The Monk Quotes in Travelers and Magicians (2003)


The Monk Quotes:

  • Dondup: I'm going very, very far away. To the land of my dreams. That's where I'm going.

    The Monk: To a dreamland? You should be careful with dreamlands. Because... when you wake up, if may not be very pleasant.

  • Drunk Man: So, where are you and your friends going?

    The Monk: [pointing to the appleman] Well, he and I, to Thimphu.

    [pointing to Dondup]

    The Monk: That one, to a dreamland.

    Drunk Man: A dreamland? I want to go too.

    The Monk: Looks like you're already there.

  • The Monk: Come and sit here... There's no point staring at an empty road.

    The Monk: You know... Buddha said hope causes pain.

  • The Monk: The minds of human beings are so convoluted. What we hoped for yesterday, we dread today.

  • The Monk: [Talking to Dondup] You know, a peach blossom is beautiful. But you see, a blossom is only beautiful because it is temporary.

  • Sonam's Father: So, is it really true you're not coming back to the village?

    Dondup: I have a great opportunity to go to America. If I'm not in Thimphu tomorrow I may miss it.

    Sonam's Father: Will you go there for good?

    Dondup: I don't know, maybe.

    Sonam's Father: It must be very beautiful there.

    Sonam: I've heard they don't even know where Bhutan is.

    Sonam's Father: What a pity. I hope you'll come back to our village. We need young people like you. Why are you going there?

    Dondup: I can make lots of money.

    Sonam's Father: doing what?

    Dondup: anything. Washing dishes. Picking apples.

    Sonam's Father: Oh, picking apples?

    The Monk: So, you're giving up an officer's job to pick apples?

    Dondup: I can make a lot more money.

    Sonam's Father: Well, I guess you've made your mind up to go.

    The Monk: Just don't get lost there like Tashi.

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