Karl quotes:

  • Karl Malone's too high-class for a bum like me. -- Dennis Rodman
  • Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life. -- Azzedine Alaia
  • Russian Communism is the illegitimate child of Karl Marx and Catherine the Great. -- Clement Attlee
  • Citizens United didn't work. Hey, Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Shellgame Adelson: Democracy trumps money sometimes. -- Henry Rollins
  • If being rightwing is thinking that Karl Marx's doctrine was a catastrophe for humanity, then I'm rightwing. -- Niall Ferguson
  • My great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, was my biggest hero in life, my biggest inspiration behind everything I do. -- Nik Wallenda
  • Karl Marx was in favor of socialist and communist-socialist revolutions, but he had a pretty nuanced view about it. -- Noam Chomsky
  • If I were a girl, I always like Chanel. It's so stylish and timeless. So I like Karl Lagerfeld a lot. -- Tiesto
  • Karl Malden was a good friend of mine, and he said, 'You draw the people to you,' and I guess that's what I do. -- Bill Cosby
  • The study of celestial phenomena at radio wavelengths, radio astronomy came into being after the accidental discovery of cosmic radiation by radio engineer Karl Jansky in 1933. -- Honor Harger
  • I love Karl Lagerfeld. I worship him. I was brought up in Paris, and my mum used to wear a lot of Chanel. I love the brand. -- Emma Watson
  • There are certain books in the world which every searcher for truth must know: the Bible, the Critique of Pure Reason, the Origin of Species, and Karl Marx's Capital. -- Al Capp
  • I was impressed with what someone like Karl Lagerfeld built and did and the house that he made, but there was never really a female figure I wanted to emulate. -- Lana Del Rey
  • The communism of Karl Marx would probably be actually the best for everybody as a whole. But what he didn't figure into was human nature, and that's what corrupts it. -- Jesse Ventura
  • Hillary Clinton bothers me a lot. I realized the other day that her thoughts sound a lot like Karl Marx. She hangs around a lot of Marxists. All her friends are Marxists. -- Dick Armey
  • Our tradition of political thought had its definite beginning in the teachings of Plato and Aristotle. I believe it came to a no less definite end in the theories of Karl Marx. -- Hannah Arendt
  • President Bush is supporting Arnold but a lot of Republicans are not, because he is actually quite liberal. Karl Rove said if his father wasn't a Nazi, he wouldn't have any credibility with conservatives at all. -- Bill Maher
  • Sarah Palin is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the modern United States. As a representative of our political system, she's a new low in reptilian villainy, the ultimate cynical masterwork of puppeteers like Karl Rove. -- Matt Taibbi
  • You look at Cheney, Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, and Bush - if you saw them on Halloween, they wouldn't need a costume. You'd give them a treat and compliment them on what great-looking demons they were. They are demons. There's no doubt about it. -- Tommy Chong
  • I like major theology. I like Karl Barth, and I like John Calvin, and I like Martin Luther. The scale of thinking and the power of integration that they're capable of from thinking in that scale is something that's really unique to theology. -- Marilynne Robinson
  • On the red carpet, I need to be protected. When I wear a Chanel dress, I feel like I've earned the right to be there. And Karl Lagerfeld is so poetic, such an intelligent man. I like the way he has the power to draw attention. -- Rinko Kikuchi
  • Billionaires like the Koch brothers, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and political puppet master Karl Rove should not be able to buy our elections. Secret money should not be able to drown out the voices of the American people and sell our Democracy to the highest bidder. -- Hank Johnson
  • I never read Karl Marx. -- Jean-Luc Godard
  • I love Karl Rove. He elected Bush. -- Dick Morris
  • Karl Lagerfeld is the hardest-working man in showbiz! -- Theophilus London
  • The real 19th century prophet was Dostoevsky, not Karl Marx. -- Albert Camus
  • What does Karl Marx put on his pasta? Communist Manipesto! -- Stephen Colbert
  • The socialist tradition....goes back to Jesus Christ, not (Karl) Marx. -- Mikhail Gorbachev
  • I can't understand Karl Marx, so how can I be a Communist? -- Charlie Chaplin
  • Oddly enough, I find the best hostages are the live ones. - Karl -- Kelley Armstrong
  • On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo. -- Jerry Coleman
  • The economic answer to the world's problems is John Adams, not [Karl] Marx. -- John Ringo
  • Russian Communism is the illegitimate child of Karl Marx and Catherine the Great -- Clement Attlee
  • I would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had returned my phone calls. -- Wesley Clark
  • Karl Marx was right, socialism works, it is just that he had the wrong species -- E. O. Wilson
  • Those people upstairs think that Karl Marx was somebody who wrote a good anti-trust law. -- Warren Beatty
  • The world would not be in such a snarl, had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl. -- Irving Berlin
  • National self-sufficiency or "autarchy" is the ideal of [Adolf] Hitler, not of [Karl] Marx and [Vladimir] Lenin. -- Leon Trotsky
  • I would love to be a spokes model for Karl Lagerfeld or Balenciaga or something like that. -- Johnny Weir
