Tiberias Quotes in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


Tiberias Quotes:

  • Tiberias: But Saladin and the king between them would make a better world.

    Hospitaller: If it lives only for a while, Tiberias, it still has lived.

  • Reynald de Chatillon: [at a hearing in Tiberias' chambers] Who says I raid?

    Tiberias: That witness... all of Jerusalem... Holy God... and me.

    Reynald de Chatillon: That "witness," if you call him that, is a Saracen. He lies.

    Tiberias: There will come a day, Reynald de Chatillon, when you are not protected by your title.

    Reynald de Chatillon: Oh? When will that be? Alert me, Tiberias, when men are equal and the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived.

    Tiberias: Those Templars have been hung for a raid that I KNOW you commanded!

    Reynald de Chatillon: Prove it. I will wait at Kerak until you do.

    Tiberias: The king will take your castle of Kerak, Reynald.

    Reynald de Chatillon: Try to take it, Tiberias. I'll be there.

    [he walks out with a dirty look at the Saracen witness]

    Muslim Grandee: [in Arabic] You're letting him go? Why are you letting him go?

    Tiberias: I cannot protect your caravans unless you agree to be escorted by our soldiers.

    Muslim Grandee: [in English] I trade to make money, not to offend God by associating with Christians.

    Tiberias: [hefting a sack of money] But you will take Christian gold.

    Muslim Grandee: Gold is gold.

    [Tiberias tosses it to him]

    Tiberias: Of course.

  • Tiberias: That I would rather live with men than kill them is certainly why you are alive.

    Guy de Lusignan: [Chuckles] That sort of Christianity has its uses, I suppose...

  • Tiberias: There is a rumour. We must condemn it immediately.

    Sybilla: Call it treason. And kill those who whisper it.

    Tiberias: The rumour will die if we show the boy as active...

    Sybilla: [bursts out] How long before he wears a mask? Will you have one made for him? How did my boy deserve it? Jerusalem is dead, Tiberias. No kingdom is worth my son alive in hell. I will go to hell instead.

    [Tiberias steps forth and hugs Sibylla]

  • Tiberias: [to Balian] May God be with you, he's no longer with me.

  • Tiberias: I have given Jerusalem my whole life. First, I thought we were fighting for God. Then I realized we were fighting for wealth and land. I was ashamed.

  • King Baldwin IV: Saladin has crossed the Jordan with 200,000 men.

    Tiberias: He will make first for Kerak and Reynald de Chatillon.

    Tiberias: [tries to help the King stand up] My lord.

    King Baldwin IV: [rejects the help and stands up by himself] We must meet him before he reaches Kerak. I will lead the army.

    Tiberias: My lord, if you travel, you'll die.

    King Baldwin IV: Send word to Balian to protect the villagers.

    King Baldwin IV: Assemble the army.

    [the Templars cheer]

  • Tiberias: [to Balian] You're your father's son. He was my friend. I'm yours.

  • Guy de Lusignan: [about Sibylla] My wife does not lament my absences. And is either the best of wives... or the very, very worst.


    Tiberias: [to Sibylla as a toast] To the very best of wives.

  • Templar Master: We should meet the enemies of God!

    Guy de Lusignan: And so we shall.

    Tiberias: Then you do so without my knights.

    Guy de Lusignan: Then I will have the glory, Tiberias. You had yours, years ago. It's time for mine.

  • Tiberias: There will be a day, Reynald de Chatillon, when you will no longer be protected by your title.

    Reynald: Oh? And when will that be?

  • Reynald: Who says I raid?

    Tiberias: That witness, all of Jerusalem, Holy God! - and me.

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