Cab quotes:

  • I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little. -- Wyclef Jean
  • I was still in school at the time and Cab was very popular and everybody was doing Cab Calloway so I did. -- Billy Eckstine
  • The one thing you shouldn't do is try to tell a cab driver how to get somewhere. -- Jimmy Fallon
  • Any time three New Yorkers get into a cab without an argument, a bank has just been robbed. -- Phyllis Diller
  • Anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place. -- Johnny Carson
  • The postman wants an autograph. The cab driver wants a picture. The waitress wants a handshake. Everyone wants a piece of you. -- John Lennon
  • You'd never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago's Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner. -- Helmut Jahn
  • People say New Yorkers can't get along. Not true. I saw two New Yorkers, complete strangers, sharing a cab. One guy took the tires and the radio; the other guy took the engine. -- David Letterman
  • Driving a cab is not really a nurturing type of relationship. You take people and they tip you, they may not tip you, you don't know their names, they don't care about you, you don't care about them. -- Pam Grier
  • Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up your pram and put in the back of the cab without having to collapse it. I love the parks and places I go for dinner and my friends. -- Gwyneth Paltrow
  • What people fear most about tragedy is its randomness - a taxi cab jumps the curb and hits a pedestrian, a gun misfires and kills a bystander. Better to have some rational cause and effect between incident and injury. And if cause and effect aren't possible, better that there at least be some reward for all the suffering. -- Jeffrey Kluger
  • I never met a Cab I didn't like. -- Graham Kerr
  • An empty cab drove up and Sarah Bernhardt got out. -- Arthur Baer
  • I had a job as a paralegal. I drove a cab. -- Larry David
  • It's not a special taste. An American composer should have something to say to a cab driver. -- Morton Gould
  • Death Cab is a militantly analog band. We'll continue moving forward with our sound, but there will be no crossover. -- Ben Gibbard
  • Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs. -- Michelle Obama
  • I am not opposed to doing a side project, like Death Cab for Cutie, where it's completely different from my own band. -- Ryan Tedder
  • Here's how you know that you're really drunk: when you get into a taxi cab and you think the fare is the time. -- Dane Cook
  • We wanted to write a whole song about partying and then taking Yellow Cabs home. That's the weirdest topic we've ever thought of centering a song around. -- Taryn Manning
  • I literally was saved by a role, from becoming a cab driver. I never did have to wait tables, though, so looking back I guess I had it pretty soft. -- Sam Waterston
  • We call ourselves a free nation, and yet we let ourselves be told what cabs we can and can't take by a man at a hotel door, simply because he has a drum major's uniform on. -- Robert Benchley
  • I was born in the back seat of a Yellow Cab in a hospital loading zone and with the meter still running. I emerged needing a shave and shouted 'Time Square, and step on it!' -- Tom Waits
  • She had the perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very, dangerous to live even one day. -- Virginia Woolf
  • No, in Lethal Weapon I was a taxi cab driver that Mel jumps in front of the taxi and pulls me out of the car and steals the taxi. Then I did some other indie driving for some of the car sequences. -- David R. Ellis
  • I found my first novel difficult. I don't want to make it sound like it's any more difficult than driving a cab or going to any other job, but there are so many opportunities for self-doubt, that you just kind of need to soldier on. -- Anthony Doerr
  • What cancer does is, it forces you to focus, to prioritize, and you learn what's important. I mean, I don't sweat the small stuff. I used to get angry at cab drivers. It's not worth it.... And when somebody says you have cancer, you realize it's all small stuff. -- Joel Siegel
  • It's hard to explaining exactly what happened, but I felt in that moment that the divine, however we may choose to define such a thing, surely dwells as much in the concrete and taxi cabs as it does in the rivers, lakes, and mountains. Grace, I realized, is neither time nor place dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack. -- Josh Radnor
  • I have a lot of road rage. Mostly with the rickshaw and cab drivers trying to cut me; it's the traffic. Grrrr! -- Kajol
  • Picture it in your mind's nostril: you get in a cab in time to catch twin thugs named Vomit and Cologne assaulting a defenseless pine-tree air freshener. -- Sloane Crosley
  • The marginal people on the trading desks, there's no skill set. If they don't trade derivatives, I don't know what they can do. The next stop is driving a cab. -- James Chanos
  • If transportation technology was moving along as fast as microprocessor technology, then the day after tomorrow I would be able to get in a taxi cab and be in Tokyo in 30 seconds. -- W. Daniel Hillis
  • If I am going to get in a cab to go home, and I see a sign for an open house, I will go in. I like real estate because I am the boss. -- Lorraine Bracco
  • Is that your final answer? Here in New York garbage men, bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, bus drivers, whoever, you know, people just yell it out to me. So that was a lot of fun. -- Regis Philbin
