Laboratories quotes:

  • The Intelligence Committee will also examine present counterintelligence programs for the Department of Energy, the National Laboratories, and the Department of Defense. -- Charles Bass
  • Laboratories are useful, but reflection for us must always start from experience. -- Pope Francis
  • I founded Wang Laboratories . . . to show that Chinese could excel at things other than running laundries and restaurants. -- Dr. An Wang
  • Laboratories can reduce risk by implementing a proven and internationally accepted quality assurance technology that is applicable across the globe. -- Richard Curtis
  • My decision to come to Bell Telephone Laboratories immediately after obtaining my Ph.D. in 1936 was strongly influenced by the fact that my supervisor would be C. J. Davisson. -- William Shockley
  • Imagine spending seven years at MIT and research laboratories, only to find out that you're a performance artist. -- Golan Levin
  • Hollywood is the only industry, even taking in soup companies, which does not have laboratories for the purpose of experimentation. -- Orson Welles
  • Through my work with PETA, I have learned a great deal about chimpanzee behavior and the plight of chimpanzees imprisoned in laboratories. -- Woody Harrelson
  • The atmosphere of libraries, lecture rooms and laboratories is dangerous to those who shut themselves up in them too long. It separates us from reality like a fog. -- Alexis Carrel
  • When grand plans for scientific and defence technologies are made, do the people in power think about the sacrifices the people in the laboratories and fields have to make? -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • U.S. surveillance of Pakistan extends far beyond its nuclear program. There are several references in the black budget to expanding U.S. scrutiny of chemical and biological laboratories. -- Barton Gellman
  • The physiologist who succeeds in penetrating deeper and deeper into the digestive canal becomes convinced that it consists of a number of chemical laboratories equipped with various mechanical devices. -- Ivan Pavlov
  • Though women are no longer barred from university laboratories and scientific societies, the idea that they are innately less suited to mathematical science is deeply ingrained in our cultural genes. -- Margaret Wertheim
  • You know as a scientist that both were developed completely independently of each other in the laboratories. And only afterward were the political situations contrived out of which they could be justified. -- E. P. Thompson
  • From the practical point of view, the susceptibility to infection of the guinea pig proved to be the most useful step forward. Today, all laboratories use this animal for preserving the virus. -- Charles Jules Henry Nicole
  • I was raised on technology. I grew up in Livermore, California, a town of physicists and cowboys. My parents worked at the government laboratories there. So technology was very normal for me. -- Cynthia Breazeal
  • After assembly complete, when we have a larger crew on orbit, a more complex vehicle, more laboratories and more robot arms, maybe we'll have room for specialists. But right now we don't. -- John L. Phillips
  • The Connection Machines owned by the United States government laboratories were made available to me because they were considered impossible to program and there was no great demand for them at that time. -- Philip Emeagwali
  • Unfortunately, bureaucratic problems at the federal level are causing many other small Washington companies to be denied federal funding that would help transfer their ideas from their laboratories into our homes and hospitals. -- Jay Inslee
  • Humans are born with a hard-wired morality: a sense of good and evil is bred in the bone. I know this claim might sound outlandish, but it's supported now by research in several laboratories. -- Paul Bloom
  • Pakistan has dozens of laboratories and production and storage sites scattered across the country. After developing warheads with highly enriched uranium, it has more recently tried to do the same with more-powerful and compact plutonium. -- Barton Gellman
  • Could I interrupt here, because there is an alternative explanation, which you are particularly well placed to examine. You know the argument that it is the alchemists in the laboratories who invent the sweet new kits. -- E. P. Thompson
  • For at the same time many people seem eager to extend the circle of our moral consideration to animals, in our factory farms and laboratories we are inflicting more suffering on more animals than at any time in history. -- Michael Pollan
  • Finally, as the digestive canal is a complex system, a series of separate chemical laboratories, I cut the connections between them in order to investigate the course of phenomena in each particular laboratory; thus I resolved the digestive canal into several separate parts. -- Ivan Pavlov
  • I think he should let me run Ohio. He should let us, the legislature, the members there, we should be running Ohio. The states are the laboratories out here, and I think the president needs to mind to the problems that he has in Washington. -- John Kasich
  • The field of ageing research is full of characters. We have hucksters claiming that cures for ageing can be bought and sold; prophetic seers, their hands extended for money, warning that immortality is nigh; and would-be Nobelists working methodically in laboratories in search of a pill to slow ageing. -- S. Jay Olshansky
  • Although important nuclear physics work was to go on in laboratories such as ours had become - and we had to cut down to a lower energy group - it was not fundamentally opening up new insights on the structure of matter. That required you to be in a higher league. -- John Henry Carver
