Baby Girl quotes:

  • Baby Girl," I say. "I need you remember everything I told you. Do you remember what I told you?" She still crying steady, but the hiccups are gone. "To wipe my bottom good when I'm done?" "No, baby, the other one. About who you are. -- Kathryn Stockett
  • Having a baby dragged me, kicking and screaming, from the world of self-absorption. -- Paul Reiser
  • Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse, -- Robert A. Heinlein
  • A world to be born under your footsteps... -- Saint-John Perse
  • I'd like to be taller. I'd like my baby fat to leave. -- Kirsten Dunst
  • You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass. -- Frank Sinatra
  • An ugly baby is a very nasty object - and the prettiest is frightful. -- Queen Victoria
  • When you have a baby, love is automatic, when you get married, love is earned. -- Marie Osmond
  • Then to have your baby playing at the school you played at and having him play well is a special treat. -- Jerry Kramer
  • This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. -- Will Rogers
  • The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? -- Bette Davis
  • I was a married woman and I had a baby. I would have adored it, but I just couldn't do it because I'm a lady. -- Ruth Warrick
  • Baby girl you need to stop it, all that pride and self esteem got you angry bout this girl I'm wit in all them magazines. -- Drake
  • Today, Medicare provides health insurance to about 40 million seniors and disabled individuals each year. The number is only expected to grow as the baby boomers begin retiring. -- Jim Bunning
  • When I look in the mirror I see the girl I was when I was growing up, with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body. -- Heather Locklear
  • I'm pro-life. I'll do all I can to see every baby is created with a future and potential. The legislature should do all it can to protect human life. -- Sarah Palin
  • I just had a baby girl. My daughter weighed 27 pounds. She was 3 years old. She was delivered to me by way of the court system and a blood test. -- Donnell Rawlings
  • Congratulations are in order for Woody Allen - he and Soon Yi have a brand new baby daughter. It's all part of Woody's plan to grow his own wives. -- David Letterman
  • Having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws. I love it when they come to visit now. They can hold the baby and I can go out. -- Matthew Broderick
  • It's a huge change for your body. You don't even want to look in the mirror after you've had a baby, because your stomach is just hanging there like a Shar-Pei. -- Cindy Crawford
  • My mother says I didn't open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked. -- Elizabeth Taylor
  • Pink is supposed to weaken your enemies, make them go soft on you, which must be why it's used for baby girls. It's a wonder the military hasn't got on to this. -- Margaret Atwood
  • I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day in January of 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of 1974. -- Jeffrey Eugenides
  • Baby girl, Cross is a tsunami. -- Sylvia Day
  • I was always the girl who had that baby face. -- Jessica Capshaw
  • Take my heart with you, baby girl. It follows you?.always... -- Lora Leigh
  • I don't wanna dance, baby girl, it's like my legs is on strike. -- Killa Sin
  • I have a twenty-month-old baby [girl], [and] a sixteen-year-old boy same maturity level. -- Gloria Estefan
  • Baby I'll never forget none of that. Girl I told you I was comin back. -- Drake
  • I am a Cajun Baby in a Texas girl, an all-American woman and a global goddess. -- Erin Cummings
  • When the baby is older take the diapers off, my girl is gonna do the Slop. -- Chubby Checker
  • I am a Cajun Baby in a Texas girl, an all-American woman and a global goddess -- Erin Cummings
  • Oh yeah, alright, take it easy baby, make it last all night. She was an American Girl. -- Tom Petty
  • I found a girl, fell in love, she had a baby, and i fell in love again. -- Johnny Depp
  • Oh baby", Madoc groaned to the girl next to him"Snickers ain't the only thing king sized. -- Penelope Douglas
  • I enjoy the old-fashioned idea of, like, His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby, those old movies. -- Judy Greer
  • I enjoy the old-fashioned idea of, like, 'His Girl Friday' and 'Bringing Up Baby', those old movies. -- Judy Greer
  • Say I never settled down I'm with you girl, look at me now Cause you changed me baby. -- Jamie Foxx
  • I just want a healthy, happy baby, so the whether it's a boy or a girl really doesn't matter. -- Jamie Lynn Spears
  • I'm not religious. I do have a baby - a four-month old girl - and that's a religion in itself. -- George Meyer
  • Lisa's baby was due about now. I've decided she had it and it was a girl. I've named her Rachel. -- Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • I'm fighting for this girl on the battlefield of love Got me look like baby Cupid Sending arrows from above -- Jay Sean
  • Just because you ain't no good girl Baby that don't mean that you a ho Especially if it's on the low. -- Rico Love
  • She's my baby girl, Quinn. I want love for her. Real love. The kind that makes a man crazy inside. -Gibraltar to Quinn -- Karen Marie Moning
  • I was never a girl who dreamed about what her wedding day would be like, but I've always dreamed about decorating my baby's nursery. -- Rebecca Romijn
  • King shrugged and looked back at Harlen. "Please tell me you have a plan. Because my baby girl really likes to color with me. -- Erin Kellison
  • Baby put your arms around me Tell me I'm the problem Know I'm not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted -- Beyonce
  • When a couple has a strong preference for a baby boy or girl, who is injured by allowing them to choose? Certainly not the child. -- Gregory Stock
  • Congrats to Prince William and Kate Middleton, who welcomed a baby girl on Saturday. The royal baby weighed eight pounds - or around 12 American dollars. -- Jimmy Fallon
  • You are my superstar. I'm your number one fan, give me your autograph, sign it right here on my heart. Girl, I'll be your groupie, baby. -- Usher
  • Congratulations to Chelsea Clinton. Over the weekend, she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girl will not confirm or deny whether she's running in 2056. -- David Letterman
  • I have a dog at home, and that's my baby. She's my girl, and I would do absolutely anything for her. She's like a child to me. -- Michael Graziadei
  • I might be a wicked girl who'd think nothing of eating a baby for breakfast, but I'd never allow myself to get expelled. It's far too public. -- Franny Billingsley
  • Here she is,? her mum said, cooing at the baby, ??my special girl.? ??Oh, cheers,? Valkyrie said, rolling her eyes. -- Derek Landy
  • I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it. Is all I wanna do, for you baby. Girl, it's something kind of sexy. Goin' on about you babe. -- R. Kelly
  • The boy and girl going hand in hand through a meadow; the mother washing her baby; the sweet simple things in life. We have almost lost track of them. -- Edward Steichen
  • When I see ya baby girl, I miss feelin on ya. I miss everything that's real about ya and that's everything about ya, that's just how I feel about ya -- Drake
  • This solidarity business I used to talk about ain't just--what do you youngsters call it?--theoretical. It means putting your body, your physical self, on the line, baby girl. Even when--especially when--it ain't convenient. -- Thrity Umrigar
  • After years of infertility tests, the best decision we ever made was to adopt, and in 1987, we were bestowed a three-month-old baby girl from an island off the south coast of Korea called Cheju Island. -- Robert M. Parker, Jr.