  • When I was 9, my parents let me take a cab to the mall all by myself. I had hardly any money to spend, but I did have a very specific list of things I wanted to do: buy cookies and sit on the furniture at Sears. -- Leslie Mann
  • Some of us are born rebellious. Like Jean Genet or Arthur Rimbaud, I roam these mean streets like a villain, a vagabond, an outcast, scavenging for the scraps that may perchance plummet off humanity's dirty plates, though often sometimes taking a cab to a restaurant is more convenient. -- Patti Smith
  • I keep mementos from everything I've done. I've got my cab driver's license from 'Happiness.' I've got a pair of glasses and a belt buckle from playing John Lennon. I've got a pair of sunglasses from playing Andy Warhol... It's all in a box in the garage. -- Jared Harris
  • I don't have to really be in the 60s. Every time I hail a cab in New York, and they pass me by and pick up the white person, then I get a dose of it. Or when they don't want to take you to Harlem. I grew up with that. -- Queen Latifah
  • Men don't know enough about being courteous toward women. You should get into a cab before a woman so she doesn't have to slide across the seat. And you should always go first into a revolving door so she doesn't have to push - unless it's moving, then let her go first. -- Thom Browne
  • I recently had a few days off while shooting a movie in Budapest, so I took a cab from the set to the airport, looked at the departure board, and decided where I wanted to go right then and there. I spent four days in Rome and didn't tell anyone I was going. -- Cory Monteith
  • My father worked in the Post Office. A lot of double shifts. All his friends were in the same situation - truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, grocery clerks. Blue collar guys punching the clock and working long, hard hours. The thought that sustained them was the one at the center of the American dream. -- Gary David Goldberg
  • Why can't a seven-foot guy play a doctor? Why can't I be a teacher? Why can't I be a football coach? Why can't I be a cab driver? Anything. Anything else than that. I can cry. I can do those things that they think the big guys can't do. So just give us a chance. -- Grizz Chapman
  • I've been driving in the city for years because, as a stand-up in N.Y.C., you can perform at more comedy clubs a night if you have a car. Getting from club to club by subway is too slow at night and too expensive by cab. So, many comics live far out from Manhattan and drive in every night. -- Judah Friedlander
  • Tokyo cab drivers are all ex-kamikaze pilots. -- Bob Hope
  • What the mind cab conceive, it can achieve -- Napoleon Hill
  • I get the thumbs up like I'm hailing a yellow cab. -- Nicki Minaj
  • I had the cab driver drive me here backwards, and the dude owed me $27.50. -- Mitch Hedberg
  • The Park Avenue of poodles and polished brass; it is cab country, tip-town, glassville, a window-washer's paradise. -- Gay Talese
  • The irrational may be attractive in the abstract, but not in cab drives, dinner guests, or elderly relatives. -- Mason Cooley
  • I canā??t stop traffic on Fifth Avenue, not unless I walk in front of an oncoming cab. -- Benedict Cumberbatch
  • I was just taking her hand to help her out of a cab. And it was like... magic. -- Nora Ephron
  • Don't let any man into your cab, your home, or your heart, unless he's a friend of labor. -- Jimmy Hoffa
  • You know, before I would think, my cab driver hates me. Now I think my limo driver hates me. -- Ray Romano
  • Even now, he is every blue blazer getting into cab, every runner along the river,every motorcycle coming and going. -- Melissa Bank
  • I never really drove a cab, but I do have a hack license in case of emergencies - like no money. -- Harry Chapin
  • It's weird - the cab driver is playing very loud dance music and yet it doesn't really feel like a party. -- Eugene Mirman
  • I was just school class clown and that was it. Someday I'll get a job as a cab driver or whatever. -- John Leguizamo
  • I stopped taking drugs when I was 19, and who wants to drive a cab around New York with drugs in their car? -- Fran Lebowitz
  • Oh dear,' said Eddie. 'We'd better hurry. Tinto, call me a cab.' All right,' said Tinto. 'You're a cab. -- Robert Rankin
  • New York City in life was much like New York City in death. It was still hard to get a cab, for example. -- Colson Whitehead
  • In New York City, a lot of people think 'the great outdoors' is the area between your front door and a taxi cab. -- Michael Bloomberg
  • You don't really drive in cabs in L.A. unless you're broke or homeless - or if you're broke and driving the cab. -- Jay Mohr
  • Every songwriter lives to have at least one song that a cab driver who asks 'You write anything I know?' will recognize. -- Rupert Holmes
  • My family was poor, my father drove a cab for a living, but we felt normal because everybody else was in the same boat. -- Bob Cousy
  • Are you trying to get run over by a cab? Don't be ridiculous. We could never get a cab that easily in this neighborhood -- Cassandra Clare
  • Are you trying to get run over by a cab?""Don't be ridiculous. We could never get a cab that easily in this neighborhood. -- Cassandra Clare
  • I leaned on him for support when I got out of the cab, and he just crumpled to the ground. That's how we found out. -- Mickey Mantle
