Laboriously quotes:

  • If you work at comedy too laboriously, you can kill what's funny in the joke. -- Richard Russo
  • Since I have been singing for so many years, I don't always need to approach a song quite so laboriously and meticulously. -- Kate Smith
  • Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. -- Victor Hugo
  • I'd rather fiddle with my phone for precious seconds than neglect an apostrophe; I'd rather insert a word laboriously keyed out than resort to predictive texting for a - acceptable to some - synonym. -- Will Self
  • Medical judgment can be taught - laboriously, in long periods of training - but it cannot be neatly handed over as the occasion demands it. It is the irreplaceable and untransferable contribution that the healer makes to the suffering individual who would be healed. -- Sherwin B. Nuland
  • As someone who sends texts messages more or less non-stop, I enjoy one particular aspect of texting more than anything else: that it is possible to sit in a crowded railway carriage laboriously spelling out quite long words in full, and using an enormous amount of punctuation, without anyone being aware of how outrageously subversive I am being. -- Lynne Truss
  • At the school I attended, the clergyman who ran the cathedral school in Shanghai would give lines to the boys as a punishment. They expected you to copy out, say, 20 or 30 pages from one of the school texts. But I found that rather than laboriously copying out something from a novel by Charles Dickens, it was easier if I made it up myself. -- J. G. Ballard
  • I have spent my life laboriously doing nothing. -- Hugo Grotius
  • Some aim to be deft, others to be laboriously careful. Neither dexterity nor conscientiousness is enough. -- Chai Lu
  • It seems to me that life is always undoing for us something that we have just laboriously done. -- Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
  • The Common Law of England has been laboriously built about a mythical figure-the figure of 'The Reasonable Man'. -- A. P. Herbert
  • What reason, like the careful ant, draws laboriously together, the wind of accident sometimes collects in a moment. -- Friedrich Schiller
  • The most elusive knowledge of all is self-knowledge and it is usually acquired laboriously through experience outside the classroom. -- Mirra Komarovsky
  • God gave unto the Animals A wisdom past our power to see: Each knows innately how to live, Which we must learn laboriously. -- Margaret Atwood
  • What man is there that does not laboriously, though all unconsciously, himself fashion the sorrow that is to be the pivot of his life. -- Maurice Maeterlinck
  • Innovation is a twofold threat to academic mediocrities: it endangers their oracular authority, and it evokes the deeper fear that their whole, laboriously constructed intellectual edifice might collapse. -- Arthur Koestler
  • Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself, and let history record that as we toiled laboriously and courageously, we worked to live gloriously. -- Marcus Garvey
  • Take your brush here and there like a bee in an alpine meadow. In other words, don't laboriously work on or try to finish off one particular part. Paint promiscuously. -- Robert Genn
  • It is life that does the thinking all around us, forming with playful ease the connections our reason can only laboriously patch together piecemeal, and never to such kaleidoscopic effect. -- Robert Musil
  • Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake. -- Victor Hugo
  • The crime which is done now is that war has made a tool and slave of science, and man's knowledge, painfully and laboriously compiled, is made the instrument of man's destruction. -- Leonard Wibberley
  • Production does not consist in things laboriously made, but in things serviceably consumable; and the question for the nation is not how much labour it employs, but how much life it produces. -- John Ruskin
  • Unconscious insights or answers to problems that come in reverie do not come hit or miss... they pertain to those areas in which the person consciously has worked laboriously and with dedication. -- Rollo May
  • A person moving in zero gravity feels a pitiful helplessness. One wrong move and you find yourself spinning wildly. Everyone becomes a baby again in outer space, laboriously learning how to walk. -- Ulrich Walter
  • Conventional words or other signs have to be sought for laboriously only in a second stage, where the associative play already referred to is sufficiently established and can be reproduced at will. -- Albert Einstein
  • Rather I'd choose laboriously to bear A weight of woes, and breathe the vital air, A slave to some poor hind that toils for bread, Than reign the sceptred monarch of the dead. -- Homer
  • Hold your horses. I'm coming."... "From where I'm standing you're just breathing laboriously." The snow swam out of focus. "Breathing hard. Are you coming or just breathing hard. You've got to get your one-liners straight. -- Ilona Andrews