Keep It Moving quotes:

  • Nobody wants to stand behind a parked car. You got to always follow somebody who keeps it moving. -- T. D. Jakes
  • When people (talk trash) about you, you have to keep it moving, keep the records hot and keep your head up. -- Ashanti
  • I'm not shooting every day of the week, which allows me to fly home to be with my kids for the weekends. That's how I keep it moving. -- Vanessa L. Williams
  • I love making music. I never stop. I want to keep it moving forward. I like to go into the studio and make hits. It makes me feel good. -- Juicy J
  • They could never make me hate you. Even though what you was doing wasn't tasteful.. Even though you out here looking so ungrateful.. I'm a keep it moving, be classy and graceful -- Nicki Minaj
  • I feel like it was a little disrespectful but you know what I feel like, I have been successful, blessed and I keep my faith in God, man, and I just keep it moving. -- Terrell Owens
  • As artists, we have an opportunity to help the public evolve, raise consciousness and awareness, teach, heal, enlighten and inspire in ways the democratic process may not be able to touch. So we keep it moving. -- Lauryn Hill
  • You can't let fear paralyze you. The worse that can happen is you fail, but guess what: You get up and try again. Feel that pain, get over it, get up, dust yourself off and keep it moving. -- Queen Latifah
  • You have haters everywhere, you have doubters everywhere. Just keep it moving, do what you do, do the best you can possibly do, and just be appreciative as the where you are and where God has taken you to. -- Patrice Lovely
  • I admire Russell Simmons. He is a successful dude that has done a little bit of everything. He keeps it moving, and he's still doing things. Larry David is also amazing. He is honest and blunt. A creative genius. -- J. B. Smoove
  • Men automatically know from the moment she opens her mouth that if they want her, they'll have to get in line whith her standards and requirments, or keep it moving because she's done with the games and isn't interested in playing. -- Steve Harvey
  • My dad supports me. He said, "I wished when I was at your age I started doing rock and roll music. Then I wouldn't have to be a fashion designer." And I just laugh and keep it moving and appreciate his support. -- Richard Hilfiger
  • It's hard to say goodbye to the streets. It's all how you do it. You can pass by and say, 'What's happening?' and keep it moving, but it's a certain element that'll never be able to roll with you once you get to this level, because that's the separation of it all. -- Snoop Dogg
  • Writing fiction is like music. You have to keep it moving. You can have slow movements but there has to be a sense of momentum, of going someplace. You hear a snatch of Beethoven and it has a sense of momentum that is unmistakably his. That's a nice quality if you can do it in fiction. -- John Updike
  • Keep it moving. Don't hoard. Money's no good, get rid of it. Turn it into people doing things. Turn it into jobs. Turn it into happiness...The more people I employ, the happier I am - that means my money's goin' into other people's lives, and if I can give 'em something to create that they can be happy with, that's great. -- Neil Young
  • keep moving. It's hard for old age to hit a moving target. -- Joan Rivers
  • The past stays put, I just keep moving farther away from it. -- Thomas Jefferson
  • It is our duty and our privilege to keep America moving forward. -- Bill Frist
  • Comedy has to have momentum in order for it to keep moving along. -- Rose Byrne
  • The key to life when it gets tough is to keep moving. Just keep moving. -- Tyler Perry
  • Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and moving. -- Frederick Buechner
  • It's not how hard you hit. It's how hard you get hit...and keep moving forward. -- Randy Pausch
  • Sometimes it's just enough to keep your body moving. I get depressed if I don't move. -- Ryan Reynolds
  • To me, if life boils down to one thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving. -- Jerry Seinfeld
  • Life doesn't hang around, it keeps moving and if you don't keep up you can lose things. -- Alexandra Potter
  • You take whatever works from wherever you can find it, and you keep moving toward the light. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Release all the anxiety that keeps you from moving ahead. Keep breathing it out and letting it go. -- Judith Orloff
  • I think it's necessary to keep moving forward. I've always said that nostalgia is death, really for anyone creative. -- Cillian Murphy
  • If you keep your destiny in mind, every moment in life becomes an opportunity for moving closer to it. -- Arthur Golden
  • I don't think about when it's going to stop and what you do before it stops. You just keep moving. -- Robert Redford
  • You're progressing on something and that's what it's all about. You wanna keep moving, having a progress in your life. -- Ueli Steck
  • Life is strange. You keep moving and keep growing. Before you know it, you look back and think, "What was that?" -- Joe Rogan
  • It's essential to have sacred time for writing. All successful authors have some daily commitment to keep on-track and moving forward. -- Dani Shapiro
  • You can't change what happened. Just like you can't change the future by worrying about it. You just have to keep moving. -- Bernie Mac
  • Keep moving. Don't get bogged down. Don't think about the bad stuff. Smile and joke even when you don't feel like it. -- Rick Riordan
  • if you don't have doubts you're either kidding yourself or asleep. Doubts are the ants-in-the-pants of faith. They keep it alive and moving. -- Frederick Buechner
  • Nothing is impossible to kill. It's just that sometimes after you kill something you have to keep shooting it until it stops moving -- Mira Grant
  • It was important to keep moving. Certain struggles continued. Others had to be brought to a close. The wisdom was in deciding which. -- Robert Ludlum
  • Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward. -- Sylvester Stallone
  • It's sort of like, our bodies are designed to keep moving, and when we don't move it, we're not going to feel great. -- Gabrielle Reece
  • Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. No matter how slows it may seems, stay focus, you will get to the finish line. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
  • The great thing about living in New York is the constant change of things. It inspires me to keep moving, push forward, question ideas. -- John Varvatos
  • There's always something to suggest that you'll never be who you wanted to be. Your choice is to take it or keep on moving. -- Phylicia Rashad
  • The camera's not a camera, really. It's an open door we need to walk through. It's up to us to keep moving our feet. -- Joe McNally
  • When running up a hill, it is all right to give up as many times as you wish-as long as your feet keep on moving. -- Dan Millman
  • Lots of times I'm not crazy about the writing, but I keep moving ahead and somehow it gets better. The important thing is to move forward. -- Janet Evanovich
  • If our history can challenge the next wave of musicians to keep moving and changing, to keep spiritually hungry and horny, that's what it's all about. -- Carlos Santana
  • With my own group I like to keep it loose. They have to counter rather than go with me. When they stop I like to be moving. -- Kenneth Rexroth
  • It's no fun for an actor to keep repeating what you did before. It's always changing. I'm changing. The target keeps moving. That's the beauty of it. -- Willem Dafoe
  • I got involved in cocaine because I needed to lose weight. I felt the pressure living here. I took it to wake me up and keep me moving. -- Jessica Hahn
  • With each step I take, I see that my ability to perform gets a little better. So until it starts getting worse, I'm going to keep moving forward. -- Rivers Cuomo
  • Inspiration is one thing and you can't control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work. -- Kevin Eubanks
  • Everything that happens is supposed to be And it's all pre-determined, can't change your destiny Guess I'll just keep moving, someday maybe I'll get to where I'm going -- Conor Oberst
  • Whatever business you're in - it doesn't matter - it's going to commoditize over time. It's going to devalue. You've got to keep moving it to a higher value. -- Ginni Rometty
  • Cynicism can be funny. But it's the easy way. You'll forget to enjoy anything. I try to make the evolving choice, the forward-moving, life-giving choice. Just keep living, man. -- Matthew McConaughey
  • Because you're running an enterprise with two hundred-odd people, and it's really your responsibility to keep it moving quickly. So you have to know what you're doing, do it, and move on. -- William Monahan