The Trickster Quotes in Brainscan (1994)


The Trickster Quotes:

  • [Michael argues with Trickster about not even knowing the man he murdered]

    Michael: This doesn't make any sense!

    The Trickster: It doesn't have to make sense. All these horror movies you watch... does 'Death, Death, Death' make sense? No. It's not about sense. It's about death, death, death.

    Michael: I didn't kill the man. I didn't even know him!

    The Trickster: There lies the beauty. You had no motive. It was totally random. Like in the animal world, prey doesn't have a name. It was primal.

    The Trickster: [Trickster growls] I can't wait to see what you do next.

  • [Michael yells at Trickster that the program Brainscan isn't supposed to be real]

    The Trickster: I was there when you cut off his foot. It was real. It was magic.

    Michael: It wasn't supposed to be real!

    The Trickster: Real, unreal, what's the difference? So long as you don't get caught.

  • [Trickster tells Michael there was a witness to his murder in the Brainscan game]

    Michael: There was a witness?

    The Trickster: Two, if you count me. But I'll never turn you in.

    The Trickster: [Trickster shocks himself with a million volts] They could pump a million volts in me.

    The Trickster: [Trickster cracks two of his fingers] They could bust my fingers, one bye one,

    The Trickster: [Trickster cracks another] By one,

    The Trickster: [Trickster cracks another] By one.

    The Trickster: [Trickster then digs his fingers into his eyes] They could dig out my eyes.

    The Trickster: But... No country-western music, please. Every man has his limits.

  • [Michael calls Brainscan for the first time]

    The Trickster: Hello. You've reached Brainscan.

    Michael: Uh, my name is Michael Brower. You can reach me at 717...

    The Trickster: Hello, Michael.

    Michael: I'm sorry. I thought you were a machine.

  • [Michael talks on the phone to the voice of the Brainscan game]

    The Trickster: How can I assist you?

    Michael: I read your ad in Fango. And I just wanted to find out what's the big deal?

    The Trickster: It's the most frightening experience you'll ever have the displeasure of coming into contact with.

    Michael: Sure, it is. Look, I've played 'em all.

    The Trickster: Brainscan's more than just a game.

    Michael: Yeah, right, well... What's it about?

    The Trickster: It depends on the individual. What makes Brainscan unique is that it interfaces with your subconscious. You supply the inspiration, and we take care of the rest.

    Michael: Look, R2-D2, how do you really expect me to believe...

    The Trickster: [Michael suddenly gets shocked from nowhere while sitting in his gamer chair] Let us worry about the details, Michael. It's too late for that. It's been decided that you'll play 'Death By Design.' The first installment will arrive soon. Enjoy the ride.

  • [Michael puts in the game Brainscan to his TV]

    The Trickster: [the voice in his TV] Listen carefully. For the next two hours you're going to experience mind program entry, that's a powerful force, not unlike hypnosis, transmitted through the television's blanking signal. It's going to alter your reality.

    Michael: [Michael scoffs] Who the hell are you?

    The Trickster: Take this seriously, Michael. You'll be watching a brutal murder through the eyes of a killer, and you'll affect his actions. It won't be pretty.

    Michael: No kidding!

    The Trickster: There is one limitation. You must stalk and kill within the time limit of the program.

    Michael: Like a video game, right?

    The Trickster: Video games are ancient history. This is the first disk in a series of four. If time runs out you'll not be allowed to play the next disk. That can be extremely dangerous. Do not let that happen. One final detail... you must think like a killer. Cover up any clues. Leave no witnesses, no evidence. And most importantly, enjoy the fear!

    Michael: [Michael presses play to start the game] Well, let's party.

  • [Michael enters the game and plays Brainscan for the first time]

    The Trickster: [Michael's character starts outside the front of a quiet house, the Brainscan voice whispers in his ear] The gate. The gate.

    The Trickster: [Michael enters the side gate] On the right.

    The Trickster: [Michael opens the back door] That's it. That's it. Inside.

