Katniss quotes:

  • Katniss. I remember about the bread. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss, there is no District Twelve... -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss, the girl who was on fire! -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss....he's still trying to keep you alive. -- Suzanne Collins
  • My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead. -- Suzanne Collins
  • But Gale is not one to keep secrets from me. "Katniss, there is no district twelve. -- Suzanne Collins
  • No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire. -- Suzanne Collins
  • We had to save you because you're the mockingjay, Katniss," says Plutarch. "While you live, the revolution lives. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss: I guess all those hours decorating cakes paid off. Peeta: Yes, frosting. The final defence of the dying. (252) -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss?" Peeta says. I meet his eyes, knowing my face must be some shade of green. He mouths the words. "How about that kiss? -- Suzanne Collins
  • My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 12. I was in the Hunger Games. I escaped. The Capitol hates me........ -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire, you have provided a spark that, left unattended, may grow to an inferno that destroys Panem," he says. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I wonder how she'll make up her mind." "Oh, that I do know." I can just catch Gale's last words through the layer of fur. "Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't survive without. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Even though I don't ask, Plutarch gives me cheerful updates on the phone like "Good news, Katniss! I think we've almost got him convinced you're not a mutt!" Or "Today he was allowed to feed himself pudding! -- Suzanne Collins
  • Don't you see, Katniss, this will decide things. One way or the other. By the end of the day, they'll ether be dead or with us. It's...it's more than we could hope for! Well, that's a sunny view of our situation. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I'm so tired, Katniss. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Where did they get those screams, Katniss? -- Suzanne Collins
  • No matter what I do, I'm hurting someone." - Katniss Everdeen -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss, got that spile?" Finnick asks, snapping me back to reality. -- Suzanne Collins
  • The more likable he is, the more deadly he is." -Katniss Everdeen -- Suzanne Collins
  • It's hard to hate my prep team. They're such total idiots." - Katniss. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Oh, that I do know...Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't survive without. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Maybe the other tributes are out there beating one another senseless. Which would be fine. - Katniss - -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss Everdeen, you have caused a spark, wich left unattended, may cause a spark that could cause a whole rebelion -- Suzanne Collins
  • Haymich finally drops the good-natured act. "you know who else, Katniss. You know who stepped up first." Of course I do. Gale. -- Suzanne Collins
  • hey. I just wanted to make sure you got home," I say. "Katniss, I live three houses away from you," he says. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I'm obsessed with Greek mythology. My favorite goddess is Artemis. She's strong and reminds me of Katniss, the heroine of The Hunger Games. -- Isabelle Fuhrman
  • I'm obsessed with Greek mythology. My favorite goddess is Artemis. She's strong and reminds me of Katniss, the heroine of 'The Hunger Games.' -- Isabelle Fuhrman
  • I can't fight the sun. I can only watch helplessly as it drags me into a day that I've been dreading for months. Katniss Everdeen -- Suzanne Collins
  • Every hero must return home. Starks to Winterfell. Harry to Privet Drive. Luke Skywalker to Tattoine. Katniss to District twelve. The fun is in seeing how they return. -- Pierce Brown
  • Katniss Everdeen owes her last name to Bathsheba Everdene, the lead character in 'Far From the Madding Crowd.' The two are very different, but both struggle with knowing their hearts. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Actually, Katniss isn't complaining because she has no intention of staying with the "Star Squad," but she recognizes the necessity of getting to the Capitol before carrying out any plan. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I must still look perplexed because Gale delivers the next line very slowly. "Katniss"he's still trying to keep you alive." To keep me alive? And then I understand. The Games are still on. -- Suzanne Collins
  • My name is Katniss Everdeen. My home is District Twelve. Peeta was taken prisoner. He is thought to be dead. Most likely is dead. It would probably be best if he were dead... - Katniss EverdeenS -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss, I don't think President Snow will kill Peeta. If he does, he won't have any way to hurt you." "So, what do you think they'll do to him?" I ask. "Whatever it takes to break you. -- Suzanne Collins
  • The film opens up the world beyond Katniss' point of view, allowing the audience access to the happenings of places like the Hunger Games control room and President Snow's rose garden, thereby adding a new dimension to the story. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss...how do you think this will end? What will be left? No one is safe. Not in the Capitol. Not in the districts. And you...in Thirteen..." He inhales sharply, as if fighting for air; his eyes look insaneDead by morning!" -- Suzanne Collins
  • I do plan on saying one or two things to him when we're allowed an hour for goodbyes. To let him know how essential he's been to me all these years. How better my life has been for knowing him." -Katniss Everdeen -- Suzanne Collins
  • Plutarch rushes to reassure me. "Oh, no, Katniss. Not your wedding. Finnick and Annie's. All you need to do is show up and pretend to be happy for them." "That's one of the few things I won't have to pretend, Plutarch," I tell him. -- Suzanne Collins
  • The pounding music, the cheers, the admiration work their way into my blood, and I can't suppress my excitement. Cinna has given me a great advantage. No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire. -- Suzanne Collins
  • My character's kind of grown up with Katniss. The beginning of the story, they're more or less brother and sister than anything. They're best friends. They've been keeping each other alive. It's a little frustrating, for the character. As the character, not as me. -- Liam Hemsworth
  • Katniss: 'What about you? Ive seen you in the market. You can lift hundred pound bags of flour'. I snap at him Tell him that. Thats not nothing. Peeta: Yes and Im sure the arena will be full of bags of flour for me to chuck at people. -- Suzanne Collins
  • The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell"well she never kissed me like that"I should have volunteered to take your place in the first Games. Protected her then"I guess it's Katniss' problem. Who to choose"Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't survive without. -- Suzanne Collins
  • For me, in the third book, when Peeta gets brainwashed by the Capitol, that's going to be fun to play. The rest of the time he's very much into Katniss, and for that to get turned around and to play it the other way, that's going to be very exciting. -- Josh Hutcherson
  • I've asked you fifty questions and still have no sense of your life, your family, what you care about. They want to know about you, Katniss." "But I don't want them to! They're already taking my future! They can't have the things that mattered to time in the past!" I say. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I say we try it,' says Peeta. 'Katniss is right.' Finnick looks at Johanna and raises his eyebrows. He will not go forward without her. 'All right,' she says finally. 'It's better than hunting them down in the jungle, anyway. And I doubt they'll figure out our plan, since we can barely understand it ourselves. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Katniss," Gale says softly. I recognize that voice. It's the same one he uses to approach wounded animals before he delivers a deathblow. I Instinctively raise my hand to block his words but he catches it and holds on tightly. Don't," I whisper. But Gale is not one to keep secrets from me. Katniss, There is no District Twelve. -- Suzanne Collins
  • Although who knows? Maybe this will be it, Katniss." "What?" I ask. "The time it sticks. Maybe we are witnessing the evolution of the human race. Think about that." And then he asks me if I'd like to perform on a new singing program he's launching in a few weeks. Something upbeat would be good. He'll send the crew to my house. -- Suzanne Collins
  • I'm never going to starve myself for a part. I don't want little girls to be like, 'Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I'm going to skip dinner.' That's something I was really conscious of during training, when you're trying to get your body to look exactly right. I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong-not thin and underfed. -- Jennifer Lawrence
  • What's going on down there, Katniss? Have they all joined hands? Taken a vow of nonviolence? Tossed the weapons in the sea in defiance of the Capitol?' Finnick asks. No,' I say. No,' Finnick repeats. 'Because whatever happened in the past is in the past. And no one in this arena was a victor by chance.' He eyes Peeta for a moment. 'Except maybe Peeta. -- Suzanne Collins