Cain quotes:

  • God the first garden made, and the first city Cain. -- Abraham Cowley
  • We have an insanity plea that would have saved Cain. -- Mark Twain
  • Remember, Christians, Negroes, black as Cain, /May be refin'd and join th' angelic train. -- Phillis Wheatley
  • NHPrimary Trivia: The Republican candidates have not spoken to a black person since Herman Cain dropped out. -- Andy Borowitz
  • Cain understands domestic issues because he had experience selling pizza; and he understands international issues because pizza is Italian. -- Stephen Colbert
  • Herman Cain said, starting today, if you buy into his 9-9-9 plan, he'll throw in a free 32-ounce soda. -- David Letterman
  • We are a most solitary people, and we live, repelled by one another, in the gray, outcast cities of Cain. -- Edward Dahlberg
  • If God told Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain to run for president, then God obviously wants Barack Obama to win. -- Randi Rhodes
  • And I like the way Cain writes his women. Very strong. They're kind of lusty, they know what they want, they're full of conviction. Cain's women are sexual. -- Pia Zadora
  • Herman Cain was unaware that China is a nuclear power. And I said to myself, 'Hey, Herman, how about making an unwanted advance on a history book?' -- David Letterman
  • Here lay Cain's fatal mistake: "He was rejected, not because he was a sinner, but because, being a sinner, he had dared to approach a holy God without blood." -- Charles Henry Mackintosh
  • So Ham's wife that was preserved on the Ark was a Negro of the seed of Cain and there was a priestly purpose in it, that the Devil would have a representation as well as God. -- Warren Jeffs
  • We are supposed to be the children of Seth; but Seth is too much of an effete nonentity to deserve ancestral regard. No, we are the sons of Cain, and with violence can be associated the attacks on sound, stone, wood and metal that produced civilization. -- Anthony Burgess
  • Let me tell you what the Cain Doctrine would be, as it relates to Israel if I were president. You mess with Israel, you are messing with the United States of America! -- Herman Cain
  • Herman Cain continues to show himself to be a leader. -- Alveda King
  • Eve kissed Able, that's how he got murdered by Cain. -- Lou Reed
  • He who bears the brand of Cain shall rule the earth. -- George Bernard Shaw
  • I was very happy being education minister and deputy to John Cain. -- Joan Kirner
  • I am inclined to believe that this is the land God gave to Cain. -- Jacques Cartier
  • You are a cynical man, Mr. Pleasant." "We live in cynical times, Miss Cain. -- Derek Landy
  • Old Tubal Cain was a man of might In the days when earth was young. -- Charles Mackay
  • I think I have done well, though I am abandoned, with the curse of Cain upon me. -- John Wilkes Booth
  • "The way of Cain" says there are many paths that lead to God rather than one path. -- Robert Jeffress
  • James Cain was saddled with being called the father of hardboiled fiction. Apparently, he didn't like this saddle. -- Bill Callahan
  • The doctor punched my vein, the captain called me Cain, upon my belly sat the sow of fear. -- Karl Shapiro
  • Had Cain been Scot, God would have changed his doom nor forced him wander, but confine him home. -- John Cleveland
  • I'll kill you with my own hands rather than let you put the mark of Cain on my brother! -- Abraham Polonsky
  • Be doin artists in like Cain did Abel, Now they money's gettin stuck to the gum under the table. -- GZA
  • As is the inventor of murder, and the father of art, Cain must have been a man of first-rate genius. -- Thomas de Quincey
  • The most sacred duty, the supreme and urgent work, is to deliver humanity from the malediction of Cain - fratricidal war. -- African Spir
  • I incline to Cain's heresy," he used to say quaintly: "I let my brother go to the devil in his own way. -- Robert Louis Stevenson
  • For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed... -- Abba Hillel Silver
  • Instead of receiving the help that she had hoped for, Mr. Cain instead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. -- Gloria Allred
  • "The way of Cain" refers to any individual who attempts to approach God on his or her own terms rather than on God's terms. -- Robert Jeffress
  • "The way of Cain" describes any religious system that attempts to earn God's favor by works and rituals rather than reliance on God's grace. -- Robert Jeffress
  • The dreadful joy Thy Son has sentIs heavier than any care;We find, as Cain his punishment,Our pardon more than we can bear. -- G.K. Chesterton
  • This is a very violent place to live, the Earth, and we're a very violent species. Cain is still killing Abel. We see that every day. -- Anne Lamott