  • This Marxian sentence, repeated to the point of boredom, is misinterpreted. In reality [Karl] Marx was a "religious" man. -- Erich Fromm
  • There seems to be a human instinct for prayer. Swiss theologian Karl Barth calls it our 'incurable God-sickness.' -- Timothy Keller
  • For [Karl] Marx it is socialist society which realizes "concretely" the religious principles of equality, brotherly love, and freedom. -- Erich Fromm
  • The religion of that prophet [Karl Marx] who knew not the truth, is founded upon equality of the belly. -- Muhammad Iqbal
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  • If man was devolving into a psychotic pit of rotted plasma, [Karl] Rove would be the Alpha of such grime. -- Larisa Alexandrovna
  • Karl Marx himself preferred a glass of claret to the mug of tea affected by some of his recent converts. -- Denis Healey
  • If Dr. Karl Lueger had lived in Germany, he would have been ranked among the great minds of our people. -- Adolf Hitler
  • People imagine I am always in a Bentley with pearls and diamonds and black glasses and Karl Lagerfeld next to me. -- Ines de La Fressange
  • Karl Marx, a visionary, figured out that you can control a slave much better by convincing him he is an employee. -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • I figured out Karl Rove's political strategy -- make gas so expensive, no Democrats can afford to go to the polls. -- John F. Kerry
  • Karl Malden was quite a mentor. He taught me things he had learned from being in front of a camera so long. -- Gary Cole
  • I'm one of those people that think Thomas Edison and the light bulb changed the world more than Karl Marx ever did. -- Steve Jobs
  • If this is airing in the future and no one knows who Karl Rove is - he's the reason you all live underground. -- Eugene Mirman
  • Freedom is slavery some poets tell us. Enslave yourself to the right leader's truth, Christ's or Karl Marx', and it will set you free. -- Robert Frost
  • The one thing that's absolutely clear is that Karl was not the source for the leak and there's no basis for any additional speculation. -- Robert Luskin
  • I met with Karl Lagerfeld, and if you have those kind of connections, that takes you into that world and puts you on that level. -- Emily Ratajkowski
  • President Obama inherited a one trillion dollar deficit courtesy of George Bush and turned it into a three trillion dollar deficit courtesy of Karl Marx! -- Michael Savage
  • Footman. Karl Marx, living in chronic indebtedness in Soho and often barely able to put food on the table, employed a housekeeper and a personal secretary. -- Bill Bryson
  • This kind of collective society - giving to each according to his need - existed in Africa not only before Karl Marx, but also before Europe. -- John Henrik Clarke
  • The great trouble with you Americans is that you are still under the influence of that second-rate - shall I say third-rate? - mind, Karl Marx. -- H. G. Wells
  • Could there be a better answer to the stupidity of Karl Marx than millions of workers individually sharing in the ownership of the means of production. -- Ronald Reagan
  • I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time. -- Liberty Ross
  • Your eyes flashed fire into my soul. I immediately read the words of Dostoyevsky and Karl Marx, and in the words of Albert Schweitzer, I FANCY YOU! -- Eddie Izzard
  • The substitution of meaning accounts for the grasping of misers as well as the extravagance of spendthrifts. Karl Marx well understood this peculiar transformation of flesh into coin. -- Lewis H. Lapham
  • From the days of Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx... this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society... has been steadily growing. -- Winston Churchill
  • I love cell phones. I see people so happy and proud, walking around. Gesturing, you know. I'm like Karl Marx, I'm up for anything that makes people happy. -- Kurt Vonnegut
  • I think Karl Rove saw that in George W. Bush early on and understood the impact that he could have on Texas politics and probably on national politics. -- Ed Gillespie
  • And then what did you do, Lord Oliver?" Karl's eight-year-old daughter gazed up at him in awe, as though this were the best story she had ever heard. -- Jessica Day George
  • I think [Karl] Marx, Pope John XXIII or Rosa Luxemburg [had achieved the mode of existence].But it would be useless to look at a list of illustrious names. -- Erich Fromm
  • I want to get totally rid of class distinction. As someone put it one of the papers this morning: Marks and Spencer have triumphed over Karl Marx and Engels. -- Margaret Thatcher
  • Calvin:"It says here that 'religion is the opiate of the masses.'...what do you suppose that means?" Television: "...it means that Karl Marx hadn't seen anything yet -- Bill Watterson
  • The attention from the fashion world is something that I didn't expect. I've shot with Bruce Weber and met Karl Lagerfeld. Having that kind of attention is really exciting. -- Emily Ratajkowski
  • I believe that the Welfare State redistributes poverty and reduces income. As Karl Kraus once said of psychoanalysis, the Welfare State is the disease which it purports to cure. -- Arnold Kling
  • White House political adviser Karl Rove was one of Robert Novak's sources for the 2003 disclosure of a CIA operative's identity, according to a story published today in "Duh" magazine. -- Andy Borowitz
