Abhorrent quotes:

  • There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the church as a human being. -- James Joyce
  • We always see abhorrent behavior and say why, but then we get mad when somebody tries to answer. -- Wendell Pierce
  • Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind. -- Thomas Jefferson
  • I'd love to be a diva. But I'd then have to send so many apology notes for my abhorrent behaviour. -- Amy Adams
  • I may find Saddam Hussein's regime abhorrent - any normal person would - but the survival of it is in his hands. -- Tony Blair
  • Iran's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons, support for international terrorist organizations, and abhorrent human rights practices pose one of the greatest threats to global security. -- Allyson Schwartz
  • The challenge is to lend conviction even to the voices which advocate views I find personally abhorrent, whether they are political Islamists or officers justifying a coup. -- Orhan Pamuk
  • Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular. This is really the test of civilization. -- Winston Churchill
  • Let me go to Clinton's new proposal: to have uniforms in public schools. And people are doing that. How come they're doing that? Dress codes! I find that abhorrent. -- Russell Means
  • Personally I have never found the practice of recreational drug use appealing. In fact, I have always found the lifestyle and the people who surround it to be abhorrent. -- Davey Havok
  • Studios have been trying to get rid of the actor for a long time and now they can do it. They got animation. NO more actor, although for now they still have to borrow a voice or two. Anyway, I find it abhorrent. -- James Coburn
  • too much safety is abhorrent to the nature of a human being. -- Agatha Christie
  • It is abhorrent to me when a fine intelligence is paired with an unsavory character. -- Albert Einstein
  • The one being abhorrent to the powers above the earth and under them is the hyphenated American -- Theodore Roosevelt
  • There's nothing is this world more instinctively abhorrent to me than finding myself in agreement with my fellow-humans. -- Malcolm Muggeridge
  • NVC suggests behind every action, however ineffective, tragic, violent, or abhorrent to us, is an attempt to meet a need. -- Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • In beloved Iraq, blood is flowing between brothers, in the shadow of an illegitimate foreign occupation, and abhorrent sectarianism threatens a civil war. -- Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
  • Modern capitalist nations are the fruit of a history of slavery, genocide, violence and exploitation every bit as abhorrent as Mao's China or Stalin's Soviet Union. -- Terry Eagleton
  • In my mind nothing is more abhorrent than a life of ease. None of us has any right to ease. There is no place in civilization for the idler. -- Henry Ford
  • The more abhorrent a news item the more comforting it was to be the recipient, since the fact that it had happened elsewhere proved that it had not happened here, was not happening here, and would therefore never happen here. -- John Fowles
  • There are men so incorrigibly lazy that no inducement that you can offer will tempt them to work; so eaten up by vice that virtue is abhorrent to them, and so inveterably dishonest that theft is to them a master passion. -- William Booth
  • Man was born into barbarism when killing his fellow man was a normal condition of existence. He became endowed with a conscience. And he has now reached the day when violence toward another human being must become as abhorrent as eating another's flesh. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • I find it abhorrent to see a whale being slaughtered and do nothing but bear witness. -- Paul Watson
  • The real abhorrent consequence of the invention of atomic bombs is the fact that we still have them and they're spreading. -- Barry Commoner
  • I don't even want to be on Twitter. I think it's abhorrent, people sending messages to say they're doing the washing-up or whatever. -- Shirley Eaton
  • I said I thought female labour of the sort exacted from these slaves, and corporal chastisement such as they endure, must be abhorrent to any manly or humane man. -- Fanny Kemble
  • Any abhorrent behavior is more interesting to me. I'm always amazed when somebody asks me, 'Why don't you write something about nice people?' Because nice people are boring, that's why. -- Terence Winter
  • In a free society, we will tolerate boorish people, who have abhorrent behavior, but if we're civilized people, we publicly criticize that, and don't belong to those groups or don't associate with those people. -- Rand Paul
  • The only way we can challenge Islamism is to engage with one another. We need to make it as abhorrent as racism has become today. Only then will we stem the tide of angry young Muslims who turn to hate. -- Maajid Nawaz
  • I know no man who feels deeper disgust than I do at the ambition, avarice, and profligacy of the priesthood, as well because every one of these vices is odious in itself, as because each of them separately and all of them together are utterly abhorrent in men making profession of a life dedicated to God. -- Francesco Guicciardini
  • Aberrant is not abhorrent -- Matthew Goldfinger
  • Tyranny is abhorrent, freedom benefits all, whereas violence benefits no one for long. -- Mark Kingwell
  • I do not believe that loyalty should demand defending behavior that I find abhorrent. -- George Stephanopoulos
  • ... abhorrent and beyond inappropriate, reachable only through hours of hiking into the Realm of Really Goddam Wrong. -- Sarah Wendell
  • He had escaped the abhorrent taint! He was truly completely alone! He was the only human being in the world! -- Patrick Süskind
  • We have an interest in combating tactics in war that are abhorrent and that only fuel terrorism because they incite people on the ground. -- Samantha Power
  • You can't discriminate against someone because of their race, color, or religion, but you can discriminate against someone because of their sexual preference, I find it to be abhorrent. -- Rib Hillis
  • The time is approaching when we shall consider it abhorrent to our civilization to allow a human being to die in prolonged agony which we should mercifully end in any other creature. -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • When many people think of "new age" they think of crystals and purple decals and ceramic angels in people's windows and a kind of fuzzy thinking - which is abhorrent to a serious person. -- Marianne Williamson
  • In a free society, we will tolerate boorish people, who have abhorrent behavior, but if we're civilized people, we publicly criticize that, and don't belong to those groups, or don't associate with those people. -- Rand Paul
  • Your theory of partial immortality is abhorrent to me. I would rather disbelieve in the immortality of my own soul than suppose the boon given to me was withheld from any of my fellow creatures. -- Fanny Kemble
  • Our greatest pleasure, surely, is in fragments, just as we derive the most pleasure from life if we regard it as a fragment, whereas the whole and the complete and the perfect are basically abhorrent. -- Thomas Bernhard
  • I guess there's nothing I don't like about Merlin, in this presentation. I love everything, even the things I find despicable and abhorrent in Merlin. They're actually a joy to ride on the tailcoats of. -- Joseph Fiennes
  • Fuzzy thinking is, after all, just one step above not thinking at all. But to take the ideas of serious transformational thinkers and philosophers and throw the "new age" label at them is also abhorrent. -- Marianne Williamson
  • Nothing is more abhorrent to me than sugary-sweet photography full of pretense, poses, and gimmickry. For this reason, I have allowed myself to tell the truth about our times and people in a sincere manner. -- August Sander