  • Yeah, I'll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne, just don't be here in the morning when I wake up. -- Rod Stewart
  • A railroad station? That was sort of a primitive airport, only you didn't have to take a cab 20 miles out of town to reach it. -- Russell Baker
  • In all my years of New York cab riding I have yet to find the colorful, philosophical cabdriver that keeps popping up on the late movies. -- Jean Shepherd
  • All these things that crib and cab in your brain, in your imagination, are in fact things that might well in later life drive you insane. -- Diana Wynne Jones
  • I met Jason Donovan at RAK studios. He had jodphurs on and small riding boots as he jumped out of the cab. He looked just like me! -- Robert Plant
  • Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. -- Holly Golightly
  • It's probably similar to being in New York City and having a cab driver behind you and you're driving too slow. It's not the most pleasant thing. -- Barry Sanders
  • Being a cab river is not unlike being a magician--minus the top hat, the cape, the rabbit, an the gorgeous assistant. But you do have an audience. -- Gary Reilly
  • When you're in Los Angeles, everybody you meet is writing a movie, and they want you to be in it. Every cab driver is writing a movie! -- William Sadler
  • Accept people, don't stereotype people. Don't think because right now they're driving a cab, they're not going to have a master's degree or that they're dumber than you. -- Isabel Coixet
  • well, death says, as he walks by, I'm going to get you anyhow no matter what you've been: writer, cab-driver, pimp, butcher, sky-diver, I'm going to get you -- Charles Bukowski
  • I want to see riots! I want to see the kind of riots where cab drivers are afraid to pick up white people! I want to see this guy! -- Bill Maher
  • When setting out on a photographic holiday, always provide yourself with two cameras, one to leave in the train going and the other to leave in the cab coming back. -- W. C. Sellar
  • How much for the bottle, put it on my tab. Hop out like a model all them foreign tags. Get so drunk and high, I will have to call a cab. -- Wiz Khalifa
  • I vowed to never use my American accent, and I didn't. Even going to get the paper in the morning to buying milk down at the shop, getting a cab, wherever. -- Lake Bell
  • As soon as a roast is announced, I get everybody - family, friends, waitresses, cab drivers - giving me jokes about the person getting roasted. I'm the mouthpiece for the masses. -- Jeff Ross
  • You can get in a cab in Vancouver and the 20-year-old driver speaks more knowingly of Michael Ovitz than anyone in the industry. They just know! And it's perhaps not unhealthy. -- William Gibson
  • The shortest unit of time in the multiverse is the New York Second, defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking. -- Terry Pratchett
  • If transportation technology was moving along as fast as microprocessor technology, then the day after tomorrow I would be able to get in a taxi cab and be in Tokyo in 30 seconds. -- W. Daniel Hillis
  • Long-haul trucking. Just roaming the country, alone, with audiobooks and podcasts, sleeping in the back of the cab, showering at gas stations at 4 a.m., minimal human contact. That's living the dream. -- Mat Johnson
  • Luckily when you drive a cab there are two things: You don't have a boss in the cab with you, and you are not facing the people that you are making money from. -- Fran Lebowitz
  • My first job was with an auto plant, Kansas City - they treated you like slaves. From there I went back to Chicago, worked in steel mills, drove a cab, stuff like that. -- Ed Asner
  • My dad worked - f - k if I know - seven jobs? He painted a house. He would deliver toilets. He drove a cab, delivered pizzas. Whatever he could do, he did. -- Mila Kunis
  • When people say that entertainers should "know your place," they might as well say the same thing about plumbers and teachers and cab drivers. We all should be able to express our views. -- Viggo Mortensen
  • Anyway, a spokesman for Barack Obama says the prisoners that are released from Guantanamo will either be sent back to their home countries or enter the New York City cab driver training program. -- Jay Leno
  • I've been offered 'Celebrity Fit Club', where you have to take off your shirt and get on a scale. I got kids, man. I'm not going to humiliate myself. I'd rather drive a cab. -- Steve Schirripa
  • Oh, it's lovely to see you!' Franny said as the cab moved off. 'I've missed you.' The words were no sooner out than she realized that she didn't mean them at all. -- J. D. Salinger
  • Sometimes I get frustrated in traffic. I typically start going deep with my cab driver and Twitter feed - simultaneously - to take my mind off the gridlock. I enjoy live-tweeting my cab rides. -- Andy Cohen
  • I'm a really sensitive person. I cry if I miss a cab. I've always worn my emotions on my sleeve. I think it makes life so much better when you can talk about anything. -- Michael Keaton
  • Here I am sitting in the back of a cab with Catherine Zeta-Jones who is telling me Michael Douglas has fond memories of me - it just makes me feel good as a human being. -- John Schneider
  • In New York, we tip everyone. We tip doormen, we tip cab drivers, and we tip bartenders at the bar. You'll get quite an evil eye if you don't leave a tip at the bar. -- Zach Braff