  • Much of what Karl Popper contributed to the philosophy of science has now passed into mainstream thought, into the currency of that nebulous, tricky ontology known as 'common sense.' -- Liz Williams
  • [.....] most of the environmental hype [regarding global warming] is really to help bring about Karl Marx's dream (nightmare) of a Communist world." [by reduction, and ultimately elimination of private property rights -- Kent Hovind
  • In his condemnation [Karl] Marx referred to institutionalized religion,that has precisely the function of anesthetizing men till they do not notice the in- justice of which they are the perpetrators and the victims. -- Erich Fromm
  • I'm less influenced by any of [Karl] Marx's ideas today than I've ever been in my life, and most significantly Marx's theory of historical materialism, which I think is virtually a debris of despotism. -- Murray Bookchin
  • Karl Barth said it well: "We have to read the Bible in one hand... and the newspaper in the other." Our faith should not cause us to escape this world but to engage it. -- Shane Claiborne
  • Today, you've got hedge fund billionaires aligned with Karl Rove, running ads against me to try to get Democrats to vote for you [Bernie Sanders]. I know this game. I'm going to stop this game. -- Hillary Clinton
  • Karl Marx made a great contribution to the liberation cause of mankind, and because of his immortal exploits his name is still enshrined in the hearts of the working class and peoples of all countries. -- Kim Jong Il
  • The founder of every creed from Jesus Christ to Karl Marx, would be appalled to return to earth and see what has been made of that creed, not by its enemies, but by its most devoted adherents. -- Sydney J. Harris
  • Kant was probably the worst writer ever heard of on earth before Karl Marx. Some of his ideas were really quite simple, but he always managed to make them seem unintelligible. I hope he is in Hell. -- H. L. Mencken
  • We must never forget that today's legendary achievements-awesome as they may seem-were yesterday's risky adventures. Courage is not the capacity never to be afraid; as Karl Barth reminds us, "Courage is fear that has said its prayers." -- John Claypool
  • Do you know who Karl Marx is? He is this strange little man, long dead, who lived his narrow little life, and somehow managed by the power of his wayward brain to lay hold upon millions of human lives! -- Anchee Min
  • Shouldn't someone tag Mr. Kennedy's bold new imaginative program with its proper age? Under the tousled boyish haircut is still old Karl Marx-first launched a century ago. There is nothing new in the idea of a government being Big Brother. -- Ronald Reagan
  • I begin with the renaming of the system. It used to be capitalism. But that evokes [Karl] Marx and [John] Rockefeller. So now we speak of the market system. That is a nice bland expression, which forgets those off-color references. -- John Kenneth Galbraith
  • The philosopher is not an apologist; apologetic concern, as Karl Barth (the one living theologian of unquestionable genius) has rightly insisted, is the death of serious theologizing, and I would add, equally of serious work in the philosophy of religion. -- Donald M. MacKinnon
  • We had a great preseason. The guys responded with what coach (George Karl) wanted early on in pace of the game, togetherness and defensive intensity. We've improved in those areas with a couple of setbacks, but we've improved each game. -- Scott Brooks
  • We have to deal with a lot of things. One of them is we have to deal with fake conservatives that are bought-and-paid for by the Karl Rove establishment. Unfortunately, some in my area have recruited a primary opponent against me. -- Matt Shea
  • The capitalist system was termed "capitalism" not by a friend of the system, but by an individual who considered it to be the worst of all historical systems, the greatest evil that had ever befallen mankind. That man was Karl Marx. -- Ludwig von Mises
  • Karl Marx, himself a denizen of one of the most congested of all London districts, was equally impressed by the dismal conditions of the new proletariat. he sent Darwin a copy of 'Das Kapital' (which was found unread after his death)." -- Steve Jones
  • In The Ecology of Freedom, my critique of what is called civilization and industrial society is massive, and my attack upon [Karl] Marx's commitment to it as a necessary stage in human progress and the domination of nature is very sharp. -- Murray Bookchin
  • For [Karl] Marx what counts is man. He is the root of everything;while for capitalism, the aim are things, profit, and man is only a means to gain them. As an authentically religious individual, Marx could not be other than against "religion". -- Erich Fromm
  • Karl Marx once said, 'The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.' Marx was wrong. The last capitalist to be hanged shall be the one who donated the rope, and then lobbied for his own hanging. -- Amy Ridenour
  • Well, I would never admit to copying Karl Rove's play book, but there's no doubt that what the Bush people did in 2004 was impressive. They had neighbors talking to neighbors. They did a remarkable job increasing Republican turnout in states like Ohio and Florida. -- David Plouffe
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  • Karl Marx did not call for an opposition to the forces of history. On the contrary he accepted all of them, the drive of technology, the revolutionizing effects of democratic striving, even the vagaries of capitalism, as being indeed the carriers of a brighter future. -- Robert Heilbroner
