Thufir Hawat Quotes in Dune (1984)


Thufir Hawat Quotes:

  • Paul: [sees Thufir] My God.

    [inner voice]

    Paul: They've taken your mind.

    [out loud]

    Paul: Gurney, I see Thufir Hawat among the captives. Let him stand free.

    Feyd-Rautha: [turns towards Thufir] The antidote.

    [he slips a knife inside Thufir's sleeve]

    Gurney Halleck: Thufir, come.

    Paul: In payment of the many years of service to my family, you may ask me of anything you wish. Do you need my life, old friend? It is yours.

    [turns around]

    Paul: I mean this Thufir, if you are to strike, do it now.

    Thufir Hawat: [raises knife, to everyone's shock, but drops it and turns back to Feyd] Did you truly believe, even for a moment, that I would fail my Duke TWICE?

    [He rips out his own heart plug, then collapses into Paul's arms]

    Thufir Hawat: Three generations of... you...

    [he dies]

    Paul: Carry this noble Atreides warrior away. Do him all honor.

  • Thufir Hawat: My lord?

    Duke Leto Atreides: Thufir, haven't you heard from Duncan Idaho yet?

    Thufir Hawat: No sire. I have, however, discovered what the city Freemen called out to Paul when we entered the city.

    Duke Leto Atreides: Mahdi... And Lisan al Ghaeeb. Yes.

    Thufir Hawat: It is a prophecy that a young leader will come to them with a Bene Gesserit mother. It follows the familiar messiah pattern.

    Duke Leto Atreides: But Mahdi?

    Thufir Hawat: Yes. It seems it is written that he will lead them to true freedom.

  • Thufir Hawat: Remember, the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing that one has been set.

    Paul: If we know it's a trap, then why are we going?

    Thufir Hawat: We have our new Army. Dr. Yueh, put the weirding module on him.

    [Thufir holds Paul's shoulders admiringly, then playfully mimes stabbing him in the side of the neck]

  • Feyd-Rautha: All I see is an Atreides I want to kill.

    Baron Harkonnen: Come, Feyd, Thufir's a Harkonnen now. Aren't you Thufir?

    Thufir Hawat: [voice over] Oh, my Duke, how I've failed you.

  • Paul: I know, Thufir, I'm sitting with my back to the door. I heard you, Dr. Yueh and Gurney coming down the hall.

    Thufir Hawat: Those sounds could be imitated!

    Paul: [Looks around and sees he was right] I'd know the difference.

    Thufir Hawat: [voice over] Yes, perhaps he would at that.

  • Thufir Hawat: Sector six through eighty progress reports, Sire.

    Duke Leto Atreides: Take it, Thufir.

    Thufir Hawat: [speaking rapidly into a communications device] Sector six-eighty, copy the sixth the sum of the eighth quadrant of the ninth plus eight-four circles weave the eighth quarter the fourth, copy!

    [the device hums briefly]

    Thufir Hawat: [to the communication device] Eight! Thufir Hawat, Mentant, Master of Assassins.

    Thufir Hawat: [to the Duke] The palace is now secure.

  • Thufir Hawat: We're finding these sabotaged devices too easily...

  • Thufir Hawat: [seating himself on a bench along the training room wall] Activate a fighter.

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