Todd Cleary Quotes in Wedding Crashers (2005)


Todd Cleary Quotes:

  • Jeremy Grey: Todd, I notice you haven't even touched your food yet.

    Todd Cleary: I don't eat meat or fish.

    Grandma Mary Cleary: He's a homo.

  • Todd Cleary: Death, you are my bitch lover!

    Secretary Cleary: Todd, that's good! Tell that mean ocean!

  • Todd Cleary: Jeremy tried to seduce me! I want my painting back!

    Jeremy Grey: The painting was a gift, Todd. I'm taking it with me.

  • Todd Cleary: Let's play tummy sticks.

  • [Todd gets up angrily from the dining table]

    Todd Cleary: I'll be in my room, painting.


    Todd Cleary: Homo things!

  • Secretary Cleary: It wouldn't kill you to play some competitive sports, once in a while.

    Todd Cleary: [suddenly incensed] Would that make you love me?

  • Claire Cleary: Actually Todd is an amazing painter. He's going to the Rhode Island School of Design.

    John Beckwith: Wow, that's a great school. Congratulations, Todd. That's really impressive. RIS-D!

    Todd Cleary: Yeah, Dad - Dad always thought I'd be a political liability...

    [getting angry]

    Todd Cleary: case he ever ran for President.

    Secretary Cleary: Now, now Todd. Actually, truth be told, polling shows that a majority of the American people would ultimately empathize with our situation.

    Todd Cleary: [sharply, raising his voice] What IS our situation, Dad?

    Grandma Mary Cleary: You're a homo.

  • Todd Cleary: We had a moment at the dinner table didn't we?

    Jeremy Grey: No! No! We did not have a moment at the dinner table, Todd!

  • Todd Cleary: I made you a painting. I call it "Celebration." It's sexual and violent. I thought you might like it.

  • Todd Cleary: Mom make you feel her tits?

    John Beckwith: Did you say something, Todd?

    Todd Cleary: Mom make you feel her tits?

    John Beckwith: Todd, where are you going with this?

    Todd Cleary: Just don't say anything to my dad, though. Some friend of my sister's said something to my dad a couple of years ago, he now lives in a shack in Guam... not by choice.

    John Beckwith: Stop kidding with me Todd. You almost had me. Come on!

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