Gall quotes:

  • I've belched a lot more since I had gall bladder surgery. I don't know why. -- Beth Ditto
  • Seventy is wormwood, Seventy is gall But its better to be seventy, Than not alive at all. -- Phyllis McGinley
  • Because his basic idea that he got from the study of gall wasps is that everyone's sexuality is unique. -- Bill Condon
  • Luxury is an enticing pleasure, a bastard mirth, which hath honey in her mouth, gall in her heart, and a sting in her tail. -- Francis Quarles
  • The Hollies, after I left in 1968, had the audacity, the gall, to have three number one records after I left. Thanks a lot, guys. -- Graham Nash
  • Our incomes are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip. -- John Locke
  • Our incomes should be like our shoes; if too small, they will gall and pinch us; but if too large, they will cause us to stumble and to trip. -- Charles Caleb Colton
  • They had me on the operating table all day. They looked into my stomach, my gall bladder, they examined everything inside of me. Know what they decided? I need glasses. -- Joe E. Lewis
  • One of the most difficult things to contend with in a hospital is that assumption on the part of the staff that because you have lost your gall bladder you have also lost your mind. -- Jean Kerr
  • From being at art college, I've always hated people that have the gall to think that they're being incredibly different when they're doing something in a very acceptable way, something safe that they've seen someone else doing. -- Sade Adu
  • He had a theory, Walt did, that the religious life, and all the agony that goes with it, is just something God sics on people who have the gall to accuse Him of having created an ugly world. -- J. D. Salinger
  • I love Rauschenberg. I love that he created a turning point in visual history, that he redefined the idea of beauty, that he combined painting, sculpture, photography, and everyday life with such gall, and that he was interested in, as he put it, 'the ability to conceive failure as progress.' -- Jerry Saltz
  • Yiddish for gall, nerve, arrogance-whatever -- Howard Fast
  • When you taste honey, remember gall. -- Benjamin Franklin
  • Those griefs burn most which gall in secret. -- Seneca the Younger
  • That living specimen of gall and hatred, that individual. -- P. G. T. Beauregard
  • The fellow has absolutely no principles."Money and gall" is all he has. -- Barry Goldwater
  • The Church used to absolve sinners; today it has the gall to absolve sins. -- Nicolas Gomez Davila
  • No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown. -- William Penn
  • Let there be gall enough in thy ink, though thou write with a goose-pen, no matter. -- William Shakespeare
  • I have the unmitigated gall to think that I could lead men anywhere, business, politics or combat. -- Barry Goldwater
  • The only way to gall and fret effectively is for yourself to be a good and honest man. -- Diogenes
  • The only way to gall and fret effectively is for yourself to be a good and honest man. -- Diogenes
  • His face is livid, gaunt his whole body, his breath is green with gall; his tongue drips poison. -- John Quincy Adams
  • A just chastisement may benefit a man, though it seldom does; but an unjust one changes all his blood to gall. -- Ouida
  • Love can be angry... with a kind of anger in which there is no gall, like the dove's and not the ravens. -- Saint Augustine
  • Love has both its gall and honey in abundance: it has sweetness to the taste, but it presents bitterness also to satiety. -- Plautus
  • No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear, Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion. -- Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • The flowers do fade, and wanton fields To wayward winter reckoning yields; A honey tongue, a heart of gall, Is fancy's spring, but sorrow's fall. -- Walter Raleigh
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  • To be a critic, you have to have maybe three percent education, five percent intelligence, two percent style, and 90 percent gall and egomania in equal parts. -- Judith Crist
  • To despond is to lie ungrateful beforehand. Be not looking for evil. Often thou drainest the gall of fear while evil is passing by thy dwelling. -- Martin Farquhar Tupper
  • Somehow the bright beauty had gone from April afternoon and from her heart as well and the sad sweetness of remembering was as bitter as gall. -- Margaret Mitchell
  • All the honey that can be gathered from the flowers of this world has less sweetness than the vinegar and gall of Jesus Christ our Lord. -- Ignatius of Loyola
  • If what I may believe - about gall-stones, the Constitution, castor oil, or God - is conditioned by law, then I am not a free man. -- H. L. Mencken
  • I don't think I'm known for my gifts - I'm known for my gall. I don't want to be just a famous person - I'm too old. -- Sebastian Horsley
  • Be hald, and your friends are many; Be sad, and you lose them all. There are to decline your nectared wine, But all you must drink life's gall. -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • My wardrobe is like a garden oh, I don't know how I've got the gall! My wardrobe is just like a wardrobe it's not like a garden at all! -- Attila the Stockbroker
  • Where do you get the gall to call the people who died in 9/11 technocrats when you sit around and get a $90,000 paycheck from the government you purport to hate? -- Ward Churchill
  • No might nor greatness in mortality Can censure 'scape; back- wounding calumny The whitest virtue strikes. What king so strong Can tie the gall up in the slanderous tongue? -- William Shakespeare
  • Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears Had left the flushing of her gall├Ęd eyes, She married. O, most wicked speed, to post With such dexterity to incestuous sheets! -- William Shakespeare
  • The beautiful souls of the world have an art of saintly alchemy, by which bitterness is converted into kindness, the gall of human experience into gentleness, ingratitude into benefits, insults into pardon. -- Henri Frederic Amiel
  • But then I was young, and to be young means to undertake to demolish the world and to have the gall to wish to erect a new and better one in its place. -- Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Humanity actually has the gall to feel they are more advanced than they were; technology somehow defines intelligence. If technology enables you to kill more people, that doesn't define intelligence. An intelligent species survives. -- Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell
  • I was 52 years old. I had diabetes and incipient arthritis. I had lost my gall bladder and most of my thyroid gland in earlier campaigns, but I was convinced the best was ahead of me. -- Ray Kroc
  • Yet is there one more cursed than they all, That canker-worm, that monster, jealousie, Which eats the heart and feeds upon the gall, Turning all love's delight to misery, Through fear of losing his felicity. -- Edmund Spenser