Tom Collier Quotes in The Animal Kingdom (1932)


Tom Collier Quotes:

  • Daisy Sage: Goodbye, you, Tom Collier.

    Tom Collier: Goodbye? Until when?

    Daisy Sage: Doomsday, my darling.

  • Daisy Sage: You're a free man you know, Tommy, always have been with me, no questions asked, but oh, please, Mexico in June, together, because listen... No, don't look at me. Look in the other way.

    [Takes a deep breath]

    Daisy Sage: On the boat coming over, the sweetest small boy, about two, and I got crazy about him and I want one. I want one *badly*. So would you please be good enough to marry me?

    Tom Collier: [Is startled and stands straight up]

    Daisy Sage: Oh, you always said you wanted to and I wouldn't let you. Well, it isn't terribly serious, not a life sentence, you know, just for a little while if you like. Will be such a dirty trick on him if you didn't.

  • Tom Collier: I thought for a long time we have been out of page so far as... so far as...

    Daisy Sage: Wanting each other goes?

    Tom Collier: Well, haven't we?

    Daisy Sage: Speak for yourself, Tom.

    Tom Collier: You too, Daisy. You first, I think.

    Daisy Sage: Well, it's true that side of it was never so much to us, not in comparison, not... well not after those first crazy months. But I... I thought that was natural. I was even glad. Glad that it was all our needs that held us together. So closely. Not a claim. Never a claim but so closely.

  • Tom Collier: [Holding Cecilia's hands and admiring her] Oh, Cee darling, what a marvellous object you are.

    [They kiss]

    Tom Collier: Oh, I feel good.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: So do I.

    Tom Collier: Do you?

    Tom Collier: [Ogling her from head to foot]

    Tom Collier: I love you, Cee.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Stop it, Tom. You're embarrassing me.

    Tom Collier: Why?

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I feel quite naked.

  • Tom Collier: Tell me, darling, did you really say you'd marry me?

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I'm afraid I did.

    Tom Collier: Oh, heaven help us both. Just this one marriage please. You know I haven't been very good about marriage. I was exposed to a very bad case of it as a baby. We must make a grand go of it.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Oh, we shall. Never you fear.

    Tom Collier: Well, you-you just do everything I say and it'll be alright.

    Tom Collier: With pleasure, sir!

  • Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Well, Cee, for a long time I've known, known intimately, a girl whose been very important to me.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Yes.

    Tom Collier: Daisy's done more for me than anyone in this world. She's the best friend I've got. I believe she always will be. I'd hate terribly to lose her. It's-it's been a queer sort of arrangement. Or, no arrangement at all, really. There's been no idea of marriage between us.

  • Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I see.

    Tom Collier: Cee, we've, well we've been everything possible to each other, of course. But,

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Yes, Tom.

    Tom Collier: At the same time, as free as air. I mean, there's never been any feeling of conventional responsibility towards each other, involved in it.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I can understand that.

    Tom Collier: Can you, Cee? Because, I never could.

  • Tom Collier: Cee, your eyes are so bright.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Oh, eat you. You're seeing things.

    Tom Collier: Cee.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Yes, dear.

    Tom Collier: You know, a little love is no love.

  • Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: We shouldn't. You know we shouldn't.

    Tom Collier: But, eh, we seem to be.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: All at once, I feel terribly naughty, somehow.

  • Tom Collier: Champagne, the friend of lovers.

  • Grace: Well, I guess I'd better be barging along, as they say. I, er, I am sure it's getting cold by the minute.

    Tom Collier: Yes, it's almost cold enough to... You know, I, I think we'd best bring in the brass monkeys tonight, don't you?

  • Grace: I read the new book you published last week, Tom.

    Tom Collier: Oh, yes? What-what do you think of it?

    Grace: Superlative, my dear. I was simply ravished.

  • Tom Collier: If you're ever hard up, though, you know were to come.

    'Red' Regan - the majordomo: That goes both ways.

  • Tom Collier: Red, do you ever think about your future?

    'Red' Regan - the majordomo: I guess where I'll go, it'll be plenty hot.

  • Tom Collier: I know, the Florentine! A private room at the Florentine.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: What's that?

    Tom Collier: Its a sort of hotel. Run by a woman called Flora Conover.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Sounds wicked.

    Tom Collier: It used to be the best place in London.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Place? What sort of place?

    Tom Collier: Twenty guineas.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Twenty guineas?

    Tom Collier: On the mantle piece.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: What are you talking about?

    Tom Collier: In advance, at that.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Rather expensive, wasn't it?

    Tom Collier: Well, one went to Flora's to celebrate and the food was good, the waiter discreet, the wine excellent, the lady most artful.

    Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I don't care to hear about it, thank you.

  • Tom Collier: Oh, Cee, my lovely Cee, where are you? What's become of you?

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