The Montana Kid Quotes in Gunless (2010)


The Montana Kid Quotes:

  • Jane: I guess this is the part where you become a charming memory.

    The Montana Kid: Not quite. Uh, turns out there's a fair bit of debt that has to be satisfied before I can leave this, uh, this town.


    The Montana Kid: I owe fer nine bullets, one tea cup, one shear pin, one case o' snails, one carrot, laundry and sewin' services, 4 horse shoes, one portrait of a ugly lady, one bag o' cats... Wait a minute. Oh, that's oats.

  • The Montana Kid: Where am I?

    Adell Kwon: In the Dominion of Canada.

    The Montana Kid: Ooh just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

  • The Montana Kid: She is most definitely worth a bullet.

    Jane: [Jane overhears what The Montana Kid said] Hey!

    The Montana Kid: No. I meant... I don't mean it that way.

  • [first lines]

    The Montana Kid: [hanging upside down from his horse] Do you, uh, speaky English?

    Adell Kwon: [hands on hips] Do you?

  • The Montana Kid: Where the hell am I?

  • The Montana Kid: How far are we from a real country?

  • The Montana Kid: It's not a turkey shoot, it's a gunfight!

  • The Montana Kid: [Talking to his horse] You know, you're not so sweet smelling yourself.

  • [repeated line]

    The Montana Kid: Stop it.

  • The Montana Kid: [about his mortal enemy] Ever since I shot his ear off he kinda leans to the left.

  • [last lines]

    Jane: So do I still get your horse?

    The Montana Kid: What's wrong with you people?

  • Jack: I don't got time for a common nuisance.

    The Montana Kid: [in his face] What'd you just call me?

    Jack: A nuisance.

    The Montana Kid: No, before that, what did you call me?

    Jack: Common.

    The Montana Kid: Whoa, you just crossed the line.

    Jack: [picks him up and moves him]

  • The Montana Kid: [wakes up yelping as bullet is removed]

    Dr. Angus Schiffron: Well, hello again. I'd say a 36 caliber. Am I right?

    The Montana Kid: Uh, I didn't get a good look at it on the way in.

  • Ben Cutler: You ain't worth the bullet.

    The Montana Kid: She is most definitely worth a bullet.

    Jane: Hey!

  • Jane: Why don't you just let it go?

    The Montana Kid: Cuz I can't.


    The Montana Kid: Cuz if I let it go now, then I shoulda let it go when them 3 guys in Missouri called me a cheat. Now you tell me. Did they die for nothin'? And if I let them guys in Missouri go, then I shoulda let it go when that man was whoopin' that dog. Now does that sound right to you? Beatin' on a helpless dog? If I was able to let that man go for beatin' on that mutt, then sure as hell no reason I couldn'ta just walked away when I was called out in Wyoming, or Santa Fe, and twice in Arizona. If I was so damned smart to walk away when I was called out, then I should have the wherewithal to use my gun in self-defense, twice. And if I shoulda been able to avoid that, then there's no arguable reason why I couldn'ta just gone to the sheriff, insteada killin' the man that whipped my pa.

    Jane: I thought he shot your pa.

    The Montana Kid: Just beat 'im up. Broke his jaw and bloody nose but... Taught a common thief a lesson, he said, how do you like that?


    The Montana Kid: Common. He was anything but common. He was my pa. When I shot that man, like it or not, this is my path. This is what I do. And I am what I do.

    [rides off]

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