Tony Two Toes Quotes in Eraser (1996)


Tony Two Toes Quotes:

  • Tony Two Toes: There they are. Commie bastards!

    Mikey: They're not communists any more, Tony. They're a federation of independent liberated states.

    Tony Two Toes: Don't make me hurt you, Mikey.

  • Tony Two Toes: No one screws with the union!

  • Sal: We heard you got whacked.

    Johnny C: Yeah, must have been some other guy.

    Tony Two Toes: Yeah? Was it some other guy who ratted out Vincenzo Canelli?

    Johnny C: Hey, Canelli's a piece of shit.

    Tony Two Toes: I got no love for Canelli, either. But you crossed the line, Johnny.

    Johnny C: Hey, I'm still here.

    Tony Two Toes: Nah, that don't matter. What you did was wrong, John.

    John: [entering] No, what he did got a drug dealer and his poison off the streets.

    Tony Two Toes: Whose da tree trunk?

  • John: A major defense contractor is selling to terrorists on the black market.

    [Tony and his whole crew start laughing]

    Tony Two Toes: Mr. Sixty Minutes, tell me something I don't know.

    John: It's happening tonight, on your docks.

    Tony Two Toes: [stops laughing] *That* I didn't know.

  • Tony Two Toes: We're from the local 129th, sonny.

    Mikey: We heard you was loading a ship without the assistance of bonefide union labor. Say it ain't so.

  • Perimeter Guy: [on his walkie-talkie] Sir, I have a situation here.

    Tony Two Toes: [to Dock Guard] You certainly do.

  • Tony Two Toes: [counting the union rep payee envelopes] Hey, Mikey. You're one payment short.

    Mikey: Oh, that's Louis. He didn't pay.

    Tony Two Toes: He didn't pay? Why?

    Mikey: He needed a few extra days to come up with the money, so I told him it was okay.

    Tony Two Toes: You going soft on me, Mikey? What exactly did he say?

    Johnny C: He said, "Tell that fat fuck, Tony Two Toes, I ain't payin' another dime!"

    Tony Two Toes: I know that voice... but it can't be him, unless he's a ghost.

    Johnny C: [walks into room] Boo.

  • Tony Two Toes: Lemme explain somethin' to ya, sonny boy. Nothin' moves off these docks without it don't get loaded by the union. I don't see no union people around here. Do you?

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