  • The fear of murder has grown so enormous in the United States that it leaves a taint, like the mark of Cain, on everyone murder touches. -- Eric Schlosser
  • Mr. Cain would structurally change the voting demographic. There would be more black economic conservatives, and the Democrats would lose their stranglehold on the black vote. -- Alveda King
  • Let's be honest, the cards' on the table: Jealousy's a sin, Cain killed Abel. Backstabber...Caesar had Brutus. It's hard to weed 'em out, even Jesus had Judas. -- Pusha T
  • We do not wonder that there is conflict in the world. There is now, and has been from the time that Cain slew Abel, so much of hatred. -- Gordon B. Hinckley
  • Herman Cain has suspended his presidential campaign, but he has asked the Secret Service if they could continue to provide him protection, at least until his wife cools off. -- David Letterman
  • American life is builded ... upon that fundamental philosophy announced by the Savior nineteen centuries ago ... [It] can not survive with the defense of Cain, "Am I my brother's keeper? -- Herbert Hoover
  • With the whole Mark of Cain thing, does that mean if I accidentally kick you during the night, I get kicked in the shins seven times by an invisible force? -- Cassandra Clare
  • You say one more thing that sounds like it's ripped from the pages of a really bad gothic romance and I'm out of here, are we clear?" - Valkyrie Cain -- Derek Landy
  • Herman Cain told a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters to go home, get a job, and get a life. That's the Republican version of hope and change, ladies and gentlemen. -- Jay Leno
  • He saw a lawyer killing a viper on a dunghill hard by his own stable; And the Devil smiled, for it put him in mind of Cain and his brother Abel. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Will Herman Cain become the first black President that I acknowledge? I call him a dark horse because he's an unlikely candidate who surged forward, and not because he's a horse. -- Stephen Colbert
  • Blest leisure is our curse; like that of Cain, It, makes us wander, wander earth around, To fly that tyrant Thought. As Atlas groan'd The world beneath, we groan beneath an hour. -- Edward Young
  • PRE-ADAMITE, n. One of an experimental and apparently unsatisfactory race of antedated Creation. . . . Little its known of them beyond the fact that they supplied Cain with a wife and theologians with a controversy. -- Ambrose Bierce
  • In researching 'The Luminaries,' I did read quite a lot of 20th-century crime. My favourites out of that were James M. Cain, Dassiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Graham Greene and Patricia Highsmith. -- Eleanor Catton
  • A group called the Texas Tea Party Patriots is hosting a debate next month where Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain will go head to head, while people watching that will go head to pillow. -- Jimmy Fallon
  • Lord, you have cursed Cain and Cain's children: thy will be done. You have allowed men's hearts to be corrupted, that their intentions be rotten, that their actions putrefy and stink: thy will be done. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
  • That was a good day for me," Skulduggery said. "I didn't have to hit anyone. I didn't have to shoot anyone. I just sat around and talked to my good friend and partner, Valkyrie Cain. -- Derek Landy
  • You know that book 'Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking', by Susan Cain? That's like my manifesto. The older I get, the more I think I could be a hermit. -- Jessica Raine
  • I think the "crime novel" has replaced the sociological novel of the 1930s. I think the progenitor of that tradition is James M. Cain, who in my view is the most neglected writer in American literature. -- James Lee Burke
  • My interpretation is different. God asks Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" [Genesis 4:9] And Cain answers "Lo yadati, "I don't know" or "I didn't know." Then comes a period, followed by "Am I my brother's keeper?" -- Elie Wiesel
  • In a crazy world where he would get nominated, I'd like to see Obama run against Herman Cain. That would be fantastic. If Herman Cain became president, there'd be a certain sort of morbid curiosity for me. -- Tim Heidecker
  • The world is wider in all directions, more dangerous and bitter, more extravagant and bright. We are making hay when we should be making whoopee; we are raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain and Lazarus. -- Annie Dillard
  • Let me arrest thy thoughts; wonder with me, why plowing, building, ruling and the rest, or most of those arts, whence our lives are blest, by cursed Cain's race invented be, and blest Seth vexed us with Astronomy. -- John Donne
