The Spirit Quotes in The Spirit (2008)


The Spirit Quotes:

  • The Spirit: Somebody get me a tie! I don't care what kind, it sure as hell better be red!

  • [from trailer]

    The Spirit: My city, I can not deny her. My city screams. She is my mother. She is my lover, and I am her Spirit.

  • The Spirit: I'm gonna kill you all kinds of dead.

  • The Spirit: I've known some pretty strange women in my time but this one, she's got the final word on strange.

  • [last lines]

    The Spirit: She is the love of my life. And I am her spirit.

  • The Spirit: This is for Sand!

    [hits The Octopus]

    The Spirit: This is for me!

    [hits The Octopus]

    The Spirit: And this is for Muffins!

    [roundhouse kicks The Octopus into a pillar with a Nazi Eagle on top]

    The Octopus: Is that it?

    [Giant marble eagle falls on The Octopus]

  • The Spirit: [Wakes up after being unconscious] What smells dental?

    The Spirit: [Looks around at Nazi decorations, and realizes he's tied to a Dentist chair] Dental and Nazi. Great.

  • The Spirit: There probably isn't a law in the books that you wouldn't break.

    Sand Saref: Tell me, do I look like a good girl?

  • The Spirit: [the Octopus has demonstrated a serum on a cat, muffins] The cat... she is all the reason I need. I will kill you.

  • The Octopus: I had you beat, just like eggs.

    The Spirit: The hell you did!

  • The Spirit: She provides for me, my city does. She gives me everything I need.

  • The Spirit: All the enemy has is gun to knives. I have the entire city as my weapon.

  • Bosse: Who is that man? Wait, don't tell me. I already know. He's my father, right?

    The Spirit: Yes. The king of the Land of Faraway.

  • Jason: Nicholas! We care about you! We used to be like you. We thought nobody cared.

    Kim: But we were wrong. Now we want to be your friends, Nicholas, and make sure you're never alone again. Believe us, Nicholas! Believe us.

    Nicholas: I... I believe you!

    The Spirit: No! You can't! Don't do it! Stop! You don't care! They don't care!

  • Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, what have you done?

    Nicholas: Only what they did to me. They deserved it.

    Tender Heart Bear: No, Nicholas. Please, listen!

    The Spirit: Quick, Nicholas!

    Nicholas: "Nyx... byx... styx!"

    The Spirit: This is only the beginning.

    Tender Heart Bear: This is a job for all the Care Bears!

  • Nicholas: There. The spell is cast. Now, everyone in town will know the loneliness they've made me feel.

    The Spirit: Not quite. Look. These two children still care very much about everyone... except you.

    Nicholas: But they were to fall under my spell.

    The Spirit: Ah, but those soft little bears shield them from your spell with their... love and caring.

    Nicholas: Ah, let them go. I'm even now.

    The Spirit: Are you? What about all the others?

    Nicholas: Others?

    The Spirit: All the others that you have not yet cast your spells on. All the others that still care.

    Nicholas: I've gotten even with the whole town. That's all I wanted.

    The Spirit: The others will come after you for what you've done.

    Nicholas: What should I do?

    The Spirit: You must finish it! Go ahead! Say it!

    Nicholas: Neebo, weebo, tick tock, reebo, zeebo, zip zap, zock! AAH!

    [releases a cloud with evil eyes into the room]

    The Spirit: This spell will seek out the children and bring them to us at any cost!

    Nicholas: Isn't there another way?

    The Spirit: No! They must be taught a lesson! A lesson for the children! A lesson for the town! A lesson for everyone!

    Nicholas: What do you mean everyone?

    The Spirit: Now, go!

    [the cloud leaves]

    Nicholas: You said a lesson. What kind of lesson?

    The Spirit: Never mind that. You must now collect the ingredients for your next spell.

  • Nicholas: It's not going to work! Even the spell won't defeat them!

    The Spirit: The spell was just having a little sport. The children are it's true target. Perhaps a sprinkle of toadstool mold will speed things up.

  • The Spirit: They're on their way!

    Nicholas: [wakes up with a start] Ah! Here?

    The Spirit: You'll be ready for them.

    Nicholas: How?

    The Spirit: By completing your final spell.

    Nicholas: Final spell?

    The Spirit: You must gather the elements quickly. When those two children arrive, they must be all that is left of caring in this world.

    Nicholas: You don't mean...?

    The Spirit: Yes! Everyone must be taught the lesson!

    Nicholas: But...

    The Spirit: Don't you see, Nicholas? It's too late to stop now! You must finish what you started! There's no turning back! Ha HA!

    [the spirit and Nicholas laugh maniacally]

  • Nicholas: Who are you? How do you know my name?

    The Spirit: I am a spirit, Nicholas. Your friend. I know many things... almost everything.

    Nicholas: Everything?

    The Spirit: I know how you can earn more friends.

    Nicholas: Really? How?

    The Spirit: With magic.

    Nicholas: Magic?

    [turns to Mr. Fettuccini]

    The Spirit: Oh, not his magic tricks. I mean real magic. Magic that can make your fondest wish come true.

    Nicholas: You mean you can use magic to get people to like me?

    The Spirit: No, but you could. All you have to do is undo the lock.

  • The Spirit: Well done, Nicholas. He'll be in a deep sleep only long enough for you to take over his magic show.

    Nicholas: But I... I couldn't!

    The Spirit: Yes, you can. You must! This is your chance to show that you are a greater magician than he. They love him for his magic, they'll love you for your's. I'll help you.

    Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas! Stop! This isn't the way to make friends!

    Nicholas: Who are you?

    Tender Heart Bear: I'm Tender Heart. A Care Bear. Your friend.

    The Spirit: Friend? Where was he when you needed him?

    Tender Heart Bear: What matters is I'm here now, and Nicholas needs me the most.

    [the Spirit angrily growls and blows Tender Heart away]

    The Spirit: See, Nicholas? Magic can do anything you want it to.

    Nicholas: Hey, neat!

    Tender Heart Bear: Magic isn't the answer, Nicholas. Your feelings can help you find the true answer.

    The Spirit: Don't listen to him! There are dozens of children out there waiting to see your magic.

    Nicholas: They'll love me just like they did the Great Fetuccini! I know all his tricks. I'm not doing anything wrong.

    Tender Heart Bear: He won't succeed! The spirit doesn't care about him, but I do!

  • [as the audience laughs at Nicholas]

    Nicholas: Make them stop laughing! Make them stop!

    The Spirit: Only you can do that. Here - teach them a lesson.

    Nicholas: A lesson?

    Kid in audience: Come on! Make us laugh!

    The Spirit: One they'll never forget!

    Nicholas: [reads] Simmer-sot, Ra dee tar...

    Tender Heart Bear: Nicholas, no!

    Nicholas: ...Tazork nee!

    [There is a thunderclap. The kids in the audience instantly start brawling]

    The Spirit: Now they know how you've felt all your life, without a friend in the world. Now, they feel nothing!

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