Tommy Williams Quotes in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Tommy Williams Quotes:

  • [after Tommy told the story of how he got arrested]

    Andy Dufresne: Maybe it's time for you to switch careers.

    Tommy Williams: Huh?

    Andy Dufresne: What I mean is, you don't seem to be a very good thief, maybe you should try something else.

    Tommy Williams: Yeah, well, what the hell do you know about it Capone? What are you in for?

    Andy Dufresne: Me? My lawyer fucked me. Everybody's innocent in here. Didn't you know that?

  • Tommy Williams: So I'm backing out the door, right, and I got the TV, like this; it was a big old thing, I couldn't see shit; suddenly I hear this voice, "Police, kid, hands in the air." You know, I was standing there, holdin' on to that TV, so finally the voice says, "You hear what I said, boy?" And I say, "Yes sir, I sure did, but if I drop this fucking thing you got me on destruction of property too."

  • Tommy Williams: I don't read so good.

    Andy Dufresne: Well.


    Andy Dufresne: You don't read so *well*. Uh, we'll get to that.

  • Red: [narrating] Tommy Williams came to Shawshank in 1965 on a two-year stretch for B&E. That's breaking & entering to you. Cops caught him sneaking TV sets out the back door of a JC Penney. Young punk. Mr. Rock and Roll. Cocky as hell.

    Tommy Williams: Hey, c'mon, old boys! You're movin' like molasses! Makin' me look bad!

    Red: [narrating] We liked him immediately.

  • Andy Dufresne: I want to know how the score comes out.

    Tommy Williams: I'll show you how the score comes out

    [crumbles test paper]

    Tommy Williams: . TWO POINTS! THERE'S YOUR GODDAMN SCORE! Cats crawling on trees, five times five is twenty-five.


    Tommy Williams: FUCK THIS PLACE! FUCK IT!

    [Smacks book off the library table, and stormed out]

  • [Tommy and Red are talking about Andy]

    Tommy Williams: What's he in here for, anyway?

    Red: Murder.

    Tommy Williams: [Impressed] The hell you say!

  • [Tommy receives a letter from the Board of Education]

    Red: You gonna open it, or stand there with your thumb up your butt?

    Tommy Williams: Thumb up my butt sounds better.

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