  • Even as rigorous a determinist as Karl Marx, who at times described the social behaviour of the bourgeoisie in terms which suggested a problem in social physics, could subject it at other times to a withering scorn which only the presupposition of moral responsibility could justify." -- Reinhold Niebuhr
  • In 1844, Karl Marx said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." He said this at a time when opium and opium derivatives were the only painkillers. And he said it helped a little. He might as well have said, "Religion is the aspirin of the people." -- Kurt Vonnegut
  • Even as rigorous a determinist as Karl Marx, who at times described the social behaviour of the bourgeoisie in terms which suggested a problem in social physics, could subject it at other times to a withering scorn which only the presupposition of moral responsibility could justify. -- Reinhold Niebuhr
  • Eleanor Marx was her father's first biographer. All subsequent biographies of Karl Marx, and most of Engels, draw on her work as their primary sources for the family history, often without knowing it. I think if she'd been a son, she would have been referenced more. -- Rachel Holmes
  • Karl Marx predicted the eventual withering away of the state and the 'dictatorship of the proletariat,' when the people would rule, which was sheer fantasy because it was sheer fantasy because it was based on grossly erroneous assumptions about human nature, as history would repeatedly demonstrate. -- David Limbaugh
  • Karl Marx recognized that workers without a choice are workers in chains. But his idea of breaking chains was for us to depose the pharaohs and then build the pyramids for ourselves, as if building pyramids is something we just can't stop doing, we love it so much. -- Daniel Quinn
  • We have to unmask this man [POTUS Obama]. This is a man that seeks to destroy all concept of God - and I will tell you what, this is classical Marxist philosophy. Karl Marx very clearly said Marxism requires that we destroy God because government must become God. -- Rafael
  • We get along real well actually [with my husband Karl Tomas Din]. We give each other space and he's not in the business and he doesn't want to be. I'm interested in his world, he's interested in mine, but we have our own things that we do together. -- Dolly Parton
  • After reading The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi, I realized that capitalism did not naturally grow as [Karl] Marx would imply by his theory of historical materialism. People were dragged into capitalism screaming, shouting, and fighting all along the way, trying to resist this industrial and commercial world. -- Murray Bookchin
  • An exciting and yet highly lucid account of the formation and significance of Karl Kraus's modernist journalism, an activity that Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem regarded as the most Jewish writing in the German language. The Anti-Journalist is the best book I have seen on this engaging topic. -- Istvan Deak
  • I'm signing on to be an athlete, and it's almost like Karl Marx's theory on capitalism. I am both the worker and the product. I'm choosing to be a part of this system, thus I'm choosing to be part of the conditions that are set in this system. -- Lawrence Jackson
  • When I think of character actors, I think of Spencer Tracy; I think of Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall. When I was a young lad watching films, my eyes were on them - watching 'On the Waterfront,' my eyes are on Rod Steiger and Karl Malden, not on Brando. -- Eddie Marsan
  • Communism is as Jewish as the Mafia is Italian. It's a fact that almost all of the convicted spies for communism have been atheist Jews like the Rosenbergs. And international communism was invented by the Jew Karl Marx and has since been led mostly by Jews - like Trotsky. -- George Lincoln Rockwell
  • I know who I am. Bloody hell, I'm getting enough bills for Karl Pilkington so I hope I am him, 'cos if I'm not, I have no idea who I'm paying for -- Karl Pilkington
  • Karl Lagerfeld looks very tough because of the glasses, and he has all these rings and the leather gloves, and he's so smart. But he's a very nice person... when he comes into a room or studio, he is going to say hello to each person, and the same when he leaves. -- Carine Roitfeld
  • There's a lot of work that goes into it - if you think about how many collections a year that Karl Lagerfeld has to do, with Chanel and all the other things he does - you can't do that unless you are working 18 hours a day. It's really a lot of hard, hard work. -- Penelope Cruz
  • The mainstream media may have trouble resisting the temptation to declare that Karl Rove has been demoted, but the truth is quite the contrary. By giving up his role as deputy White House chief of staff, Rove has been freed to do what he does best: shape big issues and develop strategies to win elections. -- Fred Barnes
  • I went to Brown to be a French professor, and I didn't know what I was doing except that I loved French. When I got to Paris and I could speak French, I know how much it helped me to establish relationships with Karl Lagerfeld, with the late Yves St. Laurent. French, it just helps you if you're in fashion. The French people started style. -- Andre Leon Talley