Calf quotes:

  • Calf love doesn't usually survive amputation, Your Majesty. -- Megan Whalen Turner
  • Joe Lieberman may be Moses on the stump, but when it comes to policies and votes, he boogies with the Golden Calf. -- Don Feder
  • ...people have always known, at least since Moses denounced the Golden Calf, that images were dangerous, that they can captivate the onlooker and steal the soul. -- William J. Mitchell
  • I have found it an amusing strategy, when asked whether I am an atheist, to point out that the questioner is also an atheist when considering Zeus, Apollo, Amon Ra, Mithras, Baal, Thor, Wotan, the Golden Calf and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I just go one god further. -- Richard Dawkins
  • The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won't get much sleep. -- Woody Allen
  • Stay away from milk. It is nature's perfect food - but only if you are a calf. -- Mark Hyman
  • My days are spent wrangling children, chipping dried manure from boots, washing jeans, and frying calf nuts. -- Ree Drummond
  • A good education is usually harmful to a dancer. A good calf is better than a good head. -- Agnes de Mille
  • Our fathers worshiped the golden calf. The worst you can say of an American now is, he worships the gold of the calf. -- Robert Green Ingersoll
  • I ruptured my plantaris muscle. It runs through the calf and goes down the side of your achilles and stretches right to the heel. -- Lee Westwood
  • I directed a movie back in the '90s which had calf roping in it, and I got into it quite a bit back then. -- Dennis Quaid
  • I have a stab wound on my left hip and one on my thigh and a slash mark across my right calf. I have a bottle stab wound on my left calf. -- Jonah Lomu
  • So Pa sold the little house. He sold the cow and calf. He made hickory bows and fastened them upright to the wagon box. Ma helped him stretch white canvas over them. -- Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • I am still feeling my calf strain, so I have been unable to train this week. I will again have to sit out the weekend action, but the lads are climbing ever higher to safety. -- David Ginola
  • The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal. -- Pope Francis
  • Veal, by definition, is the product of a sick, anemic, deliberately malnourished calf, a newborn dragged away from his mother in the first hours of life. Veal calves are dealt the harshest of punishments for the least essential of meats. -- Matthew Scully
  • Shoes? I have loved them all: '60s pumps; white Courreges ankle boots; platform soles from the first time around, in the '70s; more boots - ankle, calf, and knee-high; 1980s sneakers; pin heels and wedges; Mary Janes and stilettos. -- Suzy Menkes
  • In drawing after drawing, pastel after pastel, painting after painting, the contours of Degas's dancing figures become, at a certain point, darkly insistent, tangled and dusky. It may be around an elbow, a heel, an armpit, a calf muscle, the nape of a neck. -- John Berger
  • America's critics can be heard everywhere. It is too much in love with money - worshipping the god of the marketplace, the golden calf. It has too much money, seven of the top 10 banks, eight of the top 10 companies etc. It is too stingy, giving away less of its wealth than other countries. It is vulgar, a rich barbarian. -- Maurice Saatchi
  • On the farm, I had chores. I had a calf. We had a herd of cattle in the pasture. We'd go and get me a calf at a cow auction with Amish people, which I would raise. I gave it a bottle every day, in this cute little coop, like a giant dog coop almost. I've always been a big animal person. -- Krysten Ritter
  • A boy in love is not mainly a calf but a poet. -- Robert Wilson Lynd
  • Every time you have a glass of cow milk, some calf is not. -- Gary Yourofsky
  • If the prodigal son had never left home, the fatted calf would still be alive. -- Chuck Palahniuk
  • If you view life as a gold rush, you're going to end up worshiping a golden calf. -- Cornel West
  • Another person tattooed my face on their calf. When they tense, the face moves! That is messed up. -- Gordon Ramsay
  • Goose [pen] bee [wax] and calf [parchment] govern the world. [Lat., Anser, apie, vitellus, populus et regna gubernant.] -- James Howell
  • Martin Luther King taught us all nonviolence. I was told to extend nonviolence to the mother and her calf. -- Dick Gregory
  • If Jesus had known that his image would end up on Justin Bieber's calf, he would've never started Christianity. -- Natasha Leggero
  • If you're eating or drinking something made from cow's milk, it's because a calf chained in a box somewhere isn't. -- Dan Piraro
  • As a calf follows its mother among a thousand cows, so the (good or bad) deeds of a man follow him. -- Chanakya
  • I feel I am a child that's lost its mother. I feel like a calf whose mother has gone off to slaughter. -- Alice Walker
  • When did a free country start to mean free enterprise? Who sold Democracy out for a golden calf we got to idolize? -- Trevor D. Richardson
  • Every reformation must have its victims. You can't expect the fatted calf to share the enthusiasm of the angels over the prodigal's return. -- Hector Hugh Munro
  • It's a real valley when I talk about veal. And calf roping. People were sensitive about calf roping. Which I think is quite funny. -- Gary Gulman
  • A book in a man's brain is better off than a book bound in calf - at any rate it is safer from criticism. -- Herman Melville
  • Be a clown , be a clown, All the world loves a clown. Act the fool , play the calf, And you'll always have the last laugh . -- Cole Porter
  • You know the Ark of Israel and the calf of Belial were both made of gold. Religion has never yet changed the metal of her one adoration. -- Ouida
  • Take advantage of the gracious condescension of the elegant calf's kidney, multiply its metamorphoses: you can without giving it any offence, call it the chameleon of cuisine. -- Emmanuel des Essarts
  • Teaching sometimes seems like not one profession, but every profession. We ask them to be doctor and diplomat, calf-herder, map-maker, wizard and watchman, electricians of the mind. -- Nancy Gibbs
  • The cow is an exceptionally loving and gentle creature. She cries for days when her calf is taken from her. It is a pitiful sound, a pitiful sound. -- Helen Weston
  • While a man desires a woman,His mind is boundAs closely as a calf to its mother.As you would pluck an autumn lily,Pluck the arrow of desire. -- Dhammapada
  • When I encounter a sunrise, a painting, a woman, or an idea that makes my heart bound like a young calf, then I know I am standing in front of happiness. -- Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Sunday night meant, in the dark, wintry, rainy Midlands ... anywhere where two creatures might stand and squeeze together and spoon.... Spooning was a fine art, whereas kissing and cuddling are calf-processes. -- D. H. Lawrence
  • the damned book I am writing is like the driveling of a weak-kneed sea calf. If I were sufficiently strong minded, I should tear it up an start again. But I don't. -- Winifred Holtby
  • I shaved this morning for precisely that reason. I was like, 'Well, you never know when someone is going to clamp down on your calf and try to suck out the snake poison. -- John Green
  • Oh, no! I promise it's not human," Mom bats her hands in the air in an effort to wrangle them back into their seats"It's newborn calf.""Oh, Hon, we don't do baby legs neither. -- Addison Moore