  • For many years in my laboratory and other laboratories around the world, we've been studying fly behaviors in little flight simulators. You can tether a fly to a little stick. You can measure the aerodynamic forces it's creating. You can let the fly play a little video game by letting it fly around in a visual display. -- Michael Dickinson
  • Sometimes I think that our laboratories are but little earthworks which men build about themselves, and whose puny tops too often conceal from view the Olympian heights; that we who work in these laboratories are but skilled artisans compared with the man who is able to observe and to draw accurate deductions from the world about him. -- Gilbert Newton Lewis
  • The rules and principles of case law have never been treated as final truths but as working hypotheses, continually retested in those great laboratories of the law, the courts of justice. Every new case is an experiment, and if the accepted rule which seems applicable yields a result which is felt to be unjust, the rule is reconsidered. -- Benjamin N. Cardozo
  • The US States are our laboratories of democracy. -- Louis D. Brandeis
  • Live in the serene peace of laboratories and libraries -- Louis Pasteur
  • If you suppress laboratories, physical science will be stricken with barrenness and death. -- Louis Pasteur
  • Outsidetheir laboratories, thephysicianand chemist are soldiers without arms on the field of battle. -- Louis Pasteur
  • Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research. -- George Bernard Shaw
  • The stars are laboratories in which the evolution of matter proceeds in the direction of large molecules. -- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Islands are havens and breeding grounds for the unique and anomalous. They are natural laboratories of extravagant evolutionary experimentation. -- David Quammen
  • Not much is known about alligators. They don't train well. And they're unwieldy and rowdy to work with in laboratories. -- Diane Ackerman
  • I'm not a science fiction writer, I'm a physicist. These are scientists who are making the future in their laboratories. -- Michio Kaku
  • It would be great if all the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow. -- Bruce Friedrich
  • Relationships are the Holy Spirit's laboratories in which He brings together people who have the maximal opportunity for mutual growth. -- Marianne Williamson
  • Language is as real, as tangible, in our lives as streets, pipelines, telephone switchboards, microwaves, radioactivity, cloning laboratories, nuclear power stations. -- Adrienne Rich
  • After a long time in laboratories, psychologists have discovered the holy grail of a happy marriage: I applied it and it didn't work -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
  • We all have our own personal laboratories. Life is an experiment, and it's just a matter of getting the alchemical or chemical combination right. -- Keith Richards
  • Far from making peace, wars invariably serve as classrooms and laboratories where men and techniques and states of mind are prepared for the next war. -- Wendell Berry
  • We must educate the public. The average person has no idea of what's going on in factory farms, in laboratories, circuses, roadside zoos or rodeos. -- Bob Barker
  • It made me feel particularly sickened to know that this kind of callous attitude toward animals is repeated again and again in laboratories around this country. -- Jane Goodall
  • The Iraq Survey Group has already found massive evidence of a huge system of clandestine laboratories, workings by scientists, plans to develop long range ballistic missiles. -- Tony Blair
  • The inconvenience and the suffering of any children or any family members pales in comparison to the suffering and oppression that goes on in these animal laboratories. -- Jerry Vlasak
  • It is perhaps beside the point to remark that bowling alleys and supermarkets have nursery facilities, while schools and colleges and scientific laboratories and government offices do not. -- Betty Friedan
  • When grand plans for scientific and defence technologies are made, do the people in power think about the sacrifices the people in the laboratories and fields have to make? -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • Most of these experiments required the reduction of the cosmic ray muon flux in order to be successful, and the group necessarily became expert in the operation of deep underground laboratories. -- Frederick Reines
  • She had always known that all lives are in common, rejoicing in her kinship to the fish in the tanks of her laboratories, seeking the experience of existences outside the human boundary. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
  • He [Louis Brandais] did believe in the states famously as laboratories of democracy, to use that resonant phrase that Tea Party and conservative libertarians have embraced today because he loves state experimentation. -- Jeffrey Rosen
  • New laboratories and centers will help our schools lift their standards of excellence and explore new methods of teaching. These centers will provide special training for those who need and deserve special treatment. -- Lyndon B. Johnson
  • In 1970, I had begun work on the basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor which has later become the model compound for the development of protein NMR, molecular dynamics, and experimental folding studies in other laboratories. -- Robert Huber
  • In 1970, I had begun work on the basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor which has later become the model compound for the development of protein NMR, molecular dynamics, and experimental folding studies in other laboratories." -- Robert Huber
  • So we need places, laboratories, the creation of places which could be each one of our homes, where we invite people who are different, and we listen to each other, people of different class groups. -- Jean Vanier
  • Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair, to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations. -- Benedict Fitzgerald