Labour Government quotes:

  • We must not expect a full-scale peaceful revolution every time a Labour Government is elected. -- Roy Jenkins
  • Today 23 years ago dear Grandmama died. I wonder what she would have thought of a Labour Government. -- George V
  • And some of what we're doing in Government even now, some of the welfare reform programs that are helping lone mothers come into work are based on things that were very new under the Labour Government in the eighties. -- Patricia Hewitt
  • We must not expect a full-scale peaceful revolution every time a Labour Government is elected -- Roy Jenkins
  • I know that strong trade unions and best supported by Labour Government actually protect worker's rights. -- Gisela Stuart
  • Today 23 years ago dear Grandmama died. I wonder what she would have thought of a Labour Government. -- George V
  • I certainly think that a Labour Government will have to have effective powers to control the outflow of capital. -- Michael Foot
  • Each successive Labour Government has been the most rapacious, doctrinaire and unpatriotic conspiracy to be seen this side of the Iron Curtain. -- Roy Jenkins
  • It's the Labour Government that have brought us record peacetime taxation. They've got the usual Socialist disease - they've run out of other people's money. -- Margaret Thatcher
  • We will pave the way for a transformation and roll back the years of Thatcherism...We will turn economic ruin into economic recovery, and above all pave the way for a General Election to elect a Labour Government. -- Arthur Scargill
  • Much more should have been achieved by a Labour Government in office and Labour pressure in opposition. Against the dogged resistance to change, we should have pitted a stronger will to change. I conclude that a move to the Left is needed. -- Anthony Crosland
  • The choice between a Labour government and a Tory one is sharpening minds. -- Lucy Powell
  • We need to keep this Labour government, it has a good chance of another term. -- Clare Short
  • We have an extreme rightwing government in this country, although it's called the Labour government. -- John Pilger
  • It's a very good idea that we have a third term Labour government led by Tony Blair for a full term. -- Peter Mandelson
  • My first real breakthrough collided with the last months of Callaghan's Labour government, which had every intention of enjoying my success as much as I did. -- Peter Straub
  • Ed Balls has made it crystal clear that, left to its own devices, a Labour government would simply carry on with the same budget policies as the Tories. -- Nicola Sturgeon
  • But how odd that in this heathen nation of empty pews, where churches' bare, ruined choirs are converted into luxury loft living, a Labour government - yes, a Labour government - is deliberately creating a huge expansion of faith schools. -- Polly Toynbee
  • It's become unfashionable to celebrate political achievement, and Labour achievement even less so. And it's positively uncouth to be proud of something that this Labour government is doing. So, slam me for saying so, but I'm really proud of the NHS. -- Lucy Powell
  • We were in a great, seething moment in the 1970s. There was a new Labour government and everything seemed full of hope... But, as we got older and we saw how much women's behaviour contributed to what was wrong, we stopped being able to see ourselves purely as. -- Helen Garner
  • Liberal Democrats in government will not follow the last Labour government by sounding the retreat on the protection of civil liberties in the United Kingdom. It continues to be essential that our civil liberties are safeguarded, and that the state is not given the powers to snoop on its citizens at will. -- Nick Clegg
  • The '50s in general are written off as a boring decade following the turmoil of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath - the postwar Labour government, the cold war, the arrival of the New Look in fashion, etc. But I remember it as a very exciting time - a pioneering, rule-breaking time, especially for the young. -- Lynne Reid Banks
  • The Liberal Democrats will add a heart to a Conservative government and a brain to a Labour one. -- Nick Clegg
  • In Scotland, the indication is that for the Westminster elections at least, Labour voters are satisfied with their government. -- Lucy Powell
  • American nuclear weapons would almost certainly start being removed from Britain within 12 months of a Labour government gaining power. -- Neil Kinnock
  • I'm sick and tired of government ministers in this Labour government who simply blame other people when things go wrong. -- Theresa May
  • The ambition of the present Labour government is that every worker in the country will have a greater than average income. -- Harold Wilson
  • Obviously a Conservative government will always leave taxes lower than they have been under Labour. Those things go with the territory of the Conservative Party. -- William Hague
  • We in the Labour party know better than most that opposition is the easy part. What's more difficult is governing and setting out an agenda for government. -- Lucy Powell
  • What the new government of Nigeria and other African governments must do, is to start a massive reorientation campaign in the culture of the dignity of labour. -- Sunday Adelaja
  • The labour of the farmers, no doubt is of greater value than the financial capacity of the government and non-government institutions which can only play a supportive role. -- Girma Woldegiorgis
  • The American Dream, coupled with government subsidies of utilities and cheap consumer goods courtesy of slave labour somewhere else, has kept the poor huddled masses from rising up. -- Elizabeth Wurtzel
  • New Labour was the most short-sighted, self-serving, incompetent, useless, and ineffective government that Britain has ever known. Make no mistake, Labour's economic policies were a national security liability. -- Liam Fox
  • Under a Labour government, there's virtually nowhere you can put your savings where they would be safe from the state. ... If you put money in a sock they'd probably nationalize socks. -- Margaret Thatcher