Toni Quotes in Red Dawn (1984)


Toni Quotes:

  • Col. Andy Tanner: [using a crude diorama, the Wolverines prepare for an assault on the Calumet Drive-In, which is now a Russo-Cuban "Re-education Camp"] All right. Four planes. Cuban bunker, Russian bunker. munitions dump, troop tents. Four machine gun bunkers. Back here by the drive-in screen are your political prisoners. We'll cause a diversion over here... cut holes in the wire here, fire on all these machine gun positions. The B-Group comes across this area in a flanking maneuver... and when you reach this bunker, you lay down grazing fire on this defilade. I think that's pretty simple. Anybody got any questions so far?

    Aardvark: What's a "flank?"

    Toni: What's a "defilade?"

    Robert: What's "grazing fire?"

    Col. Andy Tanner: [out loud, to himself] I need a drink.

  • Toni: [her dying words, to Jed] Go on ahead. I'm just gonna stay here and listen to the wind a while, okay?

    [He gives her a grenade, pulls the pin for her and kisses her goodbye; she then rigs herself as a boobytrap]

  • Erica: [to Stepan] Do you speak German?

    Matt Eckert: So what if he does? You don't.

    Stepan Gorsky: Gorsky, Stepan Yevgenyvitch...!


    [He and his fellow Wolverines proceed to beat up Stepan]

    Danny: [as he and Toni look on] They're gonna hurt him!

    Toni: Good!

  • Matt Eckert: Why don't you make yourself useful?

    Erica: You wash it! We're never doing your washing again! Me and her is as good as any of you!

    Matt Eckert: So what's up your ass?

    Erica: Shut up! Don't you ever say that again! Hear me? Say that again, I'll kill you! Hear me? I'll kill you.

    Matt Eckert: So what did I do?

    Toni: What you said was wrong.

  • Toni: What about Tarzan?

    Slade: If he's alive, he'll come to me.

  • Toni: There's only two things worthwhile for a girl - men and money!

  • Thalice: How do you spell Mississippi?

    Toni: M-I-S-S-I... Who cares, mom? I live in Maine!

  • Toni: I know you're sad, you miss your mom. But please don't die, I'll be your best friend forever. And I will always take care of you, I promise. I love you.

  • Thalice: Harry, why is there herring in the fridge?

    Toni: It's for a friend.

    Thalice: A fish eating raspberry blowing friend? Harry Whitney, you KNEW that seal was gonna come back here!

  • Toni: What do you think went wrong with him and her?

    Harry Whitney: Maybe him and her ain't a him and her.

    Toni: [shocked] I put the dress on the wrong one?

  • Michael: What are you guys doing tonight?

    Deborah Anne Fimple: Nothing much.

    Toni: Kappa Omega party.

    Michael: Oh, you mean the homo house?

    Deborah Anne Fimple: Well one will crack jokes about others when they are insecure with their own masculinity.

    Michael: Oh, I hate guys like that. They're so immature.

    Steve Powers: [Steve drives up] Hey beautiful! Want a ride?

    Michael: No thanks, Steve. I'll walk.

    Deborah Anne Fimple: [sarcastically] Real mature.

  • Michael: [Michael has finished composing his letter to Deborah, he reads it before sealing it, impressed with his work] Jesus.

    Toni: [steaming Michael's letter open and reading it, in disgust] JESUS!

    Deborah Anne Fimple: [reading "Michael's" letter by Toni, dreamily] Jesus...

  • [Toni has arranged for Debbie to meet her Secret Admirer]

    Deborah Anne Fimple: [wearing a teddy, posing in the mirror] What should I wear?

    Toni: Something demure.

    Deborah Anne Fimple: Oh, yeah. Christian Demure. I've got tons of her stuff.

  • Toni: Michael... I think you just won the Asshole of the Year Award.

    [slams door in Michael's face]

  • Toni: [shouting through drive-through speaker] Did you tell your friends I boffed your brains out in your van?

  • Eddy: Oh. Somebody's always doin' somebody wrong. On that radio.

    Toni: Oh, cheer up. At least you're not going to jail.

    Eddy: Right.

    Toni: What's on your mind?

    Eddy: I was ready to explode, when you were on my lap.

    Toni: Oh, is this the sweet-talking stage?

    Eddy: You kill me.

    Toni: You're turning me on.

    Eddy: You're wild.

    Toni: I'm ready.

  • Toni: I've neer done this handcuffed to a man before. Kinda sexy, don't ya think

  • Toni: Life is a moment, spread your wings and fly!

  • Sally Kendall: You want a cuppa?

    Toni: Do you like being everyone's slave?... I'm sorry... You just do everything for everyone.

    Sally Kendall: No, you're right. Tea's there. You can make it yourself.

    Toni: I'm not saying you shouldn't... Don't you get sick of it, though?

    Sally Kendall: Sick of what?

    Toni: Well, fuck, if it was me, I'd leave the bastards to get on with it.

    Sally Kendall: Probably bloody kill each other.

    Toni: [Imitating Scarlett O'Hara] Well, Frankly, my dear, I'd risk it... Hmm.

  • Toni: What?

    Ned Kendall: You sound like a fucking tart.

    Toni: That's because you fuck me like one, you shit!

    Toni: How come you never look at me?

    Ned Kendall: What?

    Toni: How come you never look at my face when we fuck?

    Ned Kendall: I love looking at you. You're beautiful.

    Toni: Do you love me?

    Ned Kendall: I'm marrying you, aren't I?

    Toni: You're such a shit. What kind of answer is that?

    Ned Kendall: Toni, Toni, Toni, Toni. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Come here. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Of course I love you. You silly old cow, I love you.

    Toni: Do you promise?

    Ned Kendall: Yes.

  • Kayla: [the soccer team is running warm-ups. They run across The Jogger Bridge. Each girl kisses her hand and sets it on the rail] Pay your respects, new girl.

    [Eve does it]

    Eve: What's that for?

    Kayla: Stacy St. Clair.

    Coach Cowan: You'll move faster if your lips stop flapping!

    Toni: She needs to get stuffed.

    Coach Cowan: Got some three nights ago, Toni! Move it!

  • Toni: [Explaining to Eve about Stacy St. Clair] So there's this huge party, right? Like an 'end of the semester' crazy fling thing.

    Kayla: And you know how the Sacred Heart crowd is. They party mad hard.

    Toni: Yeah, cause Catholic school messes with your head and shit.

    Kayla: They're all totally repressed.

    Toni: Totes. So there's this kid there that nobody's ever seen before, and he's all in leather with this green mohawk.

    Kayla: I heard it was blue.

    Toni: So there's this guy with this *blue* mohawk, and he's at this party, and he's handing out acid hits for free.

    Kayla: It wasn't free.

    Toni: It *was* free, that's a fact. It was free, and Stacy St. Clair got some. But this isn't like, regular acid. It's like crazy stuff, like insane! People are tasting colors and seeing sounds. And Stacy had butterflies on her fingers.

    Kayla: How would Chris Harper know that?

    Toni: Shh! Because! Jed Spellman told him, that's how. Anyway, Eve, one of her butterflies flew away, and she flips out and starts chasing it. And she almost had it when she was at the bridge.

  • Toni: Just stop, Danny, this isn't you!

    Danny: No. It's family.

  • Toni: Yuck! This stuff is shitty tasting!

    Laura: You're not supposed to eat the fuzz.

  • Toni: I have the IQ of Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Put together.

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