Tommy Oliver Quotes in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)


Tommy Oliver Quotes:

  • Rocky DeSantos: Well, pack your bags. 'Cause we're sending you back right where you came from.

    Ivan Ooze: Gee, a teenager with a big mouth. Not much has changed in 6,000 years.

    Kimberly Hart: You obviously don't know how who you're dealing with, Mr. Raisin Head.

    Ivan Ooze: Really?

    Tommy Oliver: Yeah. We're the Power Rangers!

    Ivan Ooze: Whoo! Where's my autograph book? Ha! Power Rangers, huh? So, Zordon's still using a bunch of kids to do his dirty work. Well, meet my kids.

    [raises his army of Oozelings]

  • Tommy Oliver: Let's do it, guys!

    Kimberly HartBilly CranstonRocky DeSantosAdam ParkAisha Campbell: Right!

    Tommy Oliver: It's Morphin' time!

    [thunder roars]

    Kimberly Hart: Pterodactyl!

    [Kimberly's morpher glows and we hear a screeching sound. She then becomes the Pink Ranger]

    Billy Cranston: Triceratops!

    [Billy's morpher glows and we hear a growling sound. He then becomes the Blue Ranger]

    Rocky DeSantos: Tyrannosaurus!

    [Rocky's morpher glows and we hear a snarling sound. He then becomes the Red Ranger]

    Adam Park: Mastodon!

    [Adam's morpher glows and we hear a trumpeting sound. He then becomes the Black Ranger]

    Aisha Campbell: Saber-Toothed Tiger!

    [Aisha's morpher glows and we hear a roaring sound. She then becomes the Yellow Ranger]

    Tommy Oliver: White Tiger!

    [Tommy's morpher glows and we hear the sond of wind howling. He then becomes the White Ranger]

  • Tommy Oliver: Yo, fossil head! I've got a bone to pick with you!

  • Kimberly Hart: [to Fred] Rumor has it you're quite the hero.

    Tommy Oliver: That's my man.

    Fred Kelman: I helped a bit. The Power Rangers did most of the work.

    Tommy Oliver: Hey, things got tough. You didn't panic. You, my friend, demonstrated true bravery.

    Fred Kelman: It's like what you taught me about martial arts. Use your head, and above all, stay calm.

  • Aisha Campbell: I heard you're in line to be a Ranger yourself one of these days.

    Fred Kelman: Nah. That's impossible.

    Tommy Oliver: Hey. Anything's possible.

    Fred Kelman: You really think so?

    Tommy Oliver: I know so.

    Fred Kelman: Fred Kelman, the Silver Ranger.

    Billy Cranston: It does have a certain ring to it.

    Fred Kelman: Fred Kelman, the Gold Ranger.

  • Billy Cranston: We were told there was a great power here. Is it true?

    Dulcea: Yes. The ground is littered with the bones of those who have tried for it and failed.

    Tommy Oliver: Well, we're different. We won't fail.

  • Tommy Oliver: We need Megazord Power Now!

    Tommy OliverBilly CranstonAdam ParkAisha CampbellKimberly HartRocky DeSantos: Ninja Megazord Power Up!

  • Kimberly Hart: Tommy, get your butt down here.

    Tommy Oliver: Falcon Zord, coming in to complete sequence.

    [Falcon Zord finishes the Megazord sequence]

    Tommy Oliver: Ninja Falcon Megazord!

  • [after destroying Ivan Ooze, the Power Rangers are reunited at the command center]

    Aisha Campbell: Alpha!

    Alpha 5: Rangers, you made it! But... I'm afraid you're too late.

    Billy Cranston: Too late?

    [the Power Rangers, on the verge of tears, realize that Zordon is "dead"]

    Kimberly Hart: [sobs] This can't be happening.

    Tommy Oliver: Remember what we learned? To those who possess the Great Power, all things are possible.

  • Tommy Oliver: [upon defeating the last Gatekeeper] Eightball, corner pocket!

  • [Jason has Tommy in a stranglehold close to the fire pit]


    Tommy Oliver: That's right, Jase, but you're not using your brain power!

  • Tommy Oliver: Kim!

    [Removes helmet]

    Tommy Oliver: Look at me, Kim. Look at me!

    Katherine 'Kat' Hillard: Yes! We're your friends!

    Kimberly: Friends? Hahaha! I don't have any friends.

    [Tommy is tackled by Jason and pulled away]

    Kimberly: And sweetie? Pink is out.

    [Brutally kicks Kat and walks away]

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