Caddie quotes:

  • John's old Caddie had a huge engine that would qualify as a human rights violation if built today. It roared down the road, chugging gas and farting a blue cloud of dinosaur souls. -- David Wong
  • I'm going to win so much money this year, my caddie will make the top twenty money winner's list. -- Lee Trevino
  • Nobody but you and your caddie care what you do out there, and if your caddie is betting against you, he doesn't care, either. -- Lee Trevino
  • I didn't become a caddie because I wanted to be a caddie. I was a caddie because that was how I could make money and feed myself. It was work. It was a dignified job. -- Angel Cabrera
  • Those years on the golf course as a caddie, boy, those people were something. They were vulgar, some were alcoholics, racist, they were very difficult people to deal with. A lot of them didn't have a sense of humor. -- Martin Sheen
  • To concentrate intensely for 4 and a half hours, that's too hard for me. Too tiring. I concentrate 'lo maximo' on the 'golpe,' the stroke, but between strokes I'm interacting with the crowd or laughing with my caddie, talking about the spectators, the cute girls. -- Sergio Garcia
  • My first years on tour, I tried to be super professional by considering the yardages to every feature and hazard. Over time my caddie and I noticed I play better when we keep it simple. Think about the distance you want the ball to fly, and only that number. -- Rickie Fowler
  • If it wasn't for golf, I'd probably be a caddie today. -- George Archer
  • Then Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus come in. I'll caddie for Jack. -- Chi Chi Rodriguez
  • If a caddie can help you, you don't know how to play golf. -- Dan Jenkins
  • Make friends with your caddie and the game will make friends with you. -- Stephen Potter
  • My horse was in the lead, coming down the home stretch, but the caddie fell off. -- Samuel Goldwyn
  • My caddie dared me to try it, but I didn't think it was worth losing a ball. -- Ian Woosnam
  • I'm going to win so much money this year, my caddie will make the top twenty money-winners list. -- Lee Trevino
  • I don't think anywhere is there a symbiotic relationship between caddie and player like there is in golf. -- Johnny Miller
  • If I needed advice from my caddie, he'd be hitting the shots and I'd be carrying the bag. -- Bobby Jones
  • I don't know why that putt hung on the edge. I'm a clean liver. It must be my caddie. -- JoAnne Carner
  • Don't worry about your caddie. He may be an irritating little wretch, but for eighteen holes he is your caddie. -- Arnold Haultain
  • It was a great honour to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I didn't know they had a caddie division. -- Bob Hope
  • Once when I'd been in a lot of bunkers, my caddie told me he was getting blisters from raking so much. -- JoAnne Carner
  • I never kick my ball in the rough or improve my lie in a sand trap. For that I have a caddie. -- Bob Hope
  • I know you can be fined for throwing a club, but I want to know if you can get fined for throwing a caddie? -- Tommy Bolt
  • The only time I talk on the golf course is to my caddie. And then only to complain when he gives me the wrong club. -- Seve Ballesteros
  • I was lying ten and had a thirty-five foot putt. I whispered over my shoulder: "How does this one break?" And my caddie said, "Who cares?" -- Jack Lemmon
  • The player may experiment about with his swing, his grip, his stance. It is only when he begins asking his caddie's advice that he is getting on dangerous ground. -- Charles Walter Simpson
  • He [Bill Clinton] told me that he caddied in the same group with me in the Hot Springs Open. That's why I voted for him, becasue he was a caddie. -- Tommy Bolt
  • When I push, the top part of the leg goes ahead of the bottom part, and you can hear a big plonk when it comes back. My caddie said 'What the hell was that?! -- Jean van de Velde
  • Golf took young kids like Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and myself out of the caddie ranks and gave us money and a little bit of fame and let us live in the tall cotton. -- Jimmy Demaret