Tinman Quotes in The Wiz (1978)


Tinman Quotes:

  • Tinman: The genius who created me only took care of my dashing good looks, my razor sharp wit and my irresistible attraction to the wrong women.

  • Scarecrow: Now I'll never get my brain!

    Tinman: Nor my heart.

    Lion: Or my courage

    Dorothy: But you don't need them now because you've had them all the time. Scarecrow, you're the one who figured out how to find the yellow brick road and how to destroy Evillene, and every smart move we've made, didn't you? Lion, you wouldn't even give up when Evillene strung you up by your tail. And, Tin Man, you have more heart than anyone I've ever known.

    Tinman: [hopeful] Honest?

    Dorothy: Yeah, you never needed anything from the fake wizard, anyway.

  • Scarecrow: Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute.

    Tinman: I was there when he said it, but I never thought I'd be one of them.

  • [repeated line]

    Tinman: TEENY! TEENY!

  • Scarecrow: Stay right there.

    Tinman: [stuck underneath a big heavy round tin-woman] Don't worry, I wasn't planning any promenades.

  • Tinman: There is nothing amusing about the closing down of an amusement park.

  • Lion: Mamma would be so proud - goin' to see da WIZ!


    Lion: My momma used to say ta me, Fleet -...

    TinmanScarecrowDorothy: FLEET?

    Lion: That's my name: Fleetwood Coupe de Ville!

    TinmanScarecrowDorothy: [snickers]

    Lion: Momma had high ideals...

    Tinman: Yeah!

    Lion: Y'know what I mean?

    Tinman: Yeah!

    [Lion and Tin Man high-five]

    Tinman: Ha hah!

  • Scarecrow: I'll think about you all the time, Dorothy!

    Tinman: And I'll miss you... every day. Even if I had to go back to that junk pile... even as teeny's seat cushion... I wouldn't mind... because I have known... real love.


    Dorothy: Aww... don't rust yourself now.

    [wipes away the tears]

  • Dorothy: He must really be in shock!

    Tinman: Oh, what I wouldn't give to be in shock! Just Once!

  • Lion: [Strung up by his tail in Evilene's lair] Don't give her the slippers, Dorothy!

    Evillene: Is this enough for you? No? Well, how about your metal friend over there?

    Tinman: [a giant piledriver begins to flatten him] Don't worry, Dorothy! I'm just an empty shell! This doesn't hurt me!

  • Tinman: Hurry hurry hurry, step on up and save a life!

  • Tinman: [after Dorothy cannot find his heart in his chest] Nobody home in Soulville.

  • Lion: Lion is playing with his tail and then says They kicked me out on IOBK

    Tinman: What is IOBK?

    Lion: Incapable of being King

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