head and on either side. But they never touched me. -- Alvin C. York