  • In a new interview, Herman Cain said that if Rick Perry were an ice cream flavor, he'd be 'Rocky Road.' I don't know, Perry's not really any flavor of ice cream. He's just the brain freeze part. -- Jimmy Fallon
  • The ghost of the heart of manred Cain And the more murderous brain Of Man, still redder Nero that conceived the death Of his mother Earth, and tore Her womb, to know the place where he was conceived. -- Edith Sitwell
  • They believe themselves Lucifer's equals, Cain, all these pitiful little gnats. But there is only one that we have ever owned to be our superior. There is but one greater than us, and to him... to him we no longer speak. -- Neil Gaiman
  • God drove Cain out of his presence and sent him into exile far away from his native land, so that he passed from a life of human kindness to one which was more akin to the rude existence of a wild beast. -- Saint Ambrose
  • The idea of the split personality is as old as Genesis. For a start, Eve was manufactured from Adam's rib. Then there's Cain and Abel, twins at war. They were followed by Esau and Jacob, likewise divisible into hairy and smooth types. -- Clive Sinclair
  • God drove Cain out of his presence and sent him into exile far away from his native land, so that he passed from a life of human kindness to one which was more akin to the rude existence of a wild beast. -- Saint Ambrose
  • The sentence of the first murderer was pronounced by the Supreme Judge of the universe. Was it death? No, it was life. 'A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth'; and 'Whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • I wrote my graduate thesis at New York University on hard-boiled fiction from the 1930s and 1940s, so, for about two years, I read nothing but Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James Cain and Chester Himes. I developed such a love for this kind of writing. -- Megan Abbott
  • I would not be at all surprised to find that it was for gold that Cain committed the first murder. (It happened a very long time ago, and Holy Writ, though no doubt divinely inspired, is a trifle careless about details. God is not a historian). -- Barbara Mertz
  • The Jews' guilt of the crucifixion of Jesus consigned them to perpetual servitude, and, like Cain, they are to be wanderers and fugitives. The Jews will not dare to raise their necks, bowed under the yoke of perpetual slavery, against the reverence of the Christian faith. -- Pope Innocent III
  • I couldn't help smiling as he grasped my arms and held me in place because his warmth infected me. I hadn't known I was freezing until he held me. I hadn't known until then, after the long hours of separation, that with Cain I could pretend to be human. -- Jennifer Silverwood
  • pg. 231-232: They'd given me a minivan. They could have picked any car and they picked a minivan. A minivan. O God of the Vehicular Justice, why dost thou mock me? Minivan, you albatross around my neck! You mark of Cain! You wretched beast high ceilings and few horsepower! -- John Green
  • Here is the paradox of the thing we call freedom: the farther we wander from God and the more we try to break free from him, the more enchained we become. Every step we take away from Him leads us farther from the freedom of Jesus and closer to the cruelty of Cain. -- Steven James
  • When all the other children of Adam have had the privilege of receiving the Priesthood, and of coming into the kingdom of God, and of being redeemed from the four quarters of the earth, and HAVE RECEIVED THEIR RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD, then it will be time enough to remove the curse from Cain and his posterity. -- Brigham Young
  • There is always the temptation in life to diddle around making itsy-bitsy friends and meals and journeys for years on end. It is all so self conscience, so apparently moral...But I won't have it. The world is wilder than that in all directions, more dangerous...more extravagant and bright. We are...raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus. -- Annie Dillard
  • The mark of Cain is stamped upon our foreheads. Across the centuries, our brother Abel was lain in blood which we drew, and shed tears we caused by forgetting Thy love. Forgive us, Lord, for the curse we falsely attributed to their name as Jews. Forgive us for crucifying Thee a second time in their flesh. For we knew not what we did. -- Pope John XXIII
  • How do you beat Obama? Beat him with a Cain! -- Herman Cain
  • Just call me Mr. Cain. And in 2013, they can call me Mr. President. -- Herman Cain
  • I ain't askin' nobody for nuttin' if I cain't get it on my own. -- Charlie Daniels
  • ...there's nothin' in life that's worth doin', if it cain't be done from a horse... -- Red Steagall