    The Trickster: [Michael grabs a weapon out of the kitchen] Choose one.

    The Trickster: [Michael looks to the living room] Upstairs.

    The Trickster: [Michael goes up the stairs and into a bedroom where a man is sleeping] Bingo.

    The Trickster: [Michael holds a knife to the man's eye] Do it. Do it!

    The Trickster: [Michael hesitates on stabbing the man] What are you waiting for?

    [Michael stabs the man repeatedly as the Trickster voice laughs at his screams]

    The Trickster: [Michael see's the man collapse] Make sure he's dead.

    The Trickster: [Michael kicks the man in the face with his foot] Good. A little creativity.

    The Trickster: [Michael begins to cut off the man's foot] Excellent.

    The Trickster: [the man wakes up as Michael hits him back to the ground] You got what you came for. Be sure you put it in a safe place.

    [Michael wakes up from the Brainscan program]

  • [Michael meets Trickster for the first time]

    The Trickster: [Trickster morphs out of Michael's television set] Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trickster.

    The Trickster: [Trickster takes a bow] Where were we? Ah, yes. You may not remember the details, my boy, but I'm positive you remember controlling the disk. You controlled what happened.

    Michael: What?

    The Trickster: So you take responsibility?

    Michael: How did you get in here?

    The Trickster: You invited me in. That's how it always works.

  • [Trickster goes through Michael's music cd's]

    The Trickster: Michael, don't you have anything good?

    The Trickster: [Trickster pulls out a music cd from his coat jacket] Never leave home without it.

    The Trickster: From the top of the charts... to a space in your heart.

    [Trickster plays a metal track on Michael's radio and begins to howl and dance to it]

  • [Trickster tells Michael what the cops are going to say when they find out he's the murderer]

    The Trickster: What will you say to them, then?

    Michael: What do you mean?

    The Trickster: Why did you leave the school on the day of the murder, Mr. Brower? Where were you last night, Mr. Brower? Were you alone, Mr. Brower? Where's your father, Mr. Brower? Where's your mother, Mr. Brower?

    Michael: [Michael screams] Shut up!

    The Trickster: Oh, I don't believe they'll find that answer satisfactory.

  • [Trickster pushes Michael to play the second disk of Brainscan]

    The Trickster: The real question is are you a winner or a loser?

  • [Michael finds Trickster in his bedroom eating on a raw turkey]

    Michael: Son of a bitch.

    The Trickster: Hi, Mike. Fixed myself a little snack. Hope you don't mind.

  • [Trickster tells Michael that he must kill Kimberly in the fourth disk of Brainscan]

    The Trickster: You wanted the ultimate experience in terror. Well, terror's in the doing. It's not watching horror films like some child. It's not spying on Kimberly. You get off on that, Michael.

    Michael: I love her.

    The Trickster: It could be any girl in any window and you know it.

    Michael: [Michael screams] I won't kill her!

  • [Michael holds up a knife to the Trickster]

    Michael: Who the hell are you?

    The Trickster: I still can't believe you don't know.

    The Trickster: [there's a pause] I'm you.

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Fromberg: [Michael shows up to Dr. Fromberg's office] Yes, what can I do for you, Mr. Brower?

    Michael: Well, uh, I have a game I want to show to the Horror Club.

    Dr. Fromberg: 'Brainscan.' Yes, well, this should be entertaining.

    Michael: Yeah, I really think it will. Uh, think you'll have a lot of fun.

    Dr. Fromberg: [Dr. Fromberg repeats the title] 'Brainscan.'

    [as Michael leaves the office, Michael see's the Trickster appear at Dr. Fromberg's desk]

    Michael: I'll see ya.

    The Trickster: [the Trickster laughs] Ah.

  • [after the ending credits begin]

    The Trickster: [the screen shatters as we hear the Trickster laugh] Wait a minute. Haven't you forgotten something.

    [the scene shows the German Shepherd carrying the cut off foot